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Income League Scam by Matthew Neer & Jamie Lewis? – [Review]



Is Income League a scam or can you really make money posting these simple little free ads?

They make the system sound like the greatest new opportunity on planet Earth, but is it really? Is it really this easy to make tons of money online? Or are they just pulling your leg and suckering you into one of the many scams out there on the Internet?

In this review I’ll be going over my thoughts on this opportunity… Which aren’t all that great. If you are thinking about buying into this you are probably going to want to think again. This seems like another overhyped product that just isn’t going to perform as you are led to believe.

Income League Review

When you land on the website for Income League you are presented with a video where the two creators of this opportunity, Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis, talk about making affiliate commissions by posting these little free ads. Apparently Matthew is making around $1000 a day with one of his ClickBank accounts just by posting these free ads.

He tells you that it has nothing to do with posting ads on Facebook, SEO, and is nothing you have ever seen before… It is supposedly some brand-new revolutionary method that no one else is doing… Which is all about posting these very simple free ads.

In fact… He claims that is so simple that in order to make more money you just have to post more ads. The system is mostly set up for you and runs almost completely on autopilot… All you have to do is get it set up and running, then the rest is taken care off.

But seriously… If it were all this easy than wooden everyone be doing this? I mean of course I like to make money online as easily as possible, but this just sounds a little bit too good to be true, doesn’t not? I’m sure you are thinking the same thing since you are reading my review here. You decided to do a little extra research before hand and this is probably because things just didn’t seem to add up and sit well with you.

But anyways… Before get more into this, I want to go over who these two people behind this system are…

Who Are Matthew Neer & Jamie Lewis?

I am familiar with both of these guys, but more so with Matthew Neer. He it is as successful as he claims to be and I have no doubt that the ClickBank account he was showing in the video presentation was real… You know the one where he was making around $1000 per day. That said… He makes most of his money by putting out products, such as this one. He is not just in affiliate… He is a product creator. I have reviewed several of his products in the past, such as Viral Cash Application and 5K Formula, and there is definitely no shortage of them.

Matthew Neer definitely knows what he is doing when it comes to making money online, but the problem is that the products he puts out are usually “get-rich-quick” products that simply do not give people the training and tools necessary to create a sustainable online income. They do however make him rich… Which I guess is the point.

The other guy, Jamie Lewis, I am not all that familiar with, but I do know that he has been around a while and is pretty successful at what he does. He is probably most well-known for his online coaching programs where he helps teach people how to make money online.

Both of these guys are successful and make a lot of money, but both of these guys also seem to be more in it for themselves than anything else… Lots of complaints about both out there on the Internet.

How Income League Works

When you join Income League you will get access to the members area where you will find some training tutorials on posting these “little ads” so that you can make money. I’m not exactly sure where you will be taught to post these ads, but I’m guessing on social media (although he says not on Facebook) and sites like Craigslist. Basically what you will be doing is posting stupid little ads like “Make $276 Per Day With This Simple Trick” in things like this. You will get people to click on your ads and they will be taken to an optin page where hopefully they will enter their email address.

After you got their email address, you will then be able to promote products to them and hopefully make money. You will be able to create a sequence of automated emails promoting various products, most of which probably don’t work.

This Isn’t a New Groundbreaking Method

He lead you to believe that this is some new incredible groundbreaking method that no one else is doing. This is not true. This is just a little marketing stunt used to try to make this opportunity sound better than it really is. Posting little ads online… Getting people to opt into an email list… Pushing crappy ClickBank products on them and earning affiliate commissions… This is not new. People have been making money doing less than ethical things like this for years.

Sorry to disappoint..

The Easy Way Isn’t Always The Best

As I mentioned earlier, it is true that this Matthew near guys making thousands of dollars per day… I have no doubt about this. He has been around for a while and is a very successful affiliate marketer. That said, he is making all of his money from this “Income League” method. He is a product creator you and he is making money by people promoting his products.

If it were really this easy to make a sustainable income online than everyone would be doing it. Oh… That’s right… I forgot that this is some groundbreaking new method. But seriously… This is not a new method and if you really were this easy everyone would be doing it.

One over the many problems with this method is that most people are going to be ignoring the ridiculous ads that you post and even if you do get them to enter their emails, they will be ignoring the ridiculous emails that you send them.

What this system teaches is a very spammy way of online marketing. It basically teaches you how to post those annoying ads and send out those annoying emails that probably annoy the heck out of you… But of course you will be doing this to other people.

Is Income League Worth Getting Involved With?

I really don’t see Income League being worth anyone’s time or money. This just seems like yet another very crappy products put out by Matthew Neer, which I was expecting. It is a darn shame that this guy want teaches real secrets… Because he certainly is successful. However, this is just what he does. He puts out crappy products in makes a ton of money off them, then leads people to believe that he is making all this money by actually using these crappy products when in reality this is not the case.

Some previous products I reviewed by Matthew Neer include the following…

You are more than welcome to read my reviews of them to learn more and get a little more background knowledge on this guy. They are all cheap products that simply don’t work.

A Better Recommendation

I know this may sound like I am just bad-mouthing this product and promoting something different… But seriously… How I make money online is much more sustainable in legitimate than this Income League crap.

I actually make a full-time in, as an affiliate marketer, but the approach I take is very different than what you are taught in Income League.  I don’t post little free ads all over the place online and sucker people to buy products. Instead, what I do is create small little websites, or microblogs as some people call them, and get them ranked in the search engines such as Google, where I get free traffic. Then I promote relevant products that people actually want and that will help them.

If you are interested in learning more about how I make money online then I would suggest clicking the button below to learn more. I will go over how it all works, what exactly I do, and the best way for beginners to get started.

Please leave any questions or comments down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 also, I would like to hear what you think of Income League. Do you think I was being too harsh in this review or do you agree with me when I say this is something that is not worth the time or money?

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