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Is Pruvit a Pyramid Scheme? My Take On It


PruvitIf you are looking into the business opportunity that Pruvit offers you may be a little suspicious of how it works. Recruitment is a big part of the business and you may be asking yourself is Pruvit a pyramid scheme or a legitimate opportunity to make money on your own time.

While I don’t consider this business to be a pyramid scheme I will say that there are a lot of similarities between the two. And I would also strongly recommend that you hear me out because many new distributors are mislead with the reality of this business.

Pruvit Overview

Pruvit is an mlm company with a direct sales business model. They rely solely on independent distributors to do the selling and marketing of products.

The “pyramid scheme” part of this business is the mlm side of it. MLM stands for multi-level marketing and this means that distributors can recruit new distributors into the business beneath them and profit from what they do.

The products that are sold here include bars and drinks that have Ketone OS in them. The health benefits of ketones has become more widespread recently and they are riding out this new wave of popularity by selling products with this “special” compound.

The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan that Pruvit has in place is pretty darn confusing, which is expected.

Of course you can make money selling Pruvit products directly but what I am looking at here is the recruitment side of the business, which of course is what makes you suspicious of this being a pyramid scheme.

When you join as a distributor you are really pushed to recruit more people into the business. They do so indirectly by giving you massive incentive to do so.

The only way to move up the ranks within the company and earn as much money as possible is by recruitment. Below I took a screenshot of the different ranks within the company and the numbers that you must achieve to make it to those ranks. As you can see, the PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume) increases slightly but not all that much as you move up, however, the TV (Team Volume) and GV (Group Volume) increase drastically. And the TV and GV both are reliant upon the sales that come from your downline.

I know this may all sound a bit confusing but basically I am just proving that in order to move up the ranks you must recruit, recruit, recruit. You are forced to do so.

And of course the more people you recruit into the business the more money you are going to make without effort since you will be making commissions from what they do, and what their recruits do, and what their recruits do….

How This Could Be a Pyramid Scheme

In order for Pruvit to be a product based pyramid scheme it would have to push distributors to recruit too much and be overly dependent on revenue from recruitment rather than from selling products to the general public. So the big question here is whether or not this place is too dependent on such.

The requirements to move up the ranks are obviously focused on recruitment and this makes me uneasy. There is no way to move up in the company unless you either recruit more and more people in and make money off of them, or unless you miraculously get some incredible distributor in your downline that can make record sales… which isn’t going to happen.

But is it a pyramid scheme?

I don’t think there is enough evidence to really call it that. It is obviously focused on recruitment but product sales are also a focus of the company for revenue… although I would feel a lot better about this place if they would place more emphasis on it.

Conclusion On The Pruvit Business Opportunity

The unfortunate reality of this business is that it is not easy to make money and very few people that get into it, or other similar mlm’s for that matter, make good money. The way their compensation plans are set up in a pyramid mlm structure make it so that those on the top make all the money while those at the bottom make little.

I was actually able to find an official income disclaimer from Pruvit that states that the annual gross income of Pruvit distributors is projected to be $500 – $2,000 as you can see here….

Is $500 – $2,000 per year a good income? I don’t think so and I’m sure many people are expecting much more.

This can be a good business opportunity if you think you would be good at recruitment. If not, then not so much. Many people are seriously mislead from other distributors recruiting them in with tricky and deceptive tactics that are misleading.

If you can recruit like a madman then go for it but if you don’t have the salesperson type personality for this may not be your best choice.

Questions, comments, concerns??? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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  1. Thanks for his, Kyle! I was thinking of working with them, but really only as a chance to practice selling with clickfunnels. I think it’s still worthwhile to do for that reason, but don’t think i’ll want to get into the whole recruitment piece.

    1. You are welcome. Ya, the recruitment part of it can be a big money maker if you are good but you have to work your way to the top to really capitalize on it.

  2. Yes I am a promoter but like what you said you need to be a good recruiter. For a month I didn’t see the money that the videos claimed to be. Not sure where to go from here.

  3. Thanks for the article. I am only a purchaser of the product. I pay full price unless there is an advertised deal. You may also arrange a “smart shipment” that allows for a small discount at a monthly recurring auto shipment and charge.

    I would like to know if in your researching this as a business, if you learned anything of the product itself and does it truly benefit a person investing as a customer?

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