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Ask Wonder, Scam or Legit? – Can You Really Make Money Here?

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ask wonderSo I came across this site the other day called AskWonder.com and saw that they claim to pay people to answer questions online. As you may or may not know, I make a living online and am always testing out new ways to earn money for the fun of it. So I knew I had to take a look into this to see will Ask Wonder scam you or not.

Is this place actually worth your time? Is it legit? Whats it like? All of these questions need to be answered before joining and in this review I’m going to do exactly that. I looked into it a bit more and I’ll be going over what you need to know about this place before you decide to join or not.

AskWonder.com Review

AskWonder.com, which goes by the name of Wonder, is a research company that is based in New York. They basically pay people to answer questions for other people.

Now you may think that this sounds like a joke but it is actually pretty serious. People sign up with them to be able to ask questions and get answers at the drop of a hat. And they have some big investors such as Johnson & Johnson, HP, Bloomberg and others.

If you apply to be a researcher you will first have to go through an application process where you will answer questions so that they can determine if you are good enough for the job.  As a researcher, if you are accepted, you will then be able to answer questions of your choice and get paid for it.

How It Works

Once you are a researcher, or as they call it an Analyst, you will be assigned questions to research and answer. They used to allow analysts to pick their own topics but they do not do this anymore. Now you are assigned what they want you to be assigned.

These topics that you are assigned can literally be about anything and it is up to you to sift through them and see what you want to answer.

Some questions will require a bit of answering and a lengthy explanation while others will not. They will vary a lot. You will be able to do your research online and compile an answer. They shouldn’t take any more than 2-3 hours and are often much shorter.

You will get paid per “assignment” that you complete, which means per question that you answer. And every two weeks you will be able to get your money via PayPal.

How Much Money Can You Make?

They tell you that you should be able to make $15 – $20/hr consistently and this seems to be true for the most part. I have read through many reviews posted on independent job sites and most people enjoy the pay with this site.

However, there are instances where you could spend hours doing research and not get paid at all for it. This is one of the main complaints I will go over.

Complaints On Wonder

No Longer Can Choose Topics

As I mentioned they used to let analysts choose their own topics but they stopped doing this. I have no idea why because I would think they would get better results if they let people answer what they are interested in and have knowledge in. Instead they just assign you topics I have read other analysts claim make no sense to them because they are on topics they have no knowledge in.

Reviewer Has TOO MUCH Power

The biggest complaint I came across has to do with reviewers having too much power. After you submit an assignment the researcher has the ability to completely deny it if they don’t thing it is up to par, and this means you earn $0.

I have read multiple complaints from people saying this happened to them, many on Glassdoor. The reviewer has the ability to send the assignment back for additional work but sometimes they just flat out reject it.

Also, if they only kinda don’t like what they see they can effect the amount of money your receive.

Conclusion on AskWonder – Scam or Good Opportunity

AskWonder.com is definitely not a scam although some people claim it to be. Most people are claiming this because their work got rejected and they didn’t get paid. Most of the time it is probably their fault. This place is not for those looking to make easy money. They want good quality in-depth research and if they don’t get that then you won’t get paid.

This is not an easy brainless job and you have to be on your game if you want to make money. If you are up for it then it can be a good paying job. And the fact that you can work whenever and from wherever is another big bonus.

You can probably make $2,000 a month like they claim but you would really have to be good and very active to do this.

Since you are looking for a way to make money online I would also suggest taking a peek at how I do so. I make a living working online (for myself) and I enjoy it. You can learn all about it in this post I wrote where I go over exactly what it is that I do, how it works, and the best way for others to get started.

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Questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll try to get back to you soon 🙂

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    I have an interest to continue with your application format. I realize you may be on hold with
    application along with a review of qualified applicants. I have mailed U.S.P.S. a resume to your
    Brooklyn, NY office. I have been online a little over one hour and it is time for lunch. I will continue
    to review the many objectives within your Wonder research format. I would expect to plan one
    hour later in the day to learn Wonder and its many research objective applications. I believe Wonder may become a very good opportunity with the amount of research one may put together. However,
    one would expect to be paid hourly to take on a serious project for your needs. I believe Wonder
    may serve a very good opportunity for any individual to put forth the effort. One question, would all
    research be online or written – typed and be mailed U.S.P.S. to a specific location you reserve. A
    person who is a beginner to learn the Wonder needs.

    Thank You

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