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Ecom Cash Crusher is a Scam! – Please Read

Ecom Cash Crusher screenshot


Ecom Cash Crusher is not the $2000 per day system that is said to be… In fact, it is a scam that you are pretty much guaranteed to be extremely disappointed in if you do buy into this, which reminds me of the 2 recent scams I've exposed called The EB Formula and Mass Income Machines. And... I'll show you why.

But first let's talk about some of the claims made about this system and what you are told.

You probably landed on the website for Ecom Cash Crusher after getting an email and clicking a link. That is how it usually starts out, but anyways… That doesn't really matter.

When you first landed on the website there is a video presentation waiting for you. It starts out with the guy telling you that this will completely change your life and is a "revolutionary new system" where members are making up to $40,000 in a single month…


It sounds pretty darn awesome because you are also told that you did not need any special skills or any experience… The guy makes it sound so easy that a caveman could probably do it, or maybe even a dog with the right training.

In the video presentation there are a few different testimonial videos from people who are supposedly making tons of money with the system, such as this lady who claims to have made $2834 in just a couple of days…

Ecom Cash Crusher testimonial

And then there is this guy who claims to have started using the system a couple of months ago and supposedly just hit $100,000 in profit…

Ecom Cash Crusher testimonial

You are told that this system has nothing to do with anything unethical or illegal, however I beg to differ to a slight degree as you will see soon.

It is true that this system helps you make money with a "completely legitimate website", if you actually make any money at all, but is still is definitely unethical as far as I see.

After the testimonial videos in some vague information given about how the system makes money, the spokesperson (who is also the creator) goes on to brag about how much money he makes and how he can buy anything he wants to…


Supposedly he has made over $1 million in the past two years and has all the cars he has ever wanted, goes on tons of vacations, and even bought his dream home… But again that is just what he tells you and is more than likely not true at all.

Ecom Cash Crusher Review... Now You Will See Why This is All a Scam

Just about everything that I see with this system points to it being a scam. I have reviewed hundreds of online scams in the past, right here my website, and this has a lot of common characteristics. I'm sure you are thinking the same… Which is what led you to read my review in the first place.

Whenever something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And just think about it… This guy claims that after coming across this system it only took him 20 minutes to set up and he started making sales right away, making over $1000 in the first day.

How does that sound like BS or what?

And besides the obvious red flags, there are a lot of others as well…

Tons of red flags

Fake Testimonials

Remember this testimonial videos that I mentioned earlier Ian should you screenshots of? Yeah… Those are all completely fake. The people in those videos have never used the system and are just paid actors, as you can see with this guy below who is available for hire on Fiverr…

fiver profile

The one woman in the testimonial video that I showed above is also an actress. I read over another review exposing this scam that proved it as such.

Lack of information

all about making money with Shopify through ecommerce

Another major red flag, and something that is almost always a characteristic of an online scam, is the fact that there is a severe lack of information given about the system. Most of what the guy tells you is very vague and is just about how much money you are going to be making.

He does tell you that it is all about making money via e-commerce through Shopify, which can be a legitimate way to make money, but he goes into no detail at all. Of course you have to buy into the system in order to find out more.

No verifiable information about "David"

This "David" guy, who is supposed the the creator of this system, tells you in extremely long and drawn out life story about how his dad died when he was 14, his life then took a turn for the worse and he had to work a bunch of dead-end jobs in order to provide for his family… Of course until he came across this incredible system

However, as expected, there is absolutely no verifiable information given about "David". They don't even show a picture of this guy. More than likely he is just a made up fictitious character used to promote the scam.

Low price of only $37

And the last red flag that I will cover is that this is only $37. Why would this guy be selling a system that can make you thousands of dollars a day on complete autopilot for only $37?

Oh yeah… I guess we are supposed to believe he is doing this out of the kindness of his heart. That is what they all say.

It's Never This Easy

This "system" is likely not a system at all. While I have not bought into it so I can give you all the details, I'm guessing it is probably some basic program that provides some very basic training on how to make money with e-commerce and Shopify.

And it isn't going to be easy. I was involved in e-commerce for around two years and did pretty well for myself for a short period of time, but ended up giving up later on after things weren't working out so good. The point being… While e-commerce is a legitimate way to make money online, it sure as heck is not easy and if it were than everyone would be doing this.

It's not like this is some brand-new method that has just come out.

The Only Good Thing About This System

The only thing good about the system based on what I see is that it is sold through the digital marketplace called ClickBank… Meaning that you can get a refund within 60 days through ClickBank themselves.

Why doesn't ClickBank just cracked down and not allow scam programs like this to be sold on their platform in the first place? Who knows… But at least you can get a refund.

My Recommendation:

There or a heck of a lot of scams out there in the online world and it is hard to know who to trust, but if you want my own personal recommendation for making money online, I would suggest taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6000 dollars a month. This is a good way for beginners to get started.

Questions and comments can be left below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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