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Titan G7 Review – Scam or Does It Really Work? [Results]

Titan G7 Review


Is the Titan G7 trading bot legit and will it really make you money on autopilot? Or, is it a scam like most trading bots seem to be?

If you've been on my blog before then you know I like to test out new ways to make money online. Sometimes I lose money and sometimes I make money. 

When I came across the Titan G7 it sounded too good to be true just like most trading bots, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. If you're interested in using this trading software (bot) then you're definitely going to want to read this.

What Is Titan G7?

titan G7

Titan G7 is an AI-powered trading software that, in a nutshell, makes trades for you on the Forex market and adjusts to market conditions based on different trading algorithms it utilizes. Users have the ability to tweek settings if they want to, but basically all you do is set it up and let it run on its own.

It sounds crazy, I know, but these things actually do exist. I'll go over how it works in more detail in a bit.

Who's Behind It?

G7 is a trading software that was created by Blue Edge Financial. This is a company that provides education on Forex trading as well as this AI trading software and a few other helpful tools. The company is rather new and has been gaining a lot of attention, which is how I heard about them and came across the Titan G7 in the first place.

Is It Legit?

Yes, this is legit. I was skeptical at first too, especially with all the automated trading system scams out there, like Brexit Trader that I reviewed for example, but it's certainly no scam. I'll even show you how you can start using the G7 practically risk-free by the end of this review, which is how I suggest everyone start out using it.

How It Works

As mentioned, this is an AI-powered trading software. According to one of the creators, Tyler Turner, it uses 100 different strategies to read the market and determine when to get in and out of trades. Of course it won't be using all of these at once, but it will read the market conditions and use whatever of the 100 strategies it finds to be the best at any given time. I'm not sure where I heard it, but I think it uses 6 strategies at any given moment, and the rest are just sitting their in its repository waiting to be called on when the time comes.

One of the things that makes G7 so attractive is the way it manages risk.  G7 makes use of set take-profits and set stop-losses, so that if a trade does end up going back you won't lose your entire account. Additionally, users are able to adjust the amount of their account they want to risk per trade, so that they have control over how aggressive it is. That said, I've been using the default settings and these seem to work great.

The MT4 Program

Titan G7 is a software that is build on top of the MT4 Forex trading program, which is one of the most popular out there. 

I'm not a programmer so I can't really explain this is good detail, but think of it like this: MT4 is the trading program and Titan G7 is software that installed onto MT4.

I hope that makes sense.

Here's what it looks like when it's running... (don't worry, you don't have to understand anything here... just some imagery)

titan g7 software

So since the Titan G7 runs on the MT4 platfrom, you are first going to have to install the MT4 platform. This is simple and I'll go over how this works in the section on getting started.

Forex Pairs

We already know it trades Forex, but I guess I should provide a little more details on this.

Forex is the "foreign exchange market is a global decentralized or over-the-counter market for the trading of currencies", and the currency pairs that Titan G7 is programmed to trade include the 7 big ones: EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD, & USDCHF.

This is something that is also a big deal, and it helps minimize risk because not all your eggs are in one basket. If one currency pair isn't performing well, the others are there to help balance things out.


Yes, it's an automated trading software that does everything for you, but if it doesn't perform that well and make you money, then what good is it, right? 

It all comes down to performance, and luckily this is an area where Titan G7 excels. 

Titan G7 has been profitable every single year since 2004.

It's only been around since 2020, but the team at Blue Edge Financial has done extensive backtesting and these results are public, and quite amazing. Here is a link to the results if you want to see them for yourself.

*Note: You can run backtests yourself with adjusted settings and whatnot, so you know this isn't just made-up.

My Results

Demo Testing:

I wish I would have recorded things when I first started using Titan G7, but I didn't. I began with a demo account, meaning that I was using the software but not real money. I ran this for about one and a half weeks and it performed well, so then I deposited money with my broker and started with a live account.

Month 1 of Live Trading (beginning of May 2020 to June 2020)

  • +3.55% with default settings

So, in this first month the markets were very unpredictable, which I guess should be expected with the whole covid-19 pandemic going on. When it first started out, for the first couple of weeks, I lost some money, nearly 5%. However, by the end of the first month I was in the positives with a +3.55% growth. This isn't a great number, but considering the situation I'm very happy with it.

Month 2 of Live Trading (I'll update this once complete!)

It's required that I show you this!

The Cost, and Is It Worth Using?

Well the choice is ultimately yours, but I certainly think it is.

