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Is My Dot Com Business a Scam? Review of Paul Lynch’s Program

My Dot Com Business


My Dot Com BusinessI’m guessing you are reading my review of My Dot Com Business because you are suspicious of it all. Maybe you are wondering if you really can make money with it or is My Dot Com Business a scam? If this is you then you are right where you want to be.

There are a lot of people out there promoting this business and that is how it was brought to my attention. So I looked into it and in this review I’ll be going over what you need to know. And if you are thinking about buying into it you are definitely going to want to read this beforehand.

My Dot Com Business Review

My Dot Com Business (aka My Dot Com Business Franchise) is what you call a high ticket program, meaning it costs a ton of money but you can also make a ton of money selling it. It is basically one of those programs you buy into to make money online and then you make money online by selling it to other people.

There are different levels you can buy in at which give you training, a website, and sales funnels for you to promote My Dot Com Business to other people and earn commissions off of it.

The creator of My Dot Com Business is a man named Paul Lynch. He has been around in the online marketing industry for a while and is a fairly well known name. One of the things he is well known for is promoting a similar opportunity to his My Dot Com Business called MOBE, which I will get more into later.

Shaqir Hussyin is the co-founder of this system and he has a very similar past. He is a big member of MOBE and has done millions in sales over the years. Both of these guys have made a lot and know what they are doing.

The Price Levels

My Dot Com Business will be out of the question for many people looking to make money online because it is extremely expensive. The cost will range anywhere from $997 to $19,997 depending on where you buy in at.

This also means you will be able to earn commissions of $500 to $8,000 on a single sale, which is also huge.

There are 4 different levels and their prices are as follows…

  • License Level – $997
  • Franchise Level – $5,000
  • Gold Level – $11,497
  • Platinum Level – $19,997

The kicker here is that you have to buy into the different levels before you can earn commissions off of them.

What You Get

When you join you will get sales funnels, websites, email lists, online training, training at their offices in the UK, and more. But you won’t get all of this with the cheaper levels, like the License Level for example. As you can imagine the higher level you join the more you get. When you join at a higher level you will get everything from the lower levels plus what that level contains.

They call this a “done for you” system because you get the website that has products one it ready to sell, the sales funnels you need to sell the products, etc. So pretty much all you have to do is drive traffic to your site, which you will get training on.

Sounds easy right? Well its not…. traffic generation should not be underestimated.

What This Really Is

As I mentioned in the beginning, both of the creators of My Dot Com Business are big affiliates of MOBE. And MOBE is what this really is all about.

The backend product of My Dot Com Business is really MOBE. So basically this is all a funnel to get people to buy into MOBE in the end, which is the same type of deal where people buy in to make money online and are then taught to make money online by getting other people to buy in.

There are lots of funnels for MOBE out there by its affiliates. I review them all the time including Rookie Profit System and My Online ATM.

The Reality Here

The reality is that this is not as easy as it seems to be and that is why most people that buy into this will fail, as with just about any online business. The reality is that there is no simple way to make money online, everything takes hard work.

Even the creators of this program probably struggled in the beginning. Sure they make easy money now but it wasn’t this way in the beginning.

Conclusion on My Dot Com Business – Should You Join?

I wouldn’t call My Dot Com Business a scam because you can make money with it but its also not a program I will be recommending. For one, because it is extremely expensive and most people won’t be able to afford it and, 2, because I don’t really think the business model here is very ethical. People buy in and have no idea what they are up against because you pretty much have to buy into the upsells if you want a good chance at making good money.

If you are looking for a more affordable and less risky way to make money online then I suggest taking a look at this program. Not only is it 100x more affordable, but it is also more realistic that the average Joe can make money with it. This is the same place I learned to make money online back in 2015, and now I do this for a living.

==> Here is the program I am talking about

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I hope you found this article helpful! I'm Kyle, the creator of this site, which is probably pretty obvious after seeing the name. Like most, I've had my fair share of difficulties and a pretty bumpy road while trying to find success online, which is why I put togetherthis guide so that others can get started right the first time around.

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  1. You might want to update this blog, Kyle, to include the fact that MOBE has now been shut down by the FTC in the US. So if this “My dot come Business is a direct link to the MOBE programme, it really should not be out there at all and the affiliates need to stop promoting it.

  2. I would avoid this company and paul lynch. its very hard to make any money with this because it doesn’t convert.
    paul lynch has been proven to be untrustworthy. he has made promises he has not kept. for example.
    he has a video wrappr software. he promised enterprise members that we would have a funnel set up to promote this and that we would be able to keep the money we made if we upgraded to the new v4 site. which was a new agreement and had a monthly fee attached.
    he then went back on that and wanted 5k to buy a licence to sell video wrappr.
    I could go on and on but all will be revealed in a video review some time soon.
    if anyone reading this has felt let down by Paul or even if you feel scammed feel free to get in touch on fb. scott millar I have created a mdcb review page where people can get together and do something about this guy.
    I`m thinking bbc watchdog & rogue traders

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