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Is Millionaire Mentors Alliance a Scam? – Yes It Is In My Opinion


Millionaire Mentors Alliance scam

Millionaire Mentors Alliance is promoted as being some “turn-key”, “ready-made” business that you can easily make tens of thousands of dollars was… But is it really? Is this place really the next big money making opportunity that you should be buying into right away or is Millionaire Mentors Alliance a scam that is just going to be a waste of your money and time?

The truth is that the information you are given is pretty darn misleading. As has become commonplace in the online world, opportunities like this are usually marketed in a way that is deceptive and leads you to believe that they are better than they really are.

Can you make money with this Millionaire Mentors Alliance system? Sure… You can. But will you? Will you recoup your initial investment? This is a whole different story.

Millionaire Mentors Alliance Review

Millionaire Mentors Alliance, found at MillionaireMentorsAlliance.net, is a high-ticket online business opportunity that is focused around people buying into the opportunity to make money online and then reselling that same opportunity to other people. In a way it is similiar to other high-ticket systems like Legendary Marketer and U-Economy.

There are a number of different product packages offered within Millionaire Mentors Alliance. These different product packages range in price from $500-$50,000 which obviously is a heck of a lot of money. With each package you get courses in cryptocurrency (I’m talking about things like bitcoin here) along with a bunch of online marketing stuff, such as training in advertising, email marketing, blogging, traffic generation, social media marketing, and even things like time management and self hypnosis.

But like I said, the main point here is to buy into the program and then make money by reselling it to other people. Maybe you are interested in learning about cryptocurrency and will find the cryptocurrency courses provided beneficial, but most people are buying in for the “turn-key” system in which they can use the online marketing training provided to resell this business to others and earn massive commissions.

As I said, the product packages range in price from $500-$50,000 as you can see below…

But when you buy into the system you will be paying more than just the price shown. You will also be paying in admin fee that varies depending on which package you purchase. The admin fee will go to Millionaire Mentors Alliance in the product package cost you have to send to your sponsor, a.k.a. the person that recruited you in.

How It All Works In a Nutshell

The way this “turn-key” business model is set up is so that you earn 100% commissions on the product packages. The Bronze Package costs $500 and if you recruit someone else in who buys the same package, they will pay you $500. The same goes for all the other packages… If you recruit someone in and they purchase the Platinum Package for $15,000, then you earn $15,000 in commission.

So the members who are reselling the packages get paid 100% of the commissions in the admin fee goes to Millionaire Mentors Alliance to keep the system running.

When you first buy in you will pay your sponsor via a cashiers check and the people that you recruit and will do the same to you.

The Compensation Plan

This system uses what is called a “1 up” commission structure. After you buy into the program at one of the different levels, you will be able to recruit others in and earn commissions. However, the first person that you recruit in… That sale will not go to you. Instead, that sale will be passed up to your sponsor, which as I said is the person that recruited you into the business.

After that you will be able to keep all of your sales for yourself.

These types of systems are a bomber in the beginning but you have to realize that everyone that you recruit in will be doing the same thing… They will all be passing their first sale up to you.

Is This A MLM?

They really be on the point that this is not a MLM… However I would say that the compensation plan is very similar to one. I know this doesn’t make much sense, but the way I see these “1 up” systems that basically like a MLM that isn’t technically a MLM.

There aren’t really multiple levels within the compensation plan, however there are sales getting passed up to you that, in a way, or getting passed up to you from multiple levels deep.

You Only Make The Sales You Are Qualified For

One thing that you should know about this place is that you only get paid as high as the level you are a part of. What I mean by this is that if you buy in at the Bronze Package level for only $500 and you recruit someone in that buys and at the Elite Package level for $25,000, you only get paid $500 in commissions. In order to get paid the $25,000 you would have had to be an Elite Package level member or higher.

What You Get When You Buy In

As I mentioned earlier, when you buy in you will get courses in cryptocurrency as well as online marketing training, self-improvement training and more. In addition to this, you also get your “turn-key” business as they call it.

