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Is JiuQu English a Scam? – Making Money Teaching ESL Online

JiuQu English


JiuQu EnglishJiuQu English is one of many ESL companies that you can work for online. The job they offer is desirable to most people because it is very flexible and can be done anywhere with internet connection. But is there a catch to this place? Is JiuQu English a scam somehow that you need to avoid?

As you may or may not know I make a living working online. So when I came across this opportunity I had to take a look into it. And I know there are a lot of people out there that are looking into this place as well but are hesitant to sign up. In this review I hope to give you a better idea of whether or not this JiuQu English is right for you.

JiuQu English Overview

JiuQu English, aka Funbulous, is a company that provides ESL teaching for children in China. The age range of kids that are taught here goes from 5-12 years. But of course you are not looking into this place to learn English. You are interested in the business opportunity.

Just about anyone that speaks English fluently can become a teacher for JiuQu English. They don’t have many requirements at all and this is a very easy job to get.

Overall ratings with this company are very good. They pay good, they make teaching enjoyable, and of course the job is flexible. However, there are a few downsides to it that I’ll go over.


In order to be a teacher here you are going to have to live in the US, Canada, or Mainland China. I am not sure what the reason for this requirement is but that is just the way it is. Other than this you are going to need to either have a college degree or be enrolled in college, and you must speak fluent English as you can imagine.

Then there are the equipment requirements. They do not provide you with equipment, it is up to you to make sure you have a computer w/ a webcam, a headset, and high speed internet.

A Day On The Job

Teaching lessons are split up into 30 minute sessions. You will be able to choose your own hours of availability but this doesn’t guarantee you lessons during those times.

A 30 minute class will usually have 1-6 students in it. The lessons will be laid out for you. There is no need to prepare which is a major upside to this. One thing that is important to mention is that this place makes teaching fun. You will be able to play word games and read animated stories through the teaching platform.

Make sure to try your best when you are teaching because after the lesson is over the parents of your students will be able to give you a rating. This can make or break you.

The Pay.. Is It Any Good?

The minimum that you will make is $8 per lesson, which remember is 30 minutes long. This is the base pay. However you will be able to make more than that because they give out bonuses. They will tell you that you will be able to earn $16 – $20 per hour.

This pay rate is right around what you will make at other online ESL teaching companies.

What Other Teachers Are Saying

As I said, the overall view of the company is very good. If you go to Glassdoor or Indeed, which are independent job review sites where anyone can submit reviews, you will find a lot of people raving about how much they love working for JiuQu. On Glassdoor the average rating is 4.4/5 and on Indeed it is 4.1/5, which is very good.

However, like any place there are some complaints.

One complaint that I came across that is worth mentioning is lack of job security. When you are a teacher you are considered an independent contractor. And as with many other online jobs, it doesn’t take much to get “fired”. It is very easy for them to get other teachers so if you get bad ratings or have technical problems that effect your teaching ability, there is a good chance that they will let you go.

Conclusion on JiuQu English – Scam or Good Company to Work For?

I have reviewed many other ESL online teaching companies including Cambly & VIPKID, and I can say that this is one of the better ones as far as I see it. The pay is good and the schedule is flexible, but what I think makes this place better than many of the others is the teaching style that they use. Being able to play games and have fun with your students is important.

If you like helping others and think teaching ESL will be a good fit for you then go for it. This place is in no way a scam.

Another thing I should mention though is that this should be treated as an extra income opportunity. Picking up hours can be a challenge, especially when you are just starting out.

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Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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  1. Hi! I work for Qkids (Jiuqu English). There are some problems in terms of employment rights and they become weighty after working there for some time.

    The functional time spent for a 30 minute class is actually 40 minutes. So, for 25% of the time you are working, you are not being paid. In my province, that means the Qkids payrate is actually below minimum wage (which is more than $15 per hour for homeworkers). On top of that we are asked to put in unpaid personal time for self-training, a practice which made my lawyer laugh.

    Employment Laws are not followed. One of the first laws is that any employment laws apply where the work is performed. That means if you work from home, employment laws for your country and province need to be followed. The company tried to tell me that I was working for a Chinese company and had to follow Chinese standards to be professional with them. That was not true or legal.

    One important law in my province is that the employer is responsible for posting a notice about Employment Standards so all employees can see it. This is so that all employees know that they have rights in the workforce. We are kept in the dark at this company.

    As you mentioned, the next bait-and-switch is they try to claim we are not employed, but that we are contractors. I did not sign a contract but received a letter of employment when I was hired. The recruiting materials at Jiuqu now use the wording “hired”.

    If there was a contract, I am sure it would be riddled with legal issues. There are conditions to contracting according to federal regulations, which are not met. These include self-scheduling, choosing your lessons and being independently responsible for lesson content, creating your own relationship with clients such as being able to retain them, and receiving financial rewards for financial investment. These conditions are not met on the job. There may be between 1-6 students, as you mention. From lesson to lesson, which the Scheduling Team chooses for you, there may be a different number of vocabulary words of different difficulty. Were we contracting, harder lessons, with more students, should be more lucrative for us.

    The practice of being rated by every client family, and being doled out bonuses is exceptionally demeaning and dehumanizing. We still do not have access to our ratings associated with specific client names so that we can proceed with full information as though we are contractors.

    There is no safety training and the company has no harassment program in place, so workers are left in dangerous situations with clients eliciting too much personal information or employees in power exercising language that makes workers feel uncomfortable.

    When I first contacted my lawyer, there was such a length of legal history with this company, I had to return for our meeting at a later time, so the office had time to research it all.

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