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Finish Line Network, Scam or Legit? – What They Won’t Tell You

Finish Line Network Review


In this review I’ll be going over the Finish Line Network in whether or not I think it is worth anyone’s time and/or money. It is being heavily promoted right now as a great opportunity to make money online, but of course you can’t always trust what you hear. Believe it or not… Not everything you hear online is true. But I’m sure you already know this… After all you are taking time right now to do some research into this opportunity and are wondering if this is all just a scam.

What you are told in the reality of things are often somewhat different. This is the case when it comes to Finish Line Network. People promoting this program are trying to make money off of you joining in so of course you are only going to get the good sides of the story, and not the downsides to it all. I, however, am not promoting Finish Line Network so I will not be actively trying to recruit you and. I’ll be giving my opinion as I see it.

Throughout this review I will go over a basic overview of the program, how it all works, the compensation plan, whether or not it is a pyramid scheme, three good reasons to avoid it and more.

Finish Line Network Review

A lot of high-level online marketers you make a lot of money are actively promoting Finish Line Network, which is how I came across in the first place. I know that Mack Mills (from Secret Income Formula, etc) and Michael Mansell of Team Mansell are both promoting this particular opportunity along with many others.

But anyways… Basically this is one of those online marketing programs that is promoted is a great way to make money online. People buy into it and then the way they are taught to make money online is by promoting it to other people. So you buy into it and then promote it to others.

The the system is already in place… Essentially all you have to do is work on the promotion and marketing of it in order to make money, but of course this is much easier said than done.

How It Works

There our four different product lines within the Finish Line Network program. These include the following…

You have your Silver subscription, Gold subscription, ePOD, and the high-ticket live event called Digital Domination.

I’m not going to get into much detail with each of these different products, but basically they are all online marketing products that will help you go out and sell the system… After all that is what it is all about… Buying in and then reselling it to other people.

The Silver and Gold subscriptions or more of your core memberships I guess you could say. With the Silver subscription you get access to the sales conversion app and with the Gold subscription you get access to monthly virtual live events among other things. The ePOD, which stands for Email Profits On Demand, is a product that is focused all on email marketing. And lastly, the Digital Domination Is a live events that you would actually attend in person and get to listen in on strategic talk from some top-level online marketers.

But there really isn’t much focus placed on the products themselves. Most of the focus is placed on reselling these products and earning commissions doing so. Once you buy one of the products you have the rights to then resell that product and earn commissions doing so. This is important… You only can earn commissions on what you already earn and you will see this makes a big difference in the compensation plan, which I will now dive into…

The Compensation Plan

Within the compensation plan there are five different ranks. These include…

  • Rising Star – Costs $20 each month to stay an active affiliate
  • 1 Star – Have to sell six Silver subscriptions
  • 2 Star – Have to sell six Gold subscriptions
  • 3 Star – Have to sell six ePOD packages
  • 4 Star – Have to sell six tickets to the Digital Domination live event

When you first join in you will start out as a Rising Star, and as such you will earn commissions that are split 50/50. The way this compensation plan works is that when a product is sold by someone, the commissions are always split between that person and their sponsor (a.k.a. the person that recruited them in) as long as you are both able to receive commissions from the particular sale.

Example: So just to give you a quick easy example… Let’s say you are a Rising Star and recruit someone in who purchases the Silver subscription. The Silver subscription costs $47 but only $25 is paid out in commissions. And… There’s something called the Bonus Pool that I will get to in a bit and $5 will be placed in this pool… Only $20 will be split between the seller in their sponsor.

The Bonus Pool:

For each sale that is made there will be 20% of that sale sent into the bonus pool. This is a pool of money that builds up based on the amount of sales from every single person in the network and the way members benefit from this is through receiving shares in the bonus pool.

When you sell a product 20% is sent to the bonus pool but you also receive shares for selling products. So money is taken away from your sale and given back basically. The higher you move up the ranks the more you will earn from this bonus pool, so it is very important to move up the ranks, which you do by selling more products and meeting certain requirements.

You Need To Spend Money To Make Money

These sorts of opportunities force members into buying their more expensive products with how the whole resell rights thing works… I’m talking about how you first have to purchase the product in order to sell and earn commissions doing such. If, for example, you only purchase the Silver subscription and then go out to promote Finish Line Network two other people, who let’s say buy in at the Gold subscription level… You will not earn anything from their purchase. Instead… This purchase will be passed up to the next person above you who is qualified to earn such commissions.

This is how they keep the money coming in. They get people to join in at the lower levels and then the system is set up to pretty much force them into buying the higher-ticket products just for the sake of earning larger commissions.

Pyramid Scheme

This doesn’t have your typical MLM structure where there are different levels set up and you earn commissions through a specified number of levels depending on your rank. However… They definitely are multiple levels within the compensation structure because of how commissions are passed up depending on who is commission qualified or not. Every sale is shared between at least two people, the seller in their sponsor, but many sales will be passed up further because not everyone is going to be commission qualified.

If you read about what the FTC considers a pyramid scheme you will find that the big difference lies on whether or not products are sold to the general public. Is the business actually going out and selling products the general public or are the only people purchasing the products that those that are also promoting the system? Well I think it is pretty obvious that in this case the large majority of people are only buying the products to resell them and make money doing so. I don’t really see anyone buying into this for the actual products alone.

So is it a pyramid scheme? This can be a tricky question to answer, but is definitely “shady” in my opinion and not something I am particularly fond of.

3 Good Reasons To Avoid This

#1 – Very Expensive

If you want a chance of making good money reselling the products from this network, you are going to have to spend a good amount of money before hand. Buying in at the Silver subscription level and selling this isn’t going to make you much of anything. If you want to be able to earn big money than you are going to have to purchase the big ticket items, such as the 3 year Gold subscription for $2997, ePOD four $1997, or the Digital Domination ticket for $997.

Ya… It gets expensive.

You should also know that the products here are extremely overpriced. They could be sold for a fraction of the price, but the prices are inflated to extreme numbers just so that affiliates can make higher commissions when they sell them to other people. There is no need for the prices to be this high but they are so high just for the sake of making money.

#2 – A Shady Business Model

Business models like this are ones that you usually want to try to avoid. Just think about it… This opportunity is advertised as a great way to make money online… You buy into it to make money online and then you are just pushed to make money online by selling it to other people.

Also, recently the FTC has been cracking down on similar make money online programs. MOBE was one of their more recent takedowns which was shut down for being a scam and it was a pretty darn similar business model.

#3 – Just Not As Easy As It Seems

It may sound incredibly easy… The program is already in place for you and all you have to do is promote the products. Easy enough, right? Well… Just think about it for a second. When you came across this opportunity what did you do? You are suspicious of it and this led you to do some extra research and eventually come across my review which you are reading now. Many other people are going to act the same way… People don’t just buy into these make money online opportunities as you might think they do.

In order to make good money you’re going to have to push the higher ticket products on people in these are massively overpriced as I have already discussed.

Is There Any Reason To Join?

I guess the answer to this question all depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking to promote a program that sucks you in and pushes you to go out and promote the same darn program to other people? Are you looking to buy into a program that sells products to help you promote the program? Where is the value in this?

Sure… The products and training you receive could be applied to any online business, but the focus here is on getting people to promote Finish Line Network to other people.

And of course let’s not forget how expensive it is to get involved in a program like this.

Overall… It is just definitely not something that I recommend. For a cheaper and much more affordable opportunity I would highly suggest to anyone reading this to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. This is the program I joined back in 2015 when I first started looking for ways to make money online. To make a long story short… I now make a living working online which goes to show that it does work.

Questions or comments? Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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