You will get the following so that you can recruit people in and hopefully earn commissions…

Personal Website

Your personal website will be the same as the official Millionaire Mentors Alliance website. When you are recruiting people in you will send them to this website and when they buy in you will get credit for that.

You will send them to your website, they will watch the video presentation about how awesome and easy it is to make money with Millionaire Mentors Alliance and then they will buy in if they feel like it.


This system also has a built-in autoresponder. The autoresponder will give you the ability to send out automated emails to all of your leads or recruits in your downline at once. Autoresponder is are very important when it comes to pretty much any online business, so this is nice to see and definitely helpful.

Tracking Software

They also provide tracking software so that you can see how everything is going and make necessary adjustments to your strategies.

Call Center

You probably already know, because you have looked into Millionaire Mentors Alliance, but they have a call center that helps close sales.

They Make It Sound So Easy

Super easy right? Well I can guarantee you it is much more difficult than it may seem.

In the one video presentation they tell you that you could be earning $10,500 a month and they claim that this is a conservative estimate, you could really be earning much more than that. All you do is advertise the system, people join, and you make tons of money… Super easy.

However, it is not that easy and if you buy in believing that it will be this easy than you are in for a rude awakening. I see high ticket systems like this all the time and they are very difficult to make money with.

Just as you are now, people are hesitant to buy into systems like this. It is going to be a hard sell for sure.

Is It Really Worth The Price?

The answer is NO, and if anyone tells you otherwise they are a liar.

The cheapest package, which is the bronze package, sells for $500 and the most expensive package, which is the Empire package, sells for $50,000. And of course that is not including the admin fees that you would also have to pay if you are buying in.

These product packages aren’t even worth a fraction of what they are being sold for. The reason they are so expensive is because the prices are jacked up for the sake of members being able to resell them and earn massive commissions. The business opportunity is what is really being sold here and that is why the prices are inflated so much… To make the business opportunity sound more appealing. I mean who wouldn’t want to earn $50,000 on a single sale? I sure would.

The bottom line is that the underlying value for these packages is not even close to the prices.

It’s A Dangerous Game

Still thinking about joining this place? Well let me tell you that is a dangerous game. The FTC has been on a roll lately and has been shutting down high ticket programs similar to this, such as MOBE and Digital Altitude.

Just think about buying into this place for thousands of dollars in then it getting shut down… With no way for you to recoup your money. Now that would suck in that isn’t out of the question. It is definitely something that I could see becoming a reality if this starts to really grow in popularity.

Usually the FTC doesn’t step in until programs like this are widespread. Whenever they are just starting out the FTC doesn’t have time to crack down on them. They are too busy with more important things.

Something Else Worth Mentioning…Strange

Something else that I think is worth bringing to your attention is this Facebook post I found from Millionaire Mentors Alliance. When MOBE got shut down they were offering past MOBE members a free spot near the level they were at in MOBE…

Why would they be doing this? I am guessing that the creators of this program have ties to MOBE. They were probably involved.

But anyways… I’m not sure if this offer is still going on or not.

Final Thoughts – Good Opportunity to Make Massive Commissions or Not?

You can definitely make money with systems like this, but is it really worth it?

Not only is it pretty risky to get involved in something like this, but it is also much more difficult than it seems. I have been involved in online marketing since 2015 and I can guarantee you that selling people on a business opportunity like this is going to be quite a challenge. I’m not saying it can’t be done… I’m just saying that it will be difficult… Very difficult.

And besides all that, in opportunity like this is just out of the question for many people out there that are on a budget. For something like this you have to be willing to spend tons of money beforehand with the hopes and dreams of recouping that money. Remember how I said you have to buy into the product package level before you can receive commissions for that level? This is what I am talking about. If you want to receive commissions of $50,000 when people buy into the elite level, you will first have to spend $50,000 plus the administrative fee to buy into that level.

A Much More Afforable Option… And Legitimate

If you are looking for an affordable and legitimate way to make money online, I would suggest taking a look at this program. This is where I got started back when I first started looking for ways to make money online in 2015 and I have been a member ever since. It is 100x more affordable and took me from earning $0 to over $6000 a month, which goes to show that it does work.

Questions or comments? Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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