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Is Parallel Profits a Scam by Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton?

Parallel Profits Review


It's the new year and Aidan Booth along with Steve Clayton are coming out with their new training program. For as long as I remember they have been doing this, coming out with new training programs at the beginning of each year or at least coming out with an updated version each year.

Is Parallel Profits life-changing opportunity that is promoted as? Can you really make up to $100,000 in a year with just 7 sales? I mean that seems like one heck of a lot of money. Is it possible that this is just another scam you should be avoiding?

They claim that it is one of the fastest ways to generate an income from home, but it seems like just about every "make money online" training program out there makes similar claims... So you obviously can't take what you hear as being the truth right from the start.

In this short review I'll be going over my opinion of Parallel Profits and whether or not I think it is something worth getting involved in.

*Note: As I am writing this there is limited information out about the training program since it is still in pre-launch.

Aidan and Steve.. can you trust them?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

One thing I think is important to talk about is whether or not you can actually trust the people behind this program… Which are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. It is hard to know who you can trust when it comes to all the different make money online programs out there. There are just so many scams I don't blame you if you are very hesitant to trust people, including myself.

Past training programs they've released

100K Factory

One of their older successful training courses that they released was the 100K Factory series, which included 100K Factory, 100K Factory Ultra, and 100K Factory Revolution. 

I am very familiar with these training courses because I was involved in them, as I will go over shortly.

In a nutshell, the focus of these courses was drop-shipping from AliExpress. Basically you would be guided along with the whole process, setting up a website, loading it up with products that you find on AliExpress, advertising your products (a lot of focus on Facebook ads), fulfilling orders, and everything... it was basically the complete package... not some scam like EB Formula that I exposed recently.

7-Figure Cycle 

They released this after the 100K Factory stuff. The focus here was selling on Amazon...as in actually selling, not just affiliate marketing through Amazon Associates. The training was all about finding products that have good market potential, buying them from wholesalers and having them shipped directly to Amazon, he would turn would take care of all of the order fulfillment and all that stuff.

It is a nice business model because Amazon takes care of a lot of the heavy lifting and you can still sell products at a 50% markup or more. Also… You don't need a website or have to spend money on advertising

My experience with these guys

So I joined the 100K Factory Ultra edition back in 2016 for $2497. Then, the year later I also joined the next updated version, which was the 100K Factory Revolution. I was able to join this at a discounted rate, somewhere around $1200 or something, because I was already a member of the previous version.

My thoughts: Well... You can obviously tell that I was satisfied with the first course that I paid for, because ended up paying for the updated version the next year. Overall I think that Aidan and Steve do a very good job with their trainings. They provide a lot more than just training, but also go over the top providing tools that they have created as well as really good support

Ultimately I pretty much ended up as a failure going through their training, because I didn't end up making any significant money, but at one point things were going very well for me and I was making over $100 a day in profit... of course until I found I was selling a counterfeit product from China... So I had to abort mission. 

I'm not sure what the success rates are with their training programs but I do know that there were some people in the groups I was part of that did incredibly well, some even making well over $1000 a day in profit. That said, like just about any online business model, a lot of people probably failed miserably like I did.

So can you trust them?

In my opinion they are both pretty good guys and do seem like they really want to help people out. And they definitely do provide a heck of a lot of value, even considering the expensive price tags of their courses.

I think they could probably tone down the sales pitches and over-the-top marketing tactics a bit when it comes to selling their training courses, but all in all I think you can trust them.

What is Parallel Profits?

As I stated in the beginning, there is limited information on Parallel Profits right now because it is still in pre-launch.

It is advertised as being a way to hit a $100,000 run-rate with only seven sales… Which makes you wonder exactly what the heck you are selling to make such insanely massive profits per sale.

They do mention that you will be selling to local businesses, which leads me to believe that it is some sort of consulting business type of deal, kind of like Sam Oven's Consulting.

Something also they mention is that you will be able to franchise with them, which means that you don't have to develop your own brand and you don't have to worry about creating things like sales copies, etc.

Of course this is all about making money online so you won't even have to interact face-to-face with these local clients you will be making money off of. They have a lead generation system that is already set up and automated.

But it's NEVER as easy as it seems

Of course the sales pitch always makes things seem a little bit easier and overall better than they really are.

This sounds like some sort of deal where everything is already set up for you, so that you do not have to do much of anything and have very little chance of failing, but if you go in with the mindset that this is going to be super easy then you are probably going to fail.

Is it really worth $2,497?

$2497 is a heck of a lot of money, so if you are thinking about buying into this, you really have to be sure about it. And as I said, things are never as easy as they seem, so if you do buy in then you need to be focused and you really have to be willing to put in the effort to become a success, which was part of my reason for failing in their 100K Factory training programs.

I know that a price tag of over two grand seems like a crazy amount of money, but I also know that Aidan and Steve always deliver. They go over the top with the training and tools, and they also provide support for their members year after year… Even after they come out with new programs (which they will probably do in the future).

It's not all about the money for them

It's true that they do make a ridiculous amount of money selling their training programs. In fact, they mention that they have earned over $35 million in sales in just the past four years… Selling programs like this.

And it is also true that, as already stated, they could definitely "tone down" their sales pitches a bit.

However, it is also true that they only let in a limited number of people into these programs. What they will do is open up registration for a limited amount of time and then close the doors. They do this so that too many people don't get in so that they are able to provide adequate support instead of just being overloaded with the masses of people that would probably have joined have they left registration open.

Conclusion - Scam or not?

So obviously I do not consider this program to be a scam and I am sure that anyone who joins will soon see that this is true.

Stay updated - revisit this page for more honest information about Parallel Profits as it gets closer to the launch.

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  1. I’m trying to recover $1879 from 7 Figure Cycle. I haven’t been able to reach anyone about it. Members had funds in escrow to purchase products from distributors. After they shut down thousands of people apparently have lost their funds.

  2. I am still selling on Amazon after 7 figure training. The training was excellent but part of the fee was access to software that analyzes products and they just yanked that away and there is no support to speak of. So they ripped me off and I have had to pay $900 for another software that I shouldn’t have had to. My state is also investigating parallel profits, which we bought into. I personally feel these guys are a scam and sell a whole bunch of goods and promise to always be there, but that is not true. I’m still doing well at Amazon but it’s not because of their support.

  3. They started a new site http://www.kibocode.com. They now focus on not selling on Amazon and have you run ads on Google and Bing, the problem is the merchant accounts for Google and Bing keep getting shutdown because what they teach you violates the ToS of both companies. On their support portal there are dozens and dozens of people that have had this issue. I am trying to get a refund.


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