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Is The “$50 Pot Stock Blueprint” a Scam Investment Opportunity? – What You Should Know


$50 Pot Stock Blueprint scam

There is this new investment opportunity that I came across called the “$50 Pot Stock Blueprint” that claims to be able to turn a small $50 investment into a quick fortune. But is this really the incredible investment opportunity that it is claimed to be? Or is this just another scam that is going to be a waste of your time and money?

I am guessing that you are suspicious of this place and wondering if it is a scam or not because you came across the ridiculous video presentation… The one that you can see a screenshot of above. They tell you that this secret blueprint can turn a $50 bill into a massive fortune but thing sounds a bit too good to be true don’t they?

Well the truth is that the video presentation is extremely misleading and in my review here I’ll be going over what is really going on. Things are not always as they seem.

$50 Pot Stock Blueprint Review

The video presentation starts off telling you that you will be able to potentially amass a quick fortune starting with only two things:

  • A $50 bill
  • The fact that Canada will be legalizing marijuana starting September 1st

The entire video presentation is based around this cat a list of Canada legalizing marijuana by September 1st. the idea is that when marijuana is fully legalized in Canada marijuana stock prices are going to explode in price. This makes sense… After all we saw it happen here in the US whenever states like Colorado legalized marijuana.

That said… September 1st doesn’t seem to be a date that is set in stone. They make you believe that you need to get in before this date, but I did some research into this and there is no set date. It is likely that it will be legal by the end of summer or early fall, but legislation can take longer than expected at times.

But anyways… All you have to do to capitalize on this incredible opportunity is grab a copy of this “secret weed stock blueprint” that he is going to give you.

And guess what…? The best thing about this is that “you could retire incredibly wealthy in less than a year”. AWESOME… Sounds great to me. He wouldn’t want to retire wealthy in less than a year? I sure would. But wait a minute… This sounds a little bit too good to be true again.

Throughout the video presentation there is a bunch of misleading information thrown at you. He tells you about some “little known stock market investing secret” that he is going to let you in on but never really gets to the point and I have no idea what exactly secret he was talking about.

Also, he showed you a bunch of penny stocks that have surged by over 1000% in the past 24 hours. Sure… These are massive gains, but what’s the point of showing them to us? There are always going to be incredible investment opportunities but anyone can look back and find them. The hard part is finding them before the actually surge in price.

The spokesperson then goes on to show you how marijuana stocks surged after Colorado legalized it. He shows you in absolutely ridiculous example of how a $50 investment could have turned into $2.7 million. Now did he actually make this investment? Heck no you didn’t… This is all just a made up scenario looking back on the past.

Basically what he shows you is how you could have turned $50 into $2.7 million, emphasis on “could have”.

Why my calling this ridiculous? Well, because the likelihood that anyone actually turned $50 into $2.7 million by investing in one opportunity, taking their money out, reinvesting in another, taking it out again, and reinvesting in another… Is extremely unlikely.

Just think about it… I could show you some charts right now from cryptocurrencies that have surged well over 1000% in a single day, but it is easy to find these examples once they have already happened. Finding them before they happen is the hard part.

In my opinion this is all part of the overall ridiculous sales pitch, which does have a point.

The Point of This Ridiculous Sales Pitch

This entire sales pitch about investing in these marijuana penny stocks is to suck you into buying this guy’s investment newsletter, which is called Technology Profits Confidential.

The whole “$50 Pot Stock Blueprint” is part of a sales funnel. This blueprint is a little bonus that they lure people in with. What they are doing is getting people to sign up for Technology Profits Confidential and throwing in this “$50 Pot Stock Blueprint” as an added bonus.

What Is Technology Profits Confidential?

I actually already wrote a review on Technology Profits Confidential earlier. It’s a bit strange to me that they are using this particular marijuana penny stocks a sales pitch to lure people in, because the newsletter is more focused on technology, hence the name.

But anyways, the newsletter’s chief editor is Ray Blanco, who is also the spokesperson that was talking in the video presentation for the pot Stock blueprint. This guy does have a lot of experience in the financial industry and has even managed a firm that was valued at over $30 billion at the time.

The newsletter’s focus is on penny stocks, mainly in the sector of emerging technology.

What Ray and his team do is find little known investment opportunities that are priced at just pennies and have the potential to increase drastically. They find companies that are new and have not went mainstream yet, but hopefully have the potential to do so.

What You Get

The newsletter is a subscription-based service that you pay for on a yearly basis. At the core of the newsletter are the monthly issues that provide insight on new investment opportunities that Ray and his team think are good choices.

You will also get weekly updates on the different recommendations that were made in the newsletter so you can see how they are doing and so you know where the market is heading as a whole.

If something takes a sudden downturn or an amazing opportunity all of a sudden pops up, you will receive alerts for this.

My Take On Everything – Scam?

So of course the big question is whether or not this is all a scam. It may look like a scam to a lot of you but in my opinion this is not. This is just a good case of a product, in this case a financial newsletter, being extremely overhyped and marketed in a very misleading and deceptive fashion. This is sneaky, tricky, deceptive marketing at its finest and I’m not surprised at what I see.

You see, this newsletter is the publication of the financial company Agora Financial, which I’m very familiar with. I have reviewed several other financial advisement products from Agora Financial, such as Big Book of Income, Lifetime Income Report, and others, in what I have found is that they all seem to be promoted in a very deceptive manner.

Agora Financial doesn’t exactly have the best reputation. If you look up complaints on this company you will find a long list of them, most of them stemming from their misleading marketing tactics.

That said, the actual financial investment newsletter itself does seem to provide good quality information that can definitely help you with investments, it is just not nearly the incredible miracle product that they lead you to believe it is.

Why can’t they just promote it in a more honest way? Beats me… If it is really any good they should be able to sell plenty copies of this newsletter without all the lies and misleading information.

Will you really be able to amass a quick fortune with just a $50 bill? Well… Yeah… But you also could play the Powerball and become a mega millionaire as well. It is possible but extremely unlikely.

Final Thoughts

The point of this review was to expose what is really going on here so that you can make a better decision of whether or not to buy into this newsletter. Many people that end up watching this “$50 Pot Stock Blueprint” sales pitch are not really going to know what they’re getting themselves into. It is not their fault… With misleading information being thrown at you like this, it is no wonder.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. If you want to learn more about Technology Profits confidential you can read my review here.

Please leave any questions, comments, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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  1. Hey Kyle
    This guy talks constantly about Michigan legalizing medical marijuana on March 19.
    According to what I have learned, Mich legalized medical in 2008 bc I have a friend that has a card and has been using it for most of that time. He is all jacked up and if not for pot, he’d not be able to sleep or stand the pain.
    Mich just recently legalized recreational as well and will likely soon be reaping the profits off the taxes from the sales.
    Clearly this dude is way behind the times to say the very least.
    What is your opinion on NICI? John Boehner is “All in”, and it sounds like there is actually something there.
    What are your thoughts?

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