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The Bauman Letter Review – Legit or Scam?

The Bauman Letter Review


The Bauman Letter ReviewThe Bauman Letter is in investment newsletter that is written by Ted Bauman. The reason I decided to review this newsletter is because I am very hesitant to trust financial newsletters anymore. I have looked into a lot of them out there and it seems that many of them lure people in with deceptive advertising tactics, which is actually how I came across this newsletter in the first place.

I first found out about The Bauman Letter after coming across this opportunity called “Infinite Nest Egg”, which Ted Bauman claimed was some incredible system that could give you over 900% higher returns on your investments than ordinary investing. It was an absolutely ridiculous sales pitch and misleading without a doubt. The point of the entire sales pitch was to get people to buy into The Bauman Letter. But anyway… You can read my review of this Infinite Nest Egg here if you wish to but the focus of this review is going to be on the actual newsletter itself.

The Bauman Letter Review

The Bauman Letter is a subscription newsletter service that provides investment advice. The cost of the newsletter runs between $47 and $99 per year based on which package you choose, which can be either digital or print, or both. The newsletter is nothing fancy. It simply provides investment advice so that you can hopefully get better and safer returns on your investment, and with less fees.

On Ted’s website he claims that the newsletter has over 100,000 subscribers. Now whether this is true or not is unknown to me but I will take him at his word because I see no reason why it wouldn’t be true. However I do find it a bit strange that with this many subscribers I can’t find more member reviews on it. As I was doing research before I started writing this review I was looking for as many other member reviews as I can possibly find. I want to know what other people think of it and whether or not they have profited from the advice Ted has given, but unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of information on the Internet, which is without a doubt strange.

But anyway, moving on…

The Bauman Letter is particularly focused on wealth preservation and security, which is why Ted focuses on low risk investments, specifically on ETF’s. If you don’t already know, which you probably do, an ETF is an “exchange traded fund”. ETF’s can hold various assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities and are traded on the stock exchanges just like normal stocks are. They are designed with arbitrage methods able to be used which help keep the price where it should be, at the real asset value. This can be good because it helps keep the price more stable so you don’t experience as many ridiculous price movements up and down. Another good thing about ETF’s is that they can save you on taxes, which of course everyone hates. You still have to pay taxes on them but you only have to pay capital gains tax on the final sale of them.

What The Newsletter Includes

With this newsletter you get 12 monthly issues which will provide you with advice on what to do with your investments. If there is any buying or selling that Ted thinks should be made you will know. You also give you information on why he is recommending specific investments, where he is coming from with his advice and so on. You are just left in the dark with this.

You will also receive alerts when necessary. So if an ETF you are invested in has some drastic price movements that were not expected and you need to sell you will be alerted of this.

One of the goals that Ted has with this newsletter is to keep things simple. According to what he says you will never be advised to have more than five investments at once. This way your portfolio isn’t too hard to manage.

Is This Ted Guy Qualified to Give Advice?

Ted Bauman does appear to be qualified to give the advice he gives. And he does so not just in this newsletter. He also is the editor of the newsletters Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert.

He became an editor at Banyan Hill in 2013 but before this yet quite an interesting professional career. After leaving the University of Cape Town with postgraduate degrees in economics and history, he served as a Director of International Housing Programs at Habitat for Humanity International. After that he worked as a consultant for clients as large as the United Nations. Then after that he was a fund manager for low-cost housing projects and finally in 2008 he returned to the United States where he worked as a director of international programs in Atlanta.

Conclusion on The Bauman Letter – Is It Worth It?

I was really hoping to be able to find more information on everything, but unfortunately I fell short. There just isn’t much information out there about this newsletter and I really don’t want to buy into it and invest tons of money in the advised ETF’s just to find out if it even works or not.

If you were thinking about buying into this newsletter my best advice would be to do a bit more research on it and really think about it. I definitely don’t think it’s a scam or anything like that but whether or not it’s as good as some of the ridiculous sales pitches I’ve heard for it claim it to be is a different story. Just know that if you did find out about this newsletter through some absurd sales pitch then you have probably been misled a bit. It’s not some crazy system that you are guaranteed gains with. It’s a simple investment newsletter that provides advice for you to take action on.

Anyway, I’m sorry that it can be more helpful in this review. I hope you found at least a little bit helpful. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below so I can get back to you on them 🙂

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  1. Just filled out request for letters, book and reports. I request that this order be cancelled.it seems that another family member has already purchased same. Greatly appreciate a confirmation for this cancellation request. Thank you for your assistance. I truly enjoyed your presentation.

  2. Kyle, thanks for this honest review and assessment. I was thinking of subscribing to the Bauman Letter, but wanted to read some reviews first. Like you, I found very little, other than a few outlandish “success” stories that wound up being a pitch to subscrible to their programs as well.

    I’m not someone with $100s of thousands to invest at this point, so I think I will pass on TBL, and keep looking for solid strategies to help me GET to where I can invest that kind of money!

  3. I want to cancel my subscription to whatever this is and I want the charges reversed back to my account I have never accessed the newsletter or whatever this is

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