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The Britcoin System Scam – How This Place Will Scam You

Britcoin System scam


The Britcoin System is supposedly some amazing new “risk-free” trading software that can make you thousands of dollars per day… Or at least that is what they tell you. But is it really? After all… I am sure we have all heard lies like this a thousand times before that turn out to be complete scams. So is this the real deal or is Britcoin System a scam that you should be avoiding like the plague?

Unfortunately it is the latter. It would be nice if a system like this really did exist… But it doesn’t, at least not today. In this review I’ll be going over why this is a scam and why you should definitely be avoiding it. I’m sure you are already suspicious of it all and were already thinking it is a scam in the back of your mind. After all, you are taking the time to read my review ever which means you are probably searching around Google or Yahoo for more information before buying into this. And good for you… This is something you should always do when something sounds a little bit too good to be true.

But anyways, below I’ll be going over what the system as in some of the claims made, how it works, signs that is a scam, one massive red flag that pretty much proves it to be a scam in my opinion, how they actually scam you and more.

What Is Britcoin System?

The Britcoin System is supposedly a “risk-free software” that can make you thousands of dollars a day, up to $3403 per day, by trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And of course… It is 100% automated he and you don’t have to do a thing. And let’s not forget the fact that they tell you is beginner friendly, which makes perfect sense since you don’t have to do anything.

As soon as you land on the website for this system you are greeted with a video presentation, which I’m guessing probably made you suspicious. It would probably be easier for scammers to scam people if they made the systems seem less great than they do. They make them out to be these incredible fairytale magical trading systems that dump profits into your bank account on autopilot… Which obviously sounds too good to be true.

It is also worth noting that Britcoin System is not available in the United States. This may sound like something completely harmless, but is something I often see with these sorts of automated trading scams. The US has much more strict roles when it comes to these sorts of things and often times the scammers behind them do not allow US citizens to access the website because they do not want US authorities involved, which certainly will take down scams like this.

How Britcoin System Works

Just as expected… This system runs on some special algorithm that can supposedly protect the movements of the cryptocurrency market with 99% accuracy, which is supposedly the trading accuracy of the software.

This is what every single automated trading software scam out there tells you. They are always based on some new breakthrough algorithm that can make incredibly accurate predictions. Anyone involved in the cryptocurrency market, or any market for that matter will tell you that 99% accuracy is absolutely ridiculous and impossible to achieve.

Not only is a statistic like this ridiculous in any sort of financial market, but cryptocurrency markets are known to be very volatile and make large price swings due to speculation and emotion, making it very hard to predict at times. So this just makes it all the more ridiculous and certainly a major red flag this is a scam.

But anyways… Below I’ll be going over some other signs that should be noted which really point to this being a scam even more.

Signs That This Is a Scam

This place has many of the common characteristics of a cryptocurrency trading software scam, as discussed in my post “10 Ways to Spot a Cryptocurrency Scam

#1 – Just Sounds Too Good to Be True

Obviously this all sounds just too good to be true. And of course when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I mean seriously… Just think about it… 99% accuracy, risk-free, making thousands of dollars per day… This can’t be real.

Sounds just like the Banking On Blockchain and Litcoin Trader scams that I’ve exposed.

#2 – Copy of Another System

Something that you probably are not aware of is that Britcoin System is actually a copy of some other older scam systems that have come out. This is something you see a lot of times when dealing with scams. Once a scam has run its course, scammed a lot of people and got a lot of negative attention, the scammers will rebrand the scam under a different name and do it all over again.

As you can see below from the screenshots I took, the Britcoin System is an exact copy of Bitcoin Aussie System…

I also found out that it is a copy of the Bitcoin Kiwi System as well.

#3 – Fake Testimonials

And of course the testimonials that you are shown on the website are completely fake. Below you can see a screenshot I took from the website of three people who have supposedly been using the system and making all kinds of money with it. You can also see a photo of the woman in the center, which is actually a stock photo.

I took the liberty of running a reverse Google image search on this image and it popped up all over the place, including on this website where you can purchase it for your own use… Which is what the scammers did here. These pictures are all fake and so are the testimonials

#4 – It Is “Free” To Use

Free is great… But it is not realistic. If something is free there is almost always a catch. Sure, there are free trials… But you have to pay for the product/services later. They have to make money somehow and something cannot just be given away for free. So this is a big red flag.

But anyways… This system actually is not free at all. As you will see, these people will scam you out of your hard-earned money.

#5 – The Disclaimer Sounds Contradictory

One thing you should be in the habit of doing is always looking for a disclaimer when it comes to suspicious opportunities like this. Usually the disclaimer is at the bottom of the website, where most people aren’t going to look.

The disclaimer for Britcoin System contains a “high risk investment warning” and they tell you that they are not liable for any losses. They also tell you that you could potentially lose some or even all of your money.

Sounds a bit strange doesn’t it? I mean what is the point of even putting a warning like this up there if the system trades with 99% accuracy and is “risk-free”?

Telling you that the system is “risk-free”, yet having a “high risk investment warning” in the disclaimer seems to be contradictory… Doesn’t not?

Well… Unfortunately this is how scams get away with scamming people. They can tell you all the BS they want to, as long as they have a truthful disclaimer it seems that they are legally allowed to scam you.

Major Red Flag… Definitely a Scam

One major red flag is that this system refers you to a broker to deposit your money for trading.

Now why is this a scam? Well… Because when it comes to trading cryptocurrency there is no need for a broker. In fact… I’ve never seen a legitimate cryptocurrency trading software that goes through a broker.

This software, if legitimate, should be able to hook up directly to your cryptocurrency exchange accounts via API connection. But of course it doesn’t… It has you deposit all your money with some broker, in this case UFX…

How They Scam You

Well… I’m sure you already know how they are going to scam you. While the system is free to use, you have to deposit money with the broker and this is how they scam you. Good luck on ever seen that money again.

These scams work directly with the brokers that they refer you to and receive commissions… Or at least this is how I think it works. Either way they are definitely scamming you.

Conclusion – Avoid

Britcoin System is a pretty obvious scam and I am sure you are already fairly certain of this before even reading my review. I hope I confirmed your suspicions and help you to avoid this place.

Now in the future you know that if something sounds a bit too good to be true, always do some research. That said… Do a fair amount of research because you also come across a good bit of fake reviews when searching around Google and Yahoo… So you have to get your information from multiple sources to really stay safe.

When you hear the words “risk-free”, they tell you that it trades with 99% accuracy or even anything close to this, they talk a lot about getting rich and not much about how the system actually works… It is pretty much guaranteed to be a scam.

I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. Please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

And by the way, since you are looking to make money online you may be interested in how I do so. I’ve been making money online since 2015 and if you would like to learn more, including how you can get started doing the same, you can click the button below…

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