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Is Less For Me a Scam? – My Lessforme.com Review

Less For Me


Less For MeLess For Me (lessforme.com) is one of many online cashback marketplaces where you can get money back on normal shopping purchases. And who wouldn’t want to get money back on what they spend right? There is no doubt that the concept here is something that anyone would approve of but the real question here is how good is Less For Me? Is this place any good when comparing it to other cashback places? Or is Less For Me a scam that is going to have you chasing your tale for little reward?

I look into and review cashback sites like this all the time because I love saving and making money. I know there are a fair number of people out there like me that are trying to get as much cashback as possible when they shop. If this is you and Less For Me is a place you are thinking about joining just hold off for a second and let me go over this place first.


Less For Me Overview

As stated above, Less For Me is a cashback marketplace where you can earn cashback just for shopping. The way this works is pretty simple. Big companies pay Less For Me to refer buyers to their stores. So when you go shopping through their site they get paid a commission from the store you shopped at. Less For Me then pays you a percentage of that money they received as cashback. They do this as an incentive to use their site in the first place. On top of that they also have coupons for many of the stores listed on their site.

There are a lot of cashback sites out there. Extrabux, CouponCabin, TopCashBack… just to name a few.

How You Earn Cashback

It is very simple. Of course the first thing you will have to do is sign up. All this takes is about a minute of time to do. After that you will be able to shop at over 2,000 stores that they are partnered with.

When you find a store you want to shop at you will either see a fixed cashback percentage that you will get for shopping there or you will see a dollar amount. Usually its more common for them to give you a percentage back of what you spend.

When you find a store you like you will see a button you can click to shop at that store. Just click that button and you will then be redirected to the stores website where you can shop just as you normally would. Just go about the process as normal and that is it. There is no need to go back to Less For Me’s website to do anything.

You won’t get the money in your account right away. It can take around 30 days or so for you to actually be credited for the purchase. When you are credited the money will be put in your account and after you reach a minimum of $25 in your account you can cash out and get your money.

How Does This Place Compare to Others?

If you live in the United States then Less For Me isn’t all that great. They do not partner up with many of the big stores here in the states and that is a big downside. For example they do not offer cashback for Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and many others. But if you live in the UK and other countries it seems to be better.

As far as the cashback percentages go this site is right around the norm. For most of the bigger stores you will find 1-4% cashback generally although with some stores you will find 10% and higher.

Many of the places where you will receive higher cashback percentages are service sites (example: hotels.com) and software companies (example: AVG & Avast Antivirus).


Lack of Stores

As I just said, this depends on where you are located. There are over 2,000 places you can shop at but in some locations these aren’t commonly shopped at.

High Payout Threshold

Reaching $25 before you can cash out might take awhile. Of course this depends on how much you actually shop but compared to other sites I have reviewed this is pretty high.

Long Wait Period

This is common for cashback sites. They have to wait until they get paid from the store you shopped at before they give you the money. Waiting 30 days is a long time but its no reason to go out and look for other cashback program.

Conclusion on Less For Me – Scam?

Less For Me is definitely not a scam. They provide a legitimate service and you really can make cashback on normal purchases through this site. They are good but as for me they aren’t my first choice. If you live outside the US then go ahead and look more into them, but if you live in the US then places like TopCashBack and Extrabux are much better due to the larger amount of store choices you have to shop at.

Also, you might want to read my review of Ibotta. This is my favorite in-store cashback app. It is really nice for earning money back on grocery shopping and things like that.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you ?

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