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Brainfuse Online Tutoring Jobs Review – Worth Your Time or Not?


Brainfuse Online Tutoring Jobs ReviewBrainfuse is an online tutoring company that provides an opportunity to make money remotely online. But are Brainfuse online tutoring jobs  worth your time? Is the pay any good and are you going to be able to get good hours? What is the job like… Easy, hard, not worth it?

These are all questions that need to be answered beforehand and I intend to help you answer them. In this review of Brainfuse tutoring jobs I will be going over the application process, requirements, what the job is like, the pay, work schedule, top complaints and more.

Brainfuse Online Tutoring Jobs Review

As mentioned, Brainfuse provides an online tutoring service. Basically what they do is provide the platform between students and tutors. If you apply to be a tutor and get accepted, you will be able to set your hours and they will match you up with students.

The job mostly consists of reviewing and editing academic papers, so if this is something you think you would be okay with and keep reading. If not, you might want to look for a different opportunity.

Overall the Brainfuse tutoring opportunity is not all that bad, but not really all that great either. I have reviewed a fair number of different tutoring services out there, such as TutorVista, and then many ESL focused tutoring services like VIP Kid, LearnTalk, and DadaABC, so I do have other tutoring places to compare this to.

Brainfuse gets a lot of bad reviews from present and past tutors, which I will talk about in the complaint section of this review.

The Application Process

The application process is pretty simple. First you have to send them your resume (to jobs@brainfuse.com) and if they like what they see they will send you a registration code to continue the process.

You will then begin training and if you get through it you will be brought on board. From what I have read from others (on sites like Glassdoor) there really isn’t much training at all. Basically it consists of you reading a few handouts and it doesn’t really provide you with all that much instruction or information. You have to figure out how to do things on your own to a large extent.

Requirements For The Job

All tutors are required to have a four-year college degree. It doesn’t matter what your degree is in, although teaching would be preferred. It is also preferred that you have experience tutoring or teaching, as this will give you an edge up when it comes to getting hired, but this is also not required.

Before being hired they will also run a background check on you and check references which you will have to supply them with.


You just need to have a reliable computer and high-speed Internet. If you don’t have these then the job is not going to be worth it for you. Not only would be a hassle for you, but you will also probably get complaints and eventually fired.

What The Job Is Like

One of the best aspects of a job like this is that you to work from your home and set your own schedule. You will be able to set your availability and they will schedule you with one-on-one tutoring sessions. However, you will often get multiple students thrown at you at the same time, which means bouncing back and forth between different students on different subjects which can be a challenge.

The Instant Access feature of the program allows students to login and receive tutoring help whenever they want to. There is no need for a prescheduled session here. You can also login and pick up tutoring sessions if there are any available. This is all based on supply versus demand so sometimes it may be easy to pick up some extra sessions whereas other times you might not be able to.

You will be able to communicate through an interactive whiteboard, as most online tutoring services provide


As I mentioned earlier, this job largely consists of reviewing and editing papers. Many of the papers you will be checking will be completely disastrous because many students are ESL students. The problem here is that you have a limited time to review and edit these papers… 35 minutes, which can be a struggle at times.

What Is The Pay Like?

There our sources saying that you will get paid $10 per tutoring session, which usually lasts around an hour, and $7 if the student doesn’t show up, but these numbers are questionable. I have seen other people talking about receiving $6 for each reviewed/edited academic paper, which you have 35 minutes to get through.

There really isn’t all that much information about this job so I can’t give you any good numbers here. However, what I can say is that there are a lot of people complaining about the low pay. Also, most people tell you that this is not a good opportunity if you are looking to make full-time money. It is best looked at as an extra income opportunity.

*As a tutor you will get paid every two weeks via direct deposit or check by mail.

Work Schedule

The work schedule is what draws many people to the job. It is very flexible because you can set your own hours… At least to some extent. The reason I say “to some extent” is because, while you can set your own hours, you are going to want to. Of course you want to be available when students are looking for tutoring. If your availability is from 4 AM to 6 AM then you aren’t going to do very well… Students just aren’t up at that time looking for tutoring help.


The complaints below are worth mentioning because I have come across them multiple times from multiple different people. These mostly come from research and reading independent tutor reviews from sites like Indeed and Glassdoor.

Lack of Training

You well received very little training for this job and will be expected to either know what you are doing, or figure things out for yourself. It will be better if you were provided with more guidance because then you would be less likely to get complaints for doing things wrong.

Communication Issues

Apparently there are some pretty major communication issues with this company. As a tutor you will often get negative feedback from your tutoring sessions and you will be informed of this, but will be left with no idea on what you should be doing to correct it. Also, there is no way for tutors to talk to management or those higher up.


Sometimes they expect you to be a machine. They overload you with students and give you more work than you should have to handle. Additionally, you don’t get paid extra when you have more than one student which is a bummer.

Students Can Be Rude

This just comes with the territory and you will find this as a complaint for pretty much any online tutoring service. Students can be rude, lazy, and expect you to do pretty much everything for them. They also have too much power because they can complain about anything and get you in trouble, or even potentially fired.

The Work Is Seasonal 

One thing that you have to realize if you are going to apply to be a tutor here is that the work is seasonal. When summer time rolls around and school lets out, there isn’t going to be much of any work and this goes from what might be a decent opportunity to a lousy opportunity.

Final Thoughts – Good Opportunity or Not?

There are a fair number of complaints about the tutoring opportunity that Brainfuse offers. Tutors seem to feel overworked and treated like they are disposable, which no one wants. There are a lot of people complaining about the pay, but from what I have seen it can be decent at times. Overal this opportunity is definitely best looked at as a way to make some supplemental income and shouldn’t be relied on as a main job. While it may be possible to earn a full-time income tutoring here, there will be very few people that are going to be able to achieve this.

But anyways… If you like helping people out, don’t mind dealing with students who think they rolled the world, and think you will be able to get through her reviewing/editing papers that may be pretty horribly written, then this opportunity might be something worth pursuing further… As long as you are only looking for supplemental income opportunity.

Something else you may be interested in, since you are looking for a way to make money online on your own schedule, is how I make a living working online. I started working online back in 2015, starting from nothing and eventually making enough to live off of, which I currently do. I’m not going to get into all the specifics here, but you can click the button below to read about what exactly I do, how it all works, and how others can get started doing the same.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Also, if you have your own personal review of Brainfuse I would appreciate it if you left that down below as well.

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