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Lucky Day App, Scam or Easy Way to Earn Money? – Real Review

Lucky Day App


Lucky Day AppThe lucky day app is a free app where you can play lottery type games with the chance to win real money. But is this app legitimate or should you avoid it? Is the Lucky Day App a scam?

I know there are a fair number of complaints about this app being a scam so this is why I decided to write this review. It can be difficult to know what to believe and what now to believe so I’ll try to take a level-headed approach with this review and tell you what you should know.

Update: I have since uninstalled Lucky Day because they reward you very little and it gets annoying. There are also a fair number of problems with the app and many people complaining about not getting paid. I would recommend InboxDollars (currently has a $5 signup bonus) much more over Lucky Day.

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  • Name: Lucky Day
  • Type: Free lottery app
  • Recommended?: NO… NOT ANYMORE! This app has went downhill badly.

The Lucky Day App was something I originally recommended, but I have since had to change my position on it. So you will have to disregard some of this review. There are tons of complaints adding up and lots of people not getting paid when they should be.

Overall I do not recommend this app anymore. InboxDollars is a much better alternative that I do recommend.


As I said, this app is free and anyone can get it on their mobile device to play lotto games for a chance to win real money. This may sound a bit suspicious to you right off the bat. How can a free app pay people money?

The answer is simple really: Advertising. This Lucky Day App makes money from advertisers. When you are inside the app its not like you can just go from game to game trying to win everything. You will be forced to see ads which companies pay the Lucky Day to display. This can be very annoying and I know there are some complaints about it but it has to be done. The Lucky Day App has to make money some how in order to be able to pay people for winning right?

Overall this app seems to be ok. However, there are a good number of complaints adding up as of recently and this is somewhat concerning. I’ll go over more of this soon. First I want to go over how it works.

Similar free lottery programs: Snuckls, Skylom, and Baymack.

Inside The App

I’m not going to go into too much detail here because the app is very easy to use and straightforward. When you are inside the app you will see that there are 4 different game types that you can play. These include raffle, lotto, blackjack, and slots. All of these games are based on randomness with very low chances of winning substantial money.

The jackpot, the highest amount that you can earn, is $100,000, but as I’ll go over, don’t count on it.

Just like the real lottery games you don’t have to win the jackpot to win money. You don’t have to get every number right. If you guess any amount of numbers correct you can still earn money.

You won’t earn money right away however. You will earn coins and these coins can then be cashed out for real value.

Cashing Out

When you earn coins you can choose to redeem these for gift cards, which have real value, or you can use them to play more games inside the app.

From what I see the minimum amount of coins that you need to be able to cash out is 10 million. The lowest valued gift card is $10, which means that 1,000,000 coins is = to $1.

It can take fair amount of time to actually reach this cash out minimum so you are going to have to be patient.

*Paypal is also available for cashing out.


Right now my main concern is that the app isn’t paying some people. There have been multiple complaints as of recently about coins suddenly vanishing from accounts and this is a serious problem. It would be different if it were just 1 or 2 people complaining about this but there are many.

I’m hoping that its just a glitch that is affecting only some people. I know they have had glitches in the past that they have worked out. And one promising sign is that there are still members that are claiming they are receiving their rewards.

Overall this app actually has a great rating on Google Play, so that is another plus. As you can see they are scored a 4.3/5 with over 30,000 ratings…


I’ve been coming across quite a few complaints from people claiming that they will reach $9 in their accounts and then suddenly they will not be able to make any more, which would make sense because at $10 you are are able to cash out. So it seems that Lucky Day is screwing people over by keeping them from getting to the withdrawal threshold.

There are some complaints in the comment section below from people who have experienced this.

This app may have an overall good rating, but there are lots of new complaints flooding in. It is going downhill and downhill fast.

Only Good For Fun, Not For Making Money

This app is definitely not for you if you are looking for a reliable way to earn some money. Everything is a gamble on this app. Its not like you can use it for a certain amount of time and earn a certain amount of money. There is no guarantee that you will even earn money.

