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Bit Bubble Tech Scam Software Alert – Read This First

Bitbubble Tech


Bitbubble TechBit Bubble Tech claims to be a trading software that can make you some easy good money. But can you really trust this software? Or is Bit Bubble Tech a scam that you need to avoid?

In this review I’ll be going over a few things that you should know. Disclaimer: I am not promoting this product. This is an independent 3rd party review and I’ll be giving my honest opinion of this software.

Bit Bubble Tech Review

Bit Bubble Tech is a trading software that analyzes market prices of different cryptocurrencies and supposedly allows you to make very high accuracy trades. Along with this there is also educational information provided on the platform.

If you watched the promo video for this then you probably noticed that all the information shown about cryptocurrencies was negative. They showed news clips about people claiming its all a bubble and even showed Warren Buffet saying that cryptocurrencies will come to a bad ending.

But of course this is a good thing for Bit Bubble Tech because of how they say it works.

How They Claim Bit Bubble Tech Works

They say that the software analyzes price action and predicts what will happen next. But the algorithm that this software uses is particularly geared to profit off of bearish trends. A bearish trend is a long drawn out trend of market depreciation where the market is just slowly going down and down in value. You would think this is a bad thing but there are ways to profit if you are a trader in this kind of market, which is what this software claims to do.

Other than that there really isn’t any information given. They don’t tell you how it identifies these trends or anything like that. You are just supposed to believe that it does what it says.

One other thing that I found is that the system doesn’t place trades for you. It analyzes prices and lets you know what good trades are but you actually have to place them. This gives you more control over what happens.

Red Flag – Beware of Brokers

Many of the reviews that I have read about Bit Bubble Tech are promoting it to make money off of  those that buy in. Because of this it can be difficult to know what to believe is true or not.

On thing that I have read on several reviews has to do with brokers. They claim that Bit Bubble Tech makes it easy to hook up your broker account to the software to place trades.

The problem here is that you DO NOT need a broker when trading cryptocurrencies. Trading crypto’s is pretty easy to get into. There is no need to go through a broker and I would avoid anything that makes you do this.

It just makes no sense. If this software was legit you should easily be able to hook it up to one of your exchange accounts for trading. Going through unregulated and untrusted brokers is the number 1 way that people get scammed with fake trading softwares.

I can’t imagine the educational section of this Bit Bubble Tech being that good. If it were they would educate people on the fact that you have no need for a broker when trading crypto. I haven’t actually went through the education pieces but I’m not too sure its very good.

Another Red Flag

Something else worth mentioning is that there is no information given about the person or group of people behind this software. Who created Bit Bubble Tech? Can they be trusted? Do they know what they are doing?

These are questions that I would like to see answered but unfortunately we cannot answer them due to lack of information. This is yet another red-flag as far as I see it. Its a very common sign of a scam so this makes me more suspicious that this might not be a legitimate trading software.

Conclusion on Bit Bubble Tech – Good Opportunity or Not?

Personally I’m definitely going to avoid it and I would advise you to do the same. The only reviews I can find for it are from people that are promoting it to make money. I can’t find any real reviews from people who have actually tried it.

Also the fact that it refers you to a broker, which as I said literally makes no sense, is a big problem. For this reason alone I would avoid this software and there are other reasons on top of that.

It is very likely that this could be just another run-of-the-mill crypto trading software scam like Crypto Magnet & Banking on Blockchain. For more information on how to spot a crypto scam you can read this post where I go over 10 ways to spot one.

In the online world there are way more scam programs than legitimate ones so it can be difficult filtering out the scams and finding the right opportunities. One program that I will always recommend if you are looking to make money online is this program. I’ve been a members since 2015 and make a living working online now. This has nothing to do with cryptocurrency but I know many people looking into this are just looking for a way to make money online.

You can read my review of this program Here.

And if you have any comments or questions just leave them in the comment section below ?

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