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Is BTC Clicks a Scam? – No But Its Not Worth Your Time In My Opinion



BTCClicksBTC Clicks is a PTC site that will pay you to click on and view ads. The difference between this site and many others out there is of course that this one pays in Bitcoin rather than regular money, gift cards, etc. But is this place legit? Its it any good? Or is BTC Clicks a scam that you should avoid?

In this review I’ll be going over a few things that you should know about this place before you start trying to earn bitcoin. There are some negatives and positives to this site that you will want to hear.

BTC Clicks Review

As I said, BTC Clicks is a PTC (paid to click) site that pays you to click on ads. This may sound pretty strange if you are not familiar with this but there are legit sites that will do this. How it works is like this: They provide advertising. So people pay them to put ads up on their site and then they pay people like you and I to click on those ads.

Its a very simple and “brainless” way to make money, but as I said, there are downsides to this.

How It Works

So all you have to do is go to “Surf Ads” on their site and there will be a list of all the ads that are available for you to earn with. Beside each ad it will say how much btc it pays and how long you have to stay on the ad. So you will click it, you will be directed to that advertisement, and you will have to wait however long it says for you to get credit.

Here is a screenshot of some of the ads available to me right now…

As you can see most of the ads are for earning bitcoins and all of them have to do with earning money online. You have to be careful with these ads because they don’t really filter them out so there are scam ads that you might not want to click on.

How Much Can You Make?

Well as you can see from my example above, all of these ads are paying 0.00004mBTC. And since 1 mBTC is 0.001 of a bitcoin, this means that you are really getting paid 0.00000004 btc which is insanely low. This is only 4 satoshi’s.

If you do the math this is worth less than 1 cent per ad that you click on. Now of course this will be worth more as bitcoin continues to rise in price, but I wouldn’t count on actually making any more. As bitcoin rises I expect this place to pay less and less, so that you are always receiving the same value in bitcoin payment.

The reality of PTC sites like this is that you barely make anything. This is just how they work. They provide a very cheap form of advertising and because of this they can’t pay people much for clicking on the ads.

Why Bother Use BTC Clicks?

Well you obviously aren’t making much of anything at all when you click on the ads. The only reason I can see for actually using this site is to make a bit of bitcoin with the hopes that it will continue to rise in price. This way the little bitcoin that you get might actually be worth a decent amount one day.

But then again… why not just spend your time better making money online and then invest it in bitcoin yourself. It would make a lot more sense than using a site like this.

Conclusion on BTC Clicks – Worth It or Not?

Honestly I don’t really see much of any reason to spend time on PTC sites like this. Its not like BTC Clicks is a scam or anything, its just a massive waste of time. I really can’t see why you would want to earn what is less than 1 cent for clicking and viewing an ad. Sure this bitcoin might be worth more one day but it makes more sense to spend your time online making good money and investing it yourself like I said.

There are lots of PTC sites out there that are legit like this, NeoBux & Clix4BTC just to name a few. But they are all the same when it comes to earning potential. The whole business model just doesn’t work very well. They provide very cheap traffic and the pay you get reflects that.

If you want to make real money online I suggest taking a look at this program. I have been a member since 2015 and make a heck of a lot more with it than any PTC site, paid survey site, etc.

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