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Is DasCoin a Scam? – You Should Know This



DasCoinDasCoin claims to be “the currency of trust” but can you really trust this cryptocurrency? Should you jump in now and buy a bunch of DasCoin with the potential of the value rising and you making a lot of money? Or is DasCoin a scam that is ultimately going to crumble sooner or later and leave you with less money then when you started?

I know there are a lot of people out there looking for answers on DasCoin and this is why I decided to write this review. I wouldn’t get involved with DasCoin until you understand what it is and how it works. Its not your typical cryptocurrency… and I mean this in a bad way. In this short review I’ll be going over what it is, how it works and more. Take 5 minutes to read this over and you will be glad you did.

DasCoin Overview

If you have ever heard of OneCoin then you will be a bit familiar with DasCoin because they are similar in many ways. With DasCoin you will invest in a license package through NetLeaders to help them build their network. In return you will earn DasCoins.

There is a referral program in place where you will be able to earn by getting other people to invest. The more investors the better because this is whats going to help increase the worth of DasCoin.

Pretty much this is a cryptocurrency mlm. You buy in > you recruit more people in > you make more money.

How Much It Costs to Buy In

There are several different license packages that you can buy in. These range in price from €100 EUR to €25,000 EUR. The more you pay the more you get. These packages are as follows…

  • Standard – €100 EUR, you get 1,200 cycles + 1 upgrade
  • Manager – €500 EUR, you get 6,105 cycles + 1 upgrade
  • Pro – €2,000 EUR, you get 26,880 cycles + 1 upgrade
  • Executive – €5,000 EUR, you get 73,450 cycles + 2 upgrades
  • Vice President – €12,500 EUR, you get 256,500 cycles + 2 upgrades
  • President – €25,000 EUR, you get 373,750 cycles + 3 upgrades

*The amount of cycles you get changes slightly.

I’m not going to get into how cycles and upgrades work because it gets a bit confusing. All you need to know for now is that the more you invest the more DasCoin you will end up receiving. You will receive your DasCoin over a period of time, its not like you get it all at once when you invest.

The Recruitment Side of It

As an “advocate” for DasCoin, you will be able to make money off of selling the Licenses. You will be able to make a Direct Sales Bonus, a Network Bonus, and a Matching Bonus.

Direct Sales Bonus

You will earn 10% on the license sales that you make directly. However, you will only earn 6% in cash and the other 4% will be deposited to a reserve account as incentive.

Network Bonus

Here you are paid on a binary matrix. There are 2 open positions beneath each person and as you and others recruit more people into the network these positions fill.

In order to qualify for this network bonus you must have at least €500 EUR in direct sales on both sides of your binary structure.

You will earn 10% based on the sales volume of the weaker side of the structure. And again, the 6%/4% thing is going on here too.

Matching Bonus

Here you can earn on up to 5 levels. In order to qualify for this you will also need €500 EUR in direct sales on both sides of the binary structure.

The more you move up the ranks the more levels you can earn “matching bonuses” off of.

Problems With This

There are no real products here. The entire thing is based on recruitment of new investors. This means that the value of DasCoin is reliant on bringing new people in. When this stops happening the collapse of DasCoin will begin.

There is also no real value in DasCoin as far as I see it. Outside of the network DasCoin is not publicly traded and this is something I do not like.

Conclusion on DasCoin – Scam?

I don’t know if I’d call it a scam but I would recommend staying away from it. This is nothing more than a cryptocurrency mlm that is bound to fail unless it makes drastic changes. Its not really a legitimate cryptocurrency as is Bitcoin. Its totally different.

I just don’t see why anyone would get into DasCoin. It is too risky and there are much better cryptocurrency investments that you could be making.

You have to be careful nowadays when it comes to cryptocurrency. There are more scams out there than legit opportunities. In fact, I just reviewed a somewhat similar scam called Xtreme Coin that you should be aware of.

But anyway.. that’s all I have for you here.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you 🙂

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  1. Kyle

    You state that DasCoin is not a crytocurrency yet BitCoin is

    Are there any other legitimate crytocurrencies ?



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