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Is Zeal a Pyramid Scheme? – What You Need to Know

is Zeal a pyramid scheme


is Zeal a pyramid schemeSince you are wondering is Zeal a pyramid scheme I’m guessing that someone approached you or maybe someone you know about joining the business and selling Zeal products. Its true that there is a large amount of recruitment surrounding the Zeal products…. but does this really make it a pyramid scheme?

In this review I’ll be going over what you need to know about this business. I know there are a lot of people that are questioning the legitimacy of it and that is why I decided to write this review… to provide some insight into what is really going on here. You are going to want to read this before you make any decisions on it.

Zeal Business Opportunity Review

Ok so I’m not going to be reviewing the actual products here, but rather the business opportunity. The Zeal products seem to be good and all. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, amino acids, etc… all of which is food based. There is nothing to complain about here. But as I said this isn’t the focus of my review.

The real business opportunity comes from a company called Zurvita. Zeal, or Zeal for Life, is just the name of their product line. This business is what you call a mlm opportunity. This means that they have a pyramid-like recruitment structure where consultants can make money by recruiting in other consultants.

The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is important to go over because you will see how consultants actually make money and this will give you a good idea of whether or not it is a pyramid scheme.

In the comp plan here, basically everything can be put into 2 main categories: Earning money by selling products yourself, and earning money by recruiting in other consultants.

When it comes to selling the Zeal products yourself there really isn’t much to say. You will be able to earn 20% per sale which really isn’t much at all. The good part about this however is that if the customer sticks with it you will earn this every month, since they will be on a monthly autoship plan.

But it seems that most of the focus of the compensation plan comes down to recruitment. There are a lot of ways that you can earn from recruiting in other consultants.

When you recruit in new consultants many of them will buy “Starter Paks” which are designed to help them get their Zurvita business off the ground. These can cost as much as $549.95 and since you recruited the person in you will get paid a bonus from it. This is a nice quick bonus from recruiting someone in but the real money comes from the Override Commissions.

You can earn Override Commissions down to 8 levels deep. Override Commissions are commissions that you can make from the consultants that you recruited in and that were recruited in beneath them. So you will be earning commissions from people you recruit in (level 1), from people that they recruit in (level 2), from people that level 2 recruits in (level 3), and so on all the way to level 8.

But as you can see from the chart above you will need to move up the ranks to be able to earn from all 8 levels. To move up the ranks you will need to sell more products yourself as well as recruit more people into the business. Both your PBV (personal business volume) and GBV (group business volume) will have to increase a certain amount to qualify for the next rank.

Pyramid Scheme?

So obviously there is a lot of focus on recruitment and this makes it seem like a product based pyramid scheme. But is it really? I mean they do require consultants to get a certain Personal Business Volume to stay active and move up the ranks.

Honestly I wouldn’t call this a pyramid scheme just because I have seen other mlm’s that seem even more like one yet they operate within legal boundaries.

Just because recruitment is a big part of this doesn’t mean it is one…. however…. it does create a problem that you should be aware of.

Sounds Good, But….

The problem with mlm’s like this is that they are set up so that very few people make good money. Because commissions are funneled up to the top of the pyramid-like mlm structure, this makes it harder for those at the bottom to make good money. And this is why so many people involved in mlm’s like this fail.

I was actually able to find an income disclosure from Zurvita from 2016 and as you can see there are VERY few people that are able to make a living as a consultant here…

I don’t know if you can read the numbers but about 99% of all consultants make way less than what would be considered “livable”. About 90% of them averaged only around $500 for the entire year of 2016.

Now I know its not 2016 anymore but the business hasn’t really changed since then.

This is the case with pretty much all mlm’s to some extent. I just reviewed Total Life Changes & Life Force recently, which are 2 similar health & wellness mlm’s, and its the same story for them.

Conclusion on the Zeal Opportunity – Good Idea?

Well Zurvita’s Zeal opportunity is definitely not a scam. They are a legitimate business and you can make money here. However, the reality is that it is much more difficult than people make it seem. They make it sound awesome but don’t tell you how most people are going to fail.

Only a small few people are successful in businesses like these. In order to be successful you have to be able to recruit in new consultants continuously and take advantage of the compensation plan here. If you can’t do that then you more than likely won’t make it. MLM’s are very difficult and this is why I stay clear of them.

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Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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