The Titan G7 isn't a standalone and you have to purchase a membership to Blue Edge Financial's whole suite, which includes all their Forex academy training and more for $147/mo, but even if you can start out with just a $1,000 or even just a $500 trading account it could be worth it with the compounding profits.

Of course you can't expect the same results as the backtesting and there's no guarantee you'll make money, but it does seem pretty probable to me based on what I see... and from my experience thus far.

Scenario With a $500 Account:

The backtesting results they ran were with a 0.01 lot size per $500, and the average monthly gain was 40.83% - insane I know.

They suggest running it at a 0.01 lot size per $1,000 though, which is less aggressive but less risky. But, even if you were to achieve just around half of this, 20% a month, here would be the results if you left all the money in your account and let it compound starting out with just a $500 account:

  • Month 1: 500 + 20% = 600
  • Month 2: 600 + 20% = 720
  • Month 3: 720 + 20% = 864
  • Month 4: 864 + 20% = 1,036.80
  • Month 5: 1,036.80 + 20% = 1,244.16
  • Month 6: 1,244.16 + 20% = 1,492.99
  • Month 7: 1,492.99 + 20% = 1,791.59
  • Month 8: 1,791.59 + 20% = 2,149.91
  • Month 9: 2,149.91 + 20% = 2,579.89
  • Month 10: 2,579.89 + 20% = 3,095.87
  • Month 11: 3,095.87 + 20% = 3,715.04
  • Month 12: 3,715.04 + 20% = 4,458.05

The outcome of +20% each month starting out with just $500 and letting it compound is $4,458.05 at the end of the year. This is a gain of $3,958.05 from your original $500 deposit.

If we take into account that a membership for Blue Edge Financial costs $147/mo, or  $1,764, this is definitely still worth it. In the beginning the amount you make would be less than the monthly cost of the membership, but as your account compounds it pays for itself and more in not much time.

Disclaimer: Of course I have to say that past results don't indicate future results and that you certainly are not guaranteed to make money like this, but I think it's a very conservatively realistic example, considering the 16 years of backtesting showed much better.

How To Get Started

All of this will be explained in more detail after you join Blue Edge Financial. But I'll just give you an overview so that you know what to expect...

Step 1: Join Blue Edge Financial

First you'll have to purchase their membership. Click here to join.

Step 2: Open a Broker Account

If you have one already that supports the MT4 platform then you can use it. If not, they recommend certain ones to use. I personally am using LQDFX because of its very low spreads, and this has been working out well for me (they also recommend this one).

Step 3: Connect Broker to Blue Edge Financial

This is simple. You'll just have to enter a number they give you into your Blued Edge Financial account settings.

Step 4: Open Up a VPS Service

This is another cost you will have. My VPS service is only costing me $8 a month, so it's nothing to worry about.

This is where you will host the MT4 platform running the Titan G7, which will be able to run all day and night without interference. A VPS is basically a computer you rent on some remote server. It's needed to keep a trading bot like this running consistently.

Step 5: Connect MT4 to Your Broker

And lastly you'll just have to connect the MT4 platform to your brokerage account. This also just consists of entering a number they give you - very simple.

After this the Titan G7 is ready to go, and I'd suggest getting started with a demo account to test things out risk-free.

Who It's Best For

It certainly doesn't take a skilled trader or anything. There aren't any real requirements, and you can live anywhere in the world and do this, so as far as I can see it's good for just about anyone who wants to make money. All you need is a little investment to start out.

I know a lot of people who have never traded Forex of done anything like this are probably concerned that it all will be too difficult to get set up. I'd recommend giving it a try. Blue Edge Financial provides instructions on everything via video tutorials, so it's all pretty simple really.

Final Thoughts

Well, I'm certainly glad I decided to take the chance and join Blue Edge Financial. I've used trading bots before, but never really had all that great of success with them. Titan G7 has done amazing for me so far and I'd strongly recommend anyone reading this to join and give it a try.

Blue Edge Financial has a 30-day refund policy and you can start out trading with a demo account, so there really isn't much risk to get started.

Using Titan G7 Risk-Free

I mentioned using a demo account but I'll provide some more details on this.

You'll be able to set up a demo account with your broker and choose the amount of money you want in it (fake money). You can hook this up to Titan G7 just as you would a live account and let it run to see the results, this way you can start without risking any money.

They go over all of this when you join Blue Edge Financial.

If you have any questions be sure to let me know in the comment section below! And share with me your results after you join!

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