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Daily Transcription Review – Good Opportunity or Scam?


Daily Transcription ReviewDaily Transcription offers work from home transcription positions where you can work on your own schedule. But is this a good choice? Is Daily Transcription really worth your time?

In this Daily Transcription review I will be going over all you need to know before hand. I will cover the application process, how the job works, requirements for the job, the pay, complaints and more.

Working from home is a transcriptionist is a job that some people really like, but is not for everyone. Read over the rest of this review to find out if Daily Transcription is a good fit for you.

Daily Transcription Review

This place has a good reputation in that is because they have been around for over 10 years providing quality service. They pride themselves on having top-notch transcribers that provide 98% accuracy for their clients.

There are several different positions that they hire for, including general transcription, subtitling and captioning, and bilingual Spanish/English transcription.

The big upside to working a transcription job you is that, like pretty much any transcription job, you get to work from home and work your own schedule.

The downside is that the job can be frustrating and the pay can be low. It isn’t a simple walk in the park.

Some Other Transcription Opportunities Include: GMR Transcription, Allegis Transcription, Scribie

Application Process

The application process is pretty simple. First you will choose which position you want to apply for and fill out the career form for that particular position. Next you will need to upload your resume. After that you will have to take a skill assessment tests as well as a transcription test.

There is no interview or anything of that nature. As long as they like your resume and you pass the tests, you are good to go.

How It All Works

I’m sure you are already familiar with what the job is, but if not then I’ll give you a basic overview: what you will be doing is listening to audio files and typing exactly what you hear. This is what transcribing is…. You turn audio into text.

As a transcriptionist at Daily Transcription you get notified via email when there are files available for you to transcribe. You will be able to log into the file directory to access them and subscribe them.

There is video training provided for transcriptionists that shows some how to go about the process of transcribing and submitting your work. It is not like you are left to fend for yourself. There is also a support team that you can contact if you have any troubles.

So in a nutshell, you will be notified of available work via email, you will then be able to access to work, completed it, submit it and get paid.

And as I stated above, there is no set schedule to this job. You do not have to complete every offer that there is. You get to work when you want and however much you want as far as I know. They might have a minimum transcription requirement but if they do it is probably fairly low. This is something I’m not 100% sure of that though.

Requirements For The Job

Some basic requirements that they say you should meet include being fluent in English and typing at least 50 words per minute. You also must live in the US or Canada if you are applying for a general transcription position. If you are applying for the bilingual transcription, subtitling, or captioning then they say you may be considered if you live outside the US or Canada.

The transcription positions don’t actually require any experience, however having experience is definitely a good thing. They are very strict when it comes to transcription accuracy and if you are a complete newbie to all of this and is going to be hard to keep a 98% accuracy rate.

On the website they state that the only keep about 1% of all those who apply and this is because of how strict they are with accuracy. Now I am definitely not saying that a beginner can’t do this, but I’m just saying that having experience is definitely a good thing.


As far as equipment goes, you will need it fast Internet connection and a decent computer along with headphones. A footpedal is not required but it is recommended as it will make the job a lot easier on you. The Infinity USB Foot Pedal is what they recommend.

The Pay

On the website they tell you that they pay more than Rev, Scribie, and TranscribeMe. How much are we talking here? Well, they start you out at $0.75 – $0.85 per audio minute.

Their top transcriptionists are making anywhere from $250-$950 per week. So there is potential to turn this into a full time job, but it is definitely not guaranteed in depends on how good you are.

There is no guaranteed amount of work which is one of the reasons why this is best looked at as a supplemental income opportunity, at least at first. It is best to get started and test the waters. See how much work there is, see how much you can make, and go from there.

There aren’t any raises or anything like that but you do have the ability to increase your pay simply by increasing how fast you can get the work done, which comes from experience.

As far as getting paid, they paid weekly via check.


There are a fair amount of reviews on Glassdoor that I read through to find some of the top complaints. There isn’t anything horrible about this company that you need to be aware of, but there are some complaints that come with the job. Some of the more notable ones included…

Low Pay – many people earning less than minimum wage, depends though – many people making around $10/hr

Yes… The pay can be low. Some people are making decent money at over $10 an hour while others are making much less. Your pay is very much dependent on how fast you get the work done. If you are slow at typing than this probably is not a good career path for you.

While you are only required to type 50 words per minute, if you are typing only 50 words per minute this is not going to be worth it, not even close.

No Benefits 

Working here you are considered an independent contractor and receive no benefits. No healthcare, no 401(k), nothing. This just comes with the territory of working a job like this.

No Promotions

This is one thing that is disappointing. There is no room to move up within the company. Sure you can find tune your skill set and work faster to increase your pay, but there is no way to actually increase your pay per job.

Sometimes Lack of Work

Work is not guaranteed and sometimes that may be a lack of work. From what I have read most people talk about there being a nice continuous workflow, but there are times when things are a little bit slow and you might not be able to work as much as you want to.

Final Thoughts – Good Opportunity or Not?

Daily Transcription is a legitimate transcription company and they seem to provide a decent transcription opportunity. They have a good reputation and treat their transcriptionists well. I have reviewed companies before that do not do this so this is a good sign, although you could argue that they should pay more for your time.

But anyways, if you are interested in applying then go for it. Just don’t count on this for putting the bread on the table. Like I said, start off treating this as an extra income opportunity and go from there. Some people are able to earn this into a full time income, but most people probably don’t.

P.S. – If you want guidance and to be taught how to do general transcription then I recommend checking out this free eCourse. It teaches you how to do the work which will increase your chances of being hired so that you can start making money. It is a seven-day course that will also give you some insight into the job of transcription so that you know whether or not this is really something you want to go for before diving in head first.

Please leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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