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Ecomm Agency by Tai Lopez – Scam Program or Up to $10k a Month? [Review]

Ecomm Agency


Tai Lopez’s new program called Ecomm Agency is something that he says you can make $1000-$10,000 a month with… all online. Sounds awesome, but is it really true? Or could potentially be a waste of time scam that is just going to leave you disappointed at the end of the day?

You came here looking for a third-party review and I’m going to give you exactly that. And by the way… I am in no way affiliated with this program so this review should be as unbiased as possible.

I’ll be giving a general overview of the program, talking about the 4 step process, the cost, and my opinion on whether or not it is worth joining.

Ecomm Agency Program Review

You probably the promotional video on his website or maybe on YouTube, titled How To Make $1,000 – $10,000 A Month Helping Business Set Up Their Ecommerce. You know… The one that starts out with him showing off as usual, by getting on his private jet and then filming the rest of the video at thousands of feet in the air as he enjoys is very own private luxury flight.

But that’s just the way he does things. Tai is always showing off his riches and, while many people don’t like how he does this, it works because it attracts a lot of people to his videos and then to his programs, which he makes a ton of money off of.

Anyhow… Tai has been doing this stuff for a while and is put out many programs, some of which include…

  • Business Accelerator
  • Ecom Blueprint
  • The Master Plan
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • And more…

This particular program is all about, as the video title suggests, helping businesses set up their e-commerce stores, and can be found on his official website tailopez.com.

In a nutshell, you will be providing the service of improving outdated and ineffective e-commerce stores and potentially making big bucks doing so.

The 4 Step Process

1. Find the right businesses

Obviously you are going to have to find businesses that are selling products people actually want. There needs to be a demand or else there is no hope of that business, no matter what you do.

Some other criteria that the “right businesses” must meet is that they must have a crappy website and not be active on social media. This gives you the perfect spot you can slip into in order to help them out.

2. Contact them

Then you are going to want to contact the business. Tell them what you noticed and how you can help them. There are scripts that are provided for you that you are able to simple copy and paste into emails for this.

You want to make sure the email sounds professional and not like a bunch of spam.

Having a few websites myself, I am very aware of all the spammy “hey let me help” emails that online business owners get. A lot of times I only read like half of the first sentence and then delete them… so they need to be good.

Tai also mentions that you want to charge at least $1,000 a month for your services, because charging too little makes you appear as not that great.

3. Of course you need to know how to provide the service

There are different ways you can go about improving their ecommerce website but one of the easiest is to use Shopify. It looks great, there are lots of plugins available that can help boost conversions and it will make you look like a pro…. even though it’s a super easy ecom site platform to use.

4. Get them more sales

With this step Tai is talking particularly about mastering the use of social media to drive more sales to their new and improved ecommerce site, which you just helped create for them.

I’m guessing that you probably already know a little about Tai Lopez… who is without a doubt a master of social media himself.

Ya he likes to brag and show off all his fancy cars and mansion all the time… but guess what? That is why he has such a massive following online… he knows how to lure people in.

The Cost

So as I’m writing this there is supposedly a small opening for a few hundred members to join as a “test group” for only $49.

*Price might have changed by the time you read this.

The normal price is supposedly $697…. but is this really true?

I’m sure you are well aware that it is a common online marketing tactic to set a discount that doesn’t really exist, just to make the offer seem more appealing. So is he tricking you?

Honestly I highly doubt it. Tai has done this kind of thing with some of his other programs in the past. And this is how he makes his money to afford his mansions and sports cars…. so do you think getting a few hundred people to join for $49 is going to get him all of that.

No way…


There is no doubt in my mind that this is a business model that could potentially be very lucrative. I have seen plenty of outdated and overall low-quality ecommerce sites that probably aren’t making near as many sales as they could be.

These are the opportunities you can cash in on. Now sure…not everyone is going to take you up on the offer and you are probably wondering why anyone would since you have never done this, but Tai is giving you the templates to come off as professional so that you look like some ecom veteran.

It’s all about presentation and how you appear.

Conclusion – Scam Maybe?

I know some people are going to be asking it so I’ll tell you that I definitely do not see this being a scam in any way. There is no way that Tai is going to tarnish his name and reputation by putting out some crappy scam program that is going to get a lot of complaints and bad reviews.

He has put out a number of different programs in the past focusing on various aspects of online business, as well as off-line, and he always over-delivers on his promises. If there is something that he may be doesn’t have much knowledge on personally, you will bring in an expert to teach training on.

I would not worry about this being a scam or not being worth the price tag by any means. I’m sure there will be plenty of value provided.

The question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you want to be involved in this type of business. Do you really want to go around contacting dumpy e-commerce sites and providing the service of improving their site as well as their social media presence?

If the answer is yes then this program is definitely worth considering but if you cannot see yourself doing that then there are other options out there for you.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review and maybe got a little bit of insight from it. If you are a beginner looking to make money online be sure to check out THIS POST that explains how I make a living working online and how I help others get started doing the same.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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