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Instant Income System


Instant Income SystemInstant Income System may seem like a surefire way to earn some quick and easy cash online. However, the reality is much different than it seems. If you are wondering is Instant Income System a scam then I am writing this for you. Why? Well because the answer is yes… this place is a scam and I am trying to get people to avoid it.

This scam is very similar to many that I have a reviewed in the past. I know exactly what is going on here and I strongly urge you to read my short review here.

Instant Income System Overview

Instant Income System makes bold claims but has nothing to back them up. There is no proof that people are actually making money with this system. Although they claim that making an extra $200+ per day with very little work on your part is easy to do…. these are nothing but words that anyone could say.

But honestly I don’t really care if there is proof because I already know this is all a lie and nothing more than a scam. Instant Income System is nothing more than an old scam that I have seen dozens of times over the past couple of years. The scammers keep re-branding the same old program under different names.

Lies They Tell

This program is absolutely full of lies. One of the first lies that caught my attention was how they claim to have been featured on the news. On the sales page they put news station logos as if the big news stations are talking about this program.

I can assure you that no news station is actually talking about this program. They put the logos on the sales page to try to add credibility but their attempt failed here.

Also, another way they use fake news is through promotion. There are people promoting this scam that set up fake new sites. They will have a story on the site about a mother making $8,000/mo online or something of that nature and they just promote this program.

Another lie that I noticed was how they claim their are only a few positions left. This is very untrue and they will take anyone who wants to pay for this scam program. There are not limited positions. One easy test for this is to leave the site and come back later. You can literally leave and come back in a month and there will be the same limited positions warning with the same numbers.

Old Scam, New Name

As I said, this is a very old scam. The only thing new about it is the name. This scam keeps getting re-hashed under new names over and over again. Some of the more recent identical scams that I have reviewed include Xtreme Home Paycheck and Freedom Cash System.

When I review these programs I always get a bunch of people that comment on my posts complaining about how horrible they are and asking for advice on getting their money back. Unfortunately there is not much I can do at that point and many of these people don’t get their money back. I know they claim to have a money-guarantee but this doesn’t seem to hold true much of the time.

Conclusion on Instant Income System

Instant Income System is nothing more than a scam program that is full of false hope and lies. It will not make you any money and is not designed to. Instead it is designed to make the scammers behind it all a bunch of money… that’s it. With all the lies told you can absolutely not trust this program. And as I said, I know its a scam because I have seen it dozens of times, just under different names.

There are legitimate online money making programs out there but this just isn’t one of them. I absolutely do not recommend anyone sign up for this and if you already did I would try to get my money back asap.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns don’t hesitate to leave them below in the comment section ?

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