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Is Social Profimatic a Scam – It Seems to Be One, Yes

Social Profimatic Scam


Social Profimatic Scam

Social Profimatic is advertised as being a $200 per day system with automatic payouts. It claims to be one of the simplest ways to make money online that I have ever heard of, but the question is whether or not this is true. It is what they tell you true or is this all a big fat scam that you should be avoiding?

The truth is that this place is not what it claims to be and Yes it is a scam. In this review I will be going over why it is and why you need to avoid this place like the plague.

Social Profimatic Review

Social Profimatic is what you call a HYIP, or high yield investment program, you invest money and get paid a fixed amount daily depending on how much you invest.

What they tell you is that you choose how much you want to deposit and you will get paid 8% of that deposit on a daily basis. Your payout requests can be made in Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Sounds pretty crazy doesn’t it? Getting paid 8% daily without even lifting a finger. All you do is deposit money and sit back and relax.

Well… One thing that I have learned having reviewed many scam programs online is that you should always proceed with caution when something sounds too good to be true. In this case things sound way too good to be true. How can this possibly work out? How can they possibly afford to pay people 8% of their deposit amount on a daily basis? In just 12.5 days they would’ve already paid you back your initial investment completely so where would all this extra money becoming from?

What They Do To Make Money

Well what they tell you is that they “fulfill social media marketing orders” after you deposit your money. This is really confusing and after reading this I didn’t really know what to make of it. What are they talking about here? Anyways… I did a little more digging around on the website and found that they claim to provide business owners with exposure on social media. People pay them for Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google + 1’s, etc.

Now this sounds like it could be legitimate because I know there are websites out there that do this. So it would be possible for them to make money doing such, but the problem is that there is absolutely no proof that they are actually doing this. Anyone can say anything they want to but without any proof to back up their claims how can you believe it? You can’t… Especially when the place making claims is also claiming that you weren’t a ridiculous 8% profit per day.

Referral Commissions

And of course you can earn her referral commissions. When you go out and recruit other people in you will earn 10% from those referrals’ deposits. You will also be able to earn 3% from their referrals deposits.

So it is a two-tiered structure where you get paid off commissions from the people you recruit in directly and for the people that they recruit in.

Ponzi Scheme?

This is the big concern with places like this that claim to payout crazy high daily profits. Is this all just a Ponzi scheme? I mean after all just about everything I see with this system points to them being one. Just think about it for second… Crazy high do the profits for simply depositing money with them, no proof of how they claim to be making money, and a referral program that pays you to recruit in others.… Sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me.

Any legitimate business would provide you with proof of their operations. The Social Profimatic site provides absolutely nothing about their social media business that they provide, or claim to provide. So how can you possibly trust this place? After all everything hinges on whether or not they really do provide this social media service or not. They claim that this is how are they are making most of their money and this is how they’re able to pay you out so much.

The Whole Thing Makes No Sense

The whole thing just doesn’t really make much sense at all to me. Why do they want people to deposit money with them so that they can pay them out 8% profits daily? If they’re making such good money from their social media service then why not just reinvest some of those profits instead of going out and getting other people to give them money? It really makes no sense because as I showed above, within 12.5 days they will end up paying investors more than the amount they initially deposited, which means they will be losing money over the whole thing.

How To Avoid Scams Like This

You would be surprised how many scams you can avoid just by thinking about whether or not something sounds too good to be true. If it sounds too good to be true than avoid it… Simple as that. There are a lot more scams out there in the online world than legitimate systems/programs so you have to be careful what you get involved with.

Getting paid 8% of any initial investment is ludicrous and does not sound legitimate at all. If this were legitimate than I would dump in all of my life savings and be making a ton of money right now but there is no way I’m going to do that.

Final Thoughts on Social Profimatic

Social Profimatic seems to be pretty much your classic modern-day Ponzi scheme. Of course they’re not going to tell you that it is a Ponzi scheme and they’re going to make up some BS lie about how they make money, but it’s all a lie. They have to lie to you because Ponzi schemes are illegal so if they want to pull this off then making up some lie is a must.

There is absolutely no way I would recommend anyone invest in this. Internet Ponzi schemes like this come and go like what the weather. This place will likely be erased from the Internet soon enough and you will never see it again. Then another one will pop up in this place. I review Internet Ponzi’s like this all the time, including LendConnect, Supreme Power Coin, BTCMiner, etc. They are nothing new to me but they are new to many people and unfortunately a lot of people get scammed with these.

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