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Is Two Dollar Click a Scam? – You Will Want to Read This

Two Dollar Click


Two Dollar ClickTwo Dollar Click is a PTC (paid to click) site that claims to pay you some pretty high amounts of money just for clicking on advertisements. There are legitimate PTC sites out there that really will pay you to do this but is this place legit? Or is Two Dollar Click a scam like it kinda seems to be?

In this review I’ll be going over what everyone should know about this site beforehand. It is not even close to as good as it claims to be and people that sign up thinking they are going to be making good money are online going to be extremely disappointed once they find out the reality of it.

Two Dollar Click Review

Two Dollar Click (twodollarclick.com) claims to be a PTC site. But what makes me suspicious of it is that they claim to pay insanely high amounts for you to click on their ads. Usually with most PTC sites like NeoBux & DonkeyMails, you get paid much less than 1 cent per click, nowhere even close to $1. And on this site they claim to pay as much as $6 for a single click.

As I said, there are legitimate PTC sites out there. The way they are able to pay you to click on ads is like this: Advertisers pay these sites to place their ads on their platform. So they make money from these advertisers. Then they pay people like you and I to click on the ads to generate traffic for those advertisers.

A Look Inside Two Dollar Click

I took a screenshot of some of the available ads that I can get paid to click right now…

As you can see most of them pay $2 but they pay as much as $6. What you can also see is that all of the ads are for other ways to make money online. This is common for PTC sites like this. They are cheap advertisement platforms and attract many cheap and very scammy ads.

That ad that you see above to join Paypermails that claims to pay $6 is a massive scam. I went to the site and it claims it will pay you $100 per email you read and $50 per PTC, which is even more insane than this site.

literally every advertisement in the screenshot I took above is an obvious scam that you won’t make any money from. And so is this Two Dollar Click site. There is no way in heck that they can afford to pay you $6 or even close to $2 per ad that is clicked. Its just impossible and you will understand why this cannot be true.

Why This Cannot Work

PTC sites like this provide very cheap traffic. People are advertising on these sites to get people to click their ad but the people that do click their ads are just doing so to make money. They usually are not interested in the ad and will leave the website as soon as they have stayed on the page for the required amount of time.

This is about as cheap of traffic as you can possibly get. It doesn’t really matter what you are advertising… the traffic you get from a PTC advertisement is not going to convert well at all. This is literally the cheapest form of traffic that I can think of.

Because it is so cheap there is absolutely NO WAY that advertisers are going to be paying over $6 for a click. They would be blowing through money so fast its ridiculous. $6 a click is way more than you would spend even on a legitimate platform like Bing Ads or Google Adwords…. way more.

It just makes no sense at all. I reviewed another scam PTC site recently called 1DollarAdz that claims to pay $1 per click, which is even still way to much to be realistic.

Conclusion on Two Dollar Click – Not Worth Your Time

Two Dollar Click isn’t going to make you any money. Their business model cannot work out with them paying such high amounts. It just makes no sense. The only thing that you will get from signing up to this site is a bunch of spam emails in your inbox because they will more than likely sell your personal information.

Something else worth mentioning is that 2 Dollar Click has a $1,000 minimum cash out threshold… which means you will need to get that much before you can try to cash out… which I can pretty much guarantee will never happen.

There are legitimate PTC sites out there, but like I said, they usually pay lower than $0.01 per click. These sites are, in my opinion, huge wastes of time that have no real potential.

If you are looking to make good money online in your free time then I would suggest taking a look at this program. I have been a member since 2015 and make a heck of a lot more money with it then any PTC site could ever make me.

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