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Crypto Cash For Beginners Scam – Don’t Expect to Get Rich!


Crypto Cash For Beginners scam

Crypto Cash For Beginners is some new opportunity being promoted online to make easy money trading cryptocurrencies. But is this really as great as it seems? The answer is NO it is not. In short, Yes this is a scam… A very misleading one that lures people in by talking about all the super easy money they can be making in no time.

In this review I’ll be exposing this place for what it really is. While it is possible to actually make money with Crypto Cash For Beginners you should not expect to make much. The income claims are massively over exaggerated and if you buy into this you really are provided all that much value.

Crypto Cash For Beginners Review

Crypto Cash For Beginners is supposedly based around some “money making secret” that anyone can make thousands of dollars with in no time at all. In fact, the spokesperson, who is “Edward Clark” claims to have made over $1 million trading cryptocurrency in the last 10 months. He even shows a screenshot of one of his trading accounts, but of course we all know that pictures like this can easily be photoshopped.

But anyways… He claims that trading cryptocurrencies it is super easy as long as you know how to do it. And of course the powerful method that Crypto Cash For Beginners uses is “essential for trading success”. All you have to do is make the trades that Crypto Cash For Beginners tells you to make and WALLLAAAHHHH…. BOOM… Fast profits!! Or at least that is what he lead you to believe.

However… As you will see throughout the rest of this review, much of what he tells you is a complete lie and/or very misleading. I will go over some of the lies and then after that I’ll go over what you really get when you buy into Crypto Cash For Beginners for $37.

By the way: Also avoid Crypto Cash System and Crypto Coin Sniper. They are both similar scams.

Just a Bunch of Lies

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one thinking that the testimonial videos were fake. You know… The two videos, one of a woman in the other of a guy claiming to be making thousands of dollars per day with this super easy system.

Full disclosure: I don’t have any full-on proof that these testimonials were fake, but I think anyone with some decent judgment would agree with me here.

The guy behind it all, “Edward Clark”, is also likely a fake. Why do I say this? Well… Because I review scams like this all the time and the real scammers behind them usually create fictitious characters to promote the scams under. Of course the real people behind it do not want their names to be known because they will likely face backlash from upset buyers.

What you may not have noticed from the video presentation is that “Edward Clark” gives no verifiable information about himself. He just gives you some typical background story about struggling to make money and then coming across this amazing system. There is no information that I can do research on to verify that this guy really is who he says he is.

So pretty much you just have to trust what he is saying or choose not to trust it. I choose not to trust it.

Doesn’t Even Make Sense

There are many things in the video presentation that really don’t make any sense. To someone who is new to cryptocurrency trading it may seem all legitimate, but I have been involved with cryptocurrency trading for well over six months now and there are a few things I picked up on that really just don’t make sense.

First of all… At one point in the video Edward is talking about how awesome the system is in then says to “take a look at these profits”… He then proceeds to show you a screenshot as you can see below…

As you can see he is showing you a screenshot from the dashboard of “Cryptohopper”. The reason this doesn’t make any sense is because Cryptohopper is a cryptocurrency trading bot software which has nothing to do with Crypto Cash For Beginners. The software runs on its own and makes its own trades based on how you configure it.

It just doesn’t make any sense for him to show you a screenshot of this account when it has nothing to do with Crypto Cash For Beginners.

History of This Method Is BS

Edward Clark claims that he learned the method his system uses from someone who got started trading back before anyone even knew about Bitcoin. He says that he earned a lot of money back then but this makes absolutely no sense. In order for trading to be profitable that need to be plenty of buyers and sellers.

Sure, investing early on would have been very profitable, but trading early on would not have been at all. There just weren’t people really trading bitcoin way back then.

What You Get When You Buy This

When you buy Crypto Cash For Beginners you will get a beginners trading guide that provides very general information on trading cryptocurrencies. This includes guidance on setting up crypto exchange accounts, funding the accounts, and actually placing trades. It is all very basic and can easily be found for free online. In fact… It would be easier to just go on YouTube and watch some videos.

In addition to the basic trading information, you also get alerted several times per week via email about trades to make. This is the main part of Crypto Cash For Beginners. Placing trades on exchanges is easy… Anyone can do this. It is knowing what trades to place that is the hard part. You can lose money trading cryptocurrency just as easy as you can make money and if you do not know what trades to make then it is not something you should be getting into.

So that is great that Crypto Cash For Beginners tells you exactly what trades to make and when to make them… But should you really trust this place? After all… The video presentation is full of misleading information and blatant lies.

It Isn’t Going To Work

Trading cryptocurrencies is much easier said than done… Or I guess I should say “profitably” trading cryptocurrencies is easier said than done.

The bottom line here is that I do not trust this place. Why should I trust information from some guy named Edward Clark that probably doesn’t even exist?

Also, you should know that trading systems like this are doomed from the start. When it comes to trading that are buyers and sellers. When you buy cryptocurrency you are buying it from a seller and when you sell cryptocurrency you are selling it to a buyer. Systems like this, that are set up so that everyone makes the same trade, are doomed. In most cases you don’t want everyone making the same trade as you. If you are buying, you want people to be selling so that the trade can even happen in the first place.

Now this Crypto Cash For Beginners likely isn’t going to become a very popular system/method/program or whatever you want to call it, but I’m just saying that in theory these sorts of systems can’t work out if they get too big and become too widely used.

Final Thoughts – Not Worth Anyone’s Money

Trading cryptocurrency can be extremely profitable if you know what you’re doing. The problem is that most people don’t know what they are doing and I am willing to bet that the majority of people that get involved in trading cryptocurrency lose money.

As I have mentioned, I have been trading for well over six months now and I have been profitable. There are times when I don’t fear all that well, but overall I am enjoying it and will continue to trade. So based on my own experience I would say if you are interested in trading cryptocurrency then go for it. I don’t have any “beginners guide” to sell you or anything like that. The best advice I could give if you are interested in getting started is to just do a bunch of research on your own. YouTube is what really helped me get going and I learned a lot from many different videos. That said… A lot of YouTube videos will steer you down the wrong path. So you have to be careful.

Buy into Crypto Cash For Beginners if you want to but I really don’t see any point in buying into it. All it really provides you with are two things: a very basic guide to making trades on exchanges and email alerts on when to buy/sell. The basic information given in the guide can easily be found all over the place online, so that is really not worth any money. In the email alerts telling you want to buy or sell or something that I definitely do not trust.

Recommendation for Beginners:

On a completely unrelated note, if you are just looking for a way to make money online and are a newbie to the world of making money online, I would suggest taking a look at my “make money online guide”. Again, this has nothing to do with cryptocurrency trading but may be something that you are interested in.

Questions or comments? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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