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Is Wildtree a Pyramid Scheme? – My Take on this Business Opportunity



wildtreeThe Wildtree business opportunity is usually promoted as a way to gain financial freedom and the freedom to work from home on your own time. But whats the catch here? And what about all the recruitment that goes on in this business? Is Wildtree a pyramid scheme type scam possibly? Or is this a legitimate biz opp that is what you have been waiting for.

I know there are a lot of people looking for answers regarding this company and this is why I decided to take a seat and write this review. I will be going over how this business opportunity works, the compensation plan they have in place, whether or not its a pyramid scheme, the downside of this and more. And by the way.. I’m not affiliated with this business at all. This is a 3rd party review.

Wildtree Biz Opp Overview

You, I, and anyone can join Wildtree and make money selling their healthy food products. From everything I’ve read and from product research I’ve done it seems that their products are very good quality, healthy, and overall good. So you can feel good about selling them.

But anyway… back to the opportunity here. They are a direct sales company and rely on independent representatives to do all the selling. On top of this they are also a mlm (multi-level marketing) company and this is important because it means that you can also earn money by recruiting in new representatives…. this is the part of it that lead to people questioning whether or not its a pyramid scheme.

The MLM Compensation Plan

So as a representative you will be able to start earning anywhere from 25-32% commissions on your own personal sales depending on how much sales volume you have in a given month. But there are many ranks within the company and as you move up into the Leadership ranks you will be able to earn 40% commissions.

How do you move up the ranks??? Well this is where the mlm “pyramid scheme” part comes into play. In order to move up the ranks you will need to recruit other representatives beneath you. For example the first Leadership rank is that of Team Leader, and to reach this rank one of the requirements is that you have recruited in 2 qualified reps beneath you.

If you move all the way up the ranks you will max out the compensation plan and will be able to earn…

  • 40% commissions on personal sales
  • 12% commissions on sales by personal recruits
  • 7% on personal team sales
  • 7% on 1st generation team sales
  • 3% on 2nd generation team sales
  • 2% on 3rd generation team sales
  • 1% on org. sales

The commissions made from your “team” (aka your downline) are going to be a huge money maker here. Also the generation team sales, which are sales from other people’s teams in your downline are big money.

If you want any chance of making good money in a mlm like this then building a team is a must. You need to take advantage of the compensation plan and make money via recruitment.

Pyramid Scheme?

Believe it or not, this is not a pyramid scheme. Their compensation plan does put a lot of focus on recruitment but product sales are still a big part of the business.

It is also notable that Wildtree is part of the Direct Sellers Association and adheres to their code of ethics. This association protects independent distributors, representatives, whatever you want to call it.. from mlm scams and pyramid schemes.

A Problem You Will Face

Although this business is not a pyramid scheme and they are legit, there is a problem that will be faced. The problem is that the compensation structure of mlm’s make it very difficult to make money. They reward those on top and take away from those at the bottom. For example when you are at the bottom and you make personal sales, much of the money that you could be making goes to those above you in the form of Team Commissions, Generation Commissions, etc.

Those at the top reap all the rewards and unfortunately this is very few. Most people will be at the bottom of this mlm pyramid-like structure finding it more difficult than it should have to be.

I couldn’t find any income disclosure from this company but I have reviewed plenty of mlm opportunities (most recent being Life Force & O2 Worldwide) and can tell you that with a compensation plan like this few people will make good money.

What to Take Away from This

Wildtree is not a scam nor is it a pyramid scheme. If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity then go for it. I just think it is important for you to know the reality of mlm businesses and how most people will fail due to their difficulty.

Personally I stay away from mlm’s for this very reason. But I know people that make a lot of money building up teams with mlm’s like this. So it really depends on you. Just know it won’t be easy.

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Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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