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Is LifeVantage a Scam? My Review Of This Business Opportunity



LifeVantageLifeVantage offers what can potentially be a lucrative business opportunity. But is this the real deal? Or is LifeVantage a scam that is going to be a waste of your time and end up leaving you disappointed/discouraged?

In this post I’m going to be reviewing the business opportunity behind this program. There are some things that people often do not know when entering this line of work…. things that people with the company don’t tell you. In this.

LifeVantage Overview

LifeVantage is a mlm health and wellness company that sells products based around a special ingredient called Protandim. This ingredient is said to reduce oxidative stress and increase mitochondria production, thus reducing aging.

But anyway… I’m not here to review the products. I want to talk about the business opportunity.

LifeVantage goes by a direct selling business model. All of their marketing and sales are done by independent distributors. And as a distributor you can make money not only by selling the products yourself, but also by recruiting other distributors into the business.

How You Make Money

There are 8 ways in total to make money with with the LifeVantage compensation plan, but they can all be put into 2 categories. You can make money, as I mentioned above… by selling products yourself and by recruiting others to do it.

Retail Sales

These are the sales that you make yourself. As a distributor you have the ability to buy products at discounted prices which you can then turn around and sell at a markup, thus keeping the difference. You will also be able to sell products 24/7 through your own personal LifeVantage website.

Depending on your rank you can make anywhere from 20-30% on these retail sales.


Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment… its all about recruitment.

One of the best ways to earn from recruitment is through their Royalty Commission. I found a chart to show you that you can see below. It is pretty confusing but basically what you need to know is that it is a uni-level structure that pays out down to 9 levels. The people that you personally recruit become your level 1, the people that they recruit become your level 2, and so on down to level 9. And as you can see you will earn a percentage of income from these people beneath you.

What you also need to know is that in order to be able to participate in this entire comp plan and to earn from all 9 levels you need to move up the ranks. Moving up the ranks is all about recruitment for the most part.

There are requirements that you sell a specified amount of product volume yourself, but that isn’t much and doesn’t increase much as you move up. The product volume that your team (aka your downline) is required to sell increases a lot as you move up though. And recruitment is the only way to meet these requirements.

Why Most People Fail

Most people fail with mlm’s like this because that is just how it is. With a compensation plan like this where recruitment is key to making good money, the majority of people are destined to fail. There are always going to be much more people near the bottom of the mlm structure than at the top. And the top people are the ones that bring in all the money.

So really the simple fact that most people fail with companies like this is unavoidable. It is the comp structure that makes it this way. There is a lot of potential to earn good money and some people do very well, but these are the top few percent.

Kannaway and Le Vel are 2 other mlm’s that I just reviewed and they are the same darn way…. very few people succeed.

Conclusion On LifeVantage – Scam?

LifeVantage is definitely not a scam. Their products are legitimate and this is a legitimate business opportunity. My only problem with it is that many people are mislead into joining. They are recruited in by current distributors with dreams of making all kinds of money when the reality is that they more than likely will not.

The incentive to recruit with mlm’s like this is so high that this leads to distributors recruiting by somewhat deceptive means. The people calling LifeVantage a scam are those that thought it would be much easier… but then failed.

So just know what you are getting yourself into. If you like LifeVantage’s products and think you have what it takes to recruit like crazy and build up a big downline then go for it. Just know its not easy and statistics don’t lie…  most people fail miserably.

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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