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Is Xtreme Home Paycheck a Scam? – Spoiler Alert: Yes It Is!

Xtreme Home PaycheckThere is a program going around called Xtreme Home Paycheck that claims to be some incredible online income opportunity. But the truth is that most of what you were told on its sales page and on promotional sites is very misleading and full of lies.

Is Xtreme Home Paycheck a scam? The short answer is yes, and I’ll go over why.

But First, Here Are Some Of The Lies They Tell You

There are often many clues that hint at programs like this being scams. Sometimes these little clues are subtle and hard to detect, other times they are right out there in the open and hard to miss.

Xtreme Home Paycheck tells a bunch of lies, many of them very blatant. Some of these lies include…

Fake News Sites

Many of the promotional sites that are set up to promote this scam program are completely fake. Below I have taken a screenshot of the site I came across. Its is a simple one page site and is completely fake. It looks legit but is not. If you would try clicking around the site on other tabs, categories, posts, it wouldn’t work.

Limited Openings

They try to sucker people into buying this scam by telling them that there are only a certain number of openings left. This is a complete lie and if you were to leave and come back a week later it would be telling you the same darn thing.

Misleading Endorsements

At the top of the sales page they tell you that “work from home opportunities have been featured on:” and then they show a bunch of news outlet’s logos. 

They make it seem as if this Xtreme Home Paycheck program has been featured on the news when it has not.

Of course work from home opportunities have been on the news. There have been lots featured over the years. But they have absolutely nothing to do with Xtreme Home Paycheck.

What Is This Program?

Its what I like to call a link posting scam. What they tell you is that you can make all kinds of money posting links from home for all sorts of big companies like Amazon, Walmart, you name it. And they tell you that it is incredibly simple.

The truth is that it is not simple at all. Sure you can make money promoting products online by posting affiliate links. Its called affiliate marketing and its actually how I make a living working online. But its not that simple. Its not like you just go around posting links everywhere and all of a sudden you are making all kinds of money. If it were that easy then everyone and their mothers would be doing it.

While Affiliate Marketing is a great business model and a legitimate way to make money online, it just doesn’t work like how they tell you. Yes, you can make money posting links. So they aren’t flat out lying with this statement. But they are being VERY misleading. Because anyone who reads over the sales page is going to be getting a very distorted image of what it actually takes to make good money doing this.

Old Scam, New Name

This very same scam has actually went by a number of different names in the past. I have looked into others in the past and its all the same.

Some of the current and previous names it has had, or has include Total Income Answer, Financial Health Reset, Home Job Position, and others.

They are all the same thing. Their sales pages start out with a lady telling you how she used to be broke, struggling to survive. Then one day she came across this amazing opportunity to make money online and the rest is history.

Conclusion On Extreme Home Paycheck

This place is a scam for sure and I would not recommend anyone buy into it. It is possible to make money with it but it will be nothing like they lead you to believe. You will get some training and will be set up with a “cookie cutter” website that is pretty much worthless.

The reason this same re-hashed program keeps changing names is because people catch onto it being a scam and word spreads, eventually leading to no one buying the program. But because the name keeps changing they keep getting new people to buy into it.

The bottom line is that they lie to your face and trick you to buy into this program that won’t end up making you any money more than likely.

Anyway. That is it for this post and I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you found it valuable and worth your time to read. If you have any questions, comments or concerns don’t hesitate to leave them below in the comment section 🙂

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