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Is Prime Time Profits a Scam? – Yep… Avoid At All Costs!


Prime Time Profits Scam

There is this new system floating around online called Prime Time Profits that is claimed to be able to make you $500 per day on autopilot. But can it really? It’s not like I haven’t heard similar claims to this before that were completely untrue. So is this the real deal or is Prime Time Profits a scam that you need to avoid at all costs?

There is a good chance you came across this place after seeing a promotion for on social media or maybe getting an email about it. It is being promoted a lot right now and people claim that it is some amazing new system, but you can’t always trust what you hear… Especially online when you can’t even see who is making such claims.

In this review I’ll be going over why I am 99% sure this is a scam and you need to avoid it. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the miracle system that is going to get you rich overnight like the lead you to believe it is.

Prime Time Profits Review

Above the video presentation that I saw it states that you can “copy my free weird trick to make $500 per day starting today!”.

Sounds pretty awesome right? I mean all you have to do is copy this guys “weird trick” and start making $500 per day. This does sound a little bit too good to be true though, doesn’t it? And as the saying goes… If something sounds too good to be true than it probably is. You would be surprised how many scams you can avoid just by listening to the saying more often.

That said, I guess you did listen to this saying because you took the time to do a little extra research and are now reading my review here.

But anyways… The whole system revolves around some “black box” that apparently does everything for you. Supposedly all you have to do is click a button and this virtual black box system, which you will get access to when you buy into the system, will do all the work. It is 100% autopilot and you can just sit back and watch the cash roll in.

Now this would be absolutely amazing… If it were true. But of course it’s not. Do I have cold hard proof of this? To be completely honest, no I don’t. I did not buy into the system because I am 99% sure it is a scam, and this is why…

Red Flags It’s a Scam

Massive Income Claims

Making $500 in one day, every day, is no easy task. Sure, it can be done and when it comes to the world of online marketing there are many people that accomplish this due to the ability to automate much of online business.

I can you make $500 by clicking a button? Absolutely not. If they would say that this automated system makes you one dollar day by putting a buy in I would believe it, but $500?… No way!

Believe me, if I thought the system had any chance of being legitimate I would be all over it. I would’ve bought in the second I came across it.

For some reason there are a lot of scams that are promoted as a super easy way to make exaclty $500 per day, for example: Money Sucking Websites, Fast Income Generator, and My Home Success Plan.

Super Easy

Going along with what I just said, the system is way too easy. Whenever you come across “make money online” program/systems like this that lead you to believe you can make all this money with little to no work, be cautious… Very cautious.

The truth is that there is no super easy way to make money online. The people making money with the systems or the unknown owners of them.

No Information On How You Will Be Making Money

Look… I get it… I get it… There is some magical black box that will be generating all this money automatically for us. But my question is how will this black box be doing so?

The fact that they give you no real information on how you will actually be making money is another very common characteristic of a scam.

Its Cheap

If the system really were able to crank out $500 per day on autopilot just by clicking a button and then don’t you think it would be selling for a lot more than $49 or $97, which it seems to be sold at? They would easily be able to sell the system for $10,000 plus.

The reason it is selling for so cheap is because it does not work… Plain and simple.

The Reality Here

For some reason many people think that making money online is some super easy task and because of this they are always looking for these ridiculous systems that claim to be able to crank out the money on autopilot. The reality is that these types of systems don’t exist… They are called scams.

I have been making money online since 2015 and this is one of the reality is that I have come to know. There are a lot of benefits to working online, such as being able to automate much of online business, but the bottom line is that no matter how you look at it you will have to put in work in dedicate time.

The people that you see talking about making millions while barely working at all are able to do so because of the time they initially put in. They might actually be making the money they claim to be making, but that is not how it started out. There are a lot of different ways to legitimately make money online and all of them require real work, time, and dedication.

A Definite Scam

Well I guess I shouldn’t say a “definite” scam because I haven’t actually bought and try out the system, but like I said, I am 99% sure this is a scam. I review opportunities like this all the time on my website here and this is pretty much your typical get-rich-quick scheme.

Is full of ridiculous income claims, lead you to believe that you will have to do a little to no work, provides no information on how will be making money for you, and so on.

Just think about it for a second… Everything about the system points to it being a scam. What is there that proves to us that it is legitimate? The answer is nothing. There is nothing about the system that seems legitimate to me.

My Recommendation for Beginners

As I mentioned earlier, there are a bunch of different ways to make money online but if you are a beginner then my recommendation would definitely be to get started as I did back in 2015, when I first started looking for ways to make money online.

The program I joined is called Wealthy Affiliate and this is what I would recommend to anyone looking for step-by-step training along with the tools needed for online business. It is a great training program and what I really like about it is that it teaches you how to make money on your own, rather than teaching you to make money but in a way that you are reliant on the program itself.

The method of making money this program teaches is called affiliate marketing, which I think is one of the best methods for beginners to get started with. Affiliate marketing is when you promote products for companies online and earn commissions when you help make sales. So for example you could promote a baseball bat and when someone clicks on your affiliate link and proceeds to purchase the back, you get paid a commission. The reason I find this method so good for beginners is because you can just pick products that are already proven sellers and promote them. You don’t have to worry about creating your own product or anything like that.

So anyways… If you want to learn more about this all I would suggest reading my Wealthy Affiliate review by clicking the button below…

Also, please leave any questions, comments, or concerns below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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