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Is Ariix a Pyramid Scheme? – Review of The Business Opportunity



AriixSince you are wondering is Ariix a pyramid scheme I’m guessing either you or someone you know has been asked to join the company. This recruitment aspect of the business can be somewhat shady and I know a lot of people are suspicious of it all.

In this review I’ll be going over a few things that everyone should definitely know about this business beforehand…. including if it really is a pyramid scheme that you need to avoid.

Ariix Review

Ariix is a mlm company in the health and wellness industry. They actually call themselves “the opportunity company” because of the business opportunity that they offer. Anyone can join in on the opportunity that they offer and make money selling Ariix products themselves as well as by recruiting in other representatives. The recruitment part of the business is what has many people calling it a pyramid scheme.

The point of this review is to focus in the business opportunity and whether or not its a pyramid scheme but I want to touch on the products sold here just for a second…. Ariix sells all sorts of products ranging dealing with beauty, weightloss, supplements, and more. I don’t have any problems with the products being sold. While some seem to be overpriced, they do appear to be good quality from what I have seen and read online.

But anyway… let me get on the the point of this all. To determine whether or not its a pyramid scheme I’ll first go over the compensation plan, which will show how representatives make money here.

Making Money, The Comp Plan

Ariix acts like they created some new magical compensation structure that will allow you to make more money than other mlm’s but it is nothing special. They call it the “The Ariix Multiline” structure but it is really just a uni-level compensation structure.

In Ariix’s Multiline structure representatives can recruit in other representatives and make money off of them, and the reps that they recruit in, and the reps that they recruit in, and so on to infinity.

In this structure there can be infinite people on each level and it goes infinite number of levels deep. This structure is the basis of the compensation plan.

They also have all sorts of other ways to make money with the compensation plan such as Team Lead Bonuses, Matching Bonuses, etc… but I’m not going to get into everything here.

Why Its Not a Pyramid Scheme

So obviously this comp plan is focused on recruitment. I mean after all if you want to maximize the potential then recruiting in other reps and building up a downline is a must.

HOWEVER, its not a pyramid scheme because they also put a good deal of focus on personal sales volume as well.

You see there are 4 ranks within Ariix and if you want to make good money and max out the comp plan you need to move up the ranks. And in order to move up the ranks you will need to meet personal sales volume requirements. There is a PV (point value) associated with each product sold and there are predetermined amounts you will need to reach in order to move up.

But Its Harder Than You think

You could literally move up the ranks just by selling a bunch of products yourself. However, if you don’t recruit other reps in and build up your downline then you aren’t taking advantage of the compensation plan.

With a mlm comp plan like this you pretty much have to recruit in order to make good money. The reason is because some of the potential money you could be making on sales is taken away from you and paid to representatives above you in the form of commissions. This makes it more difficult to make good money from you own sales and makes a reason to go out and recruit lots of people.

Because of the pyramid-like structure that mlm’s have, most people will always be near the bottom struggling to make good money while only the top few percent usually make good money. That is the way it works with mlm’s and is the reason there is such a high turnover rate in this industry.

I was able to find the official income disclosure on Ariix’s site and they state that for the 2016 year their representatives averaged an income of $2,025.62. And this was out of 43,945 representatives too. This is obviously a very low average but in all honestly I was actually surprised to see it was this high and was surprised by some of the numbers people are actually making here.

I review mlm’s all the time, most recently Asea & Cerule, and one thing for sure is that there are mlm’s that are a lot worse out there.

Conclusion on Ariix – Good Opportunity?

Ariix is definitely not a pyramid scheme nor are they a scam. They do present a legitimate opportunity but if you are going to go for it then you need to be realistic. There is a lot of potential here but the reality is not many people are able to unlock all that potential. You are going to need to be good at selling and recruiting if you want to make good money.

So just know that and if you think you have what it takes then go for it.

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Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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