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Is Evolv Health a Scam? – A Look at The Business Opportunity

Evolv Health


Evolv HealthThe business opportunity that Evolv Health offers may sound very enticing but don’t jump into it just yet. While you can make money with this business there are definitely some downsides that it seems many people are not aware of when they join. This usually leads to discouragement and disappointment.

Is Evolv Health a scam? I would not call it that. But what I will say is that there are people that are being mislead and basically being “scammed” when they are recruited into this business. In order to not get scammed you just need to be aware of what you are getting into.

Evolv Health Overview

Evolv Health is a mlm company that sells a range of health products. From what I see the products sold here are of good quality and I can’t really complain about them in this regard. I guess my only complaint here would be that they are fairly high priced.

But anyway, I’m not here to talk about the products. I’m here to talk about the business opportunity. Evolv Health relies on direct sales for all their selling/ marketing. This sales force is made up of independent distributors, which anyone can join and become.

Independent distributors can earn money by selling products directly and also by recruiting new distributors into the business. This is the cause for much of the controversy… well pretty much all of it. It often leads to distributors recruiting by somewhat deceptive means.

The Comp Plan

As I mentioned, as a distributor you will make money in 2 ways… by selling directly and by recruiting others who will sell.

When you make direct sales you can receive anywhere from 10-15% of the wholesale cost as well as 55% of the total PV (personal volume), which is the volume of orders placed by you and your customers in a given week. These direct sales commissions are great and all but the real money comes into play when you look at recruitment.

There are a lot of ways you can earn money when you recruit in other distributors but I’m just going to be covering a few. The first way you will get paid is by getting HOPE Bonuses. You see, when you join this business opportunity you have to purchase what they call a “HOPE Kit” if you want to take full advantage of the comp plan. Then when you recruit other people in you will get them to purchase these kits and you will make money off of it. You can make from $25 to $150 off of these initial kit purchases depending on the kit they buy…

Another important aspect of the comp plan is the binary structure. There is what you call a Team Bonus where you earn commissions from what you and the people in your downline did. With this binary structure there are 2 positions below each person and it just branches out wider and wider as it goes down. 

When you recruit 2 people in they will go to fill the 2 positions beneath you. Then after that they will spill over and fill any open positions that are in your downline. This binary structure is powerful and where much of the money is made from the top distributors at Evolv Health.


The last thing that you really should know here is that there are ranks within this business and the amount you can make depends very much on your rank. There are 12 ranks total and moving up the ranks is all about increasing your PGQV. This stands for Personal Group Qualification Volume and is a measure of the volume of sales that are made from your personal downline.

So basically in order to increase your PGQV and move up the ranks you are going to need to recruit like an absolute madman.

The Reality Here

The reality here is that this business is focused very much on recruitment. Members make very good money from recruiting others and this leads to people often recruiting people in by feeding them all the information that they want to hear. They make the opportunity sound better than it is.

The cold hard truth here is that not many people make good money with mlm structured businesses like this. The way they are structured only the top few percent make the good money while those at the bottom struggle.

I was able to pull up a 2015 official income report from them that shows this. As you can see below I circled a section of distributors. This section accounts for over 91% of all distributors and the average weekly earnings are less than $100. 

Conclusion on Evolv Health – Scam?

I do not consider Evolv Health to be a scam although I do feel that people are getting scammed from being fed false hope when they are recruited into this business. The business itself is a legitimate mlm business because they do put adequate focus on selling products to the general public.

However, the recruitment style nature of mlm’s like this make them very hard to make money in and they also lead to many people getting ripped off. I just reviewed NorwexPruvit, WFG and other mlm’s recently and they all are the same story.

While some people will be able to go on to make good money, most people will fail to do so.

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