Just like the real lottery, the winning numbers for the games on this are random. So while it may not be all that improbable to win a couple bucks, it is highly unlikely that you will win anything substantial, such as the jackpot. So don’t count on winning that $100,000 in this lifetime.

In fact I don’t think there has ever been anyone that has won the whole $100,000 jackpot prize. I have seen people win a couple thousand but nothing even close to the entire jackpot.

For this reason I would only recommend this app to those looking to have a little fun with a chance of making money. If you like lottery type games then this might be for you.

Conclusion on the Lucky Day App – Good Opportunity or Not?

Overall this app is decent and although some people are calling it a scam I don’t see it as one. I’m sure there have been people that have lost their earnings due to glitches with the app but technical problems will happen with just about anything like this.

You can go to LuckyDayApp.com and enter my referral code SR985KL to earn free credits and bonuses when joining.

Update: I don’t recommend joining anymore as I’ve previously stated. This place just has way too many complaints and is becoming more and more of a waste of time. InboxDollars is a good alternative that pays better for your time and several different ways to earn easy money. They also are giving out a $5 bonus right now as incentive to join, which is nice.

Personally I’m not going to be spending my time with this app because its mostly a waste as far as I see it. My time can better be spent elsewhere and I’m sure yours can too.

Please leave any questions or comments down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂


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  1. Hi Kyle. Is this really legit? Luckyday app’s ig sent me a dm. Telling me that i won $1M. And there are steps given to me on how i can claim it. I am afraid that this is a scam.

    1. Did you ever reply I got the same thing also I don’t want to do it because I believe it’s a scam! Did you ever reply back with information that they wanted ?

  2. Hi Sir Kyle, someone also prompted me thru FB that I won $1M, I have a feeling that this is a scam. The facebook account is Mariel Brown Lucky Day.

  3. I just received a dm on Instagram from luckyday telling me I won $100,000 bonanza gift card. And $1,000 for life. It told me to follow some instructions to claim & that I would have to do something promotional for them the following weekend it is claimed. Seems strange. I’m guessing it’s a scam?

  4. Hi, so I apparently won $100 on the TV scratcher but it didn’t credit my account and the scratcher keeps appearing and reappearing now but when I scratch it over n over now it says I already scratched that card repeatedly. I don’t understand is lucky day a scam or just a glitch and if just glitch will I still b funded if I emailed the support team?

  5. hi today i got a message on Instagram saying i have won second place prize of 1 mil with a bonus of 7,000 a week for life from luckyday.app the message also gave me instructions to go to a money gram or western union saying i need to get a claimers receipt for my prize money and the receipt has to accumulate 200 hundred dollars.It also says that the receipt is to get my prize license and the receipt once accumulated the government upstate will approve my delivery presentation and that also my winner documents will be sent over to the BBB diplomatic crew to have my name authorized on the package. Is this a scam or legit?I can’t tell since i have never won any contest in my life.

  6. I did win earmuffs from Lucky Day and they did arrive promptly. However, winning money seems impossible. I have been stuck on $7.50 forever, and you can’t cash out until $10.00. The blackjack option is fun, if you like playing.

  7. I got up to $8 fast within a week with a bonus $.25 here and there. I haven’t got one dime in 3 months since then. Coincidence I don’t think so.

    1. I also made $8.00 the first week, but only tokens after that. I guess I’ll keep playing until I can redeem 45M tokens for a $50 Wal-Mart gift card. I hope the card redemption actually works whenever I can reach that point.

    2. Same here.. Won regularly till I reached threshold of $8.50. And now nothing. What a waste of everyone’s time! Lucky Day app is a spam!

  8. I came here to see if Lucky Day is a scam (which I’m sure it is), and may have found a way to earn some serious money. Perhaps this is my lucky day! thanks, Kyle!

  9. I have been playing this for awhile and so I had over 6 million coins and $7 on the account that I won… got back on to play and it had wiped out everything I had gotten and started me all over…how do I get that back? If not, I’ll delete this app…. and it’s takes a long time to get that much…. thanks, Michelle

  10. Wouldn’t call a scam but it’s delusional to think that youre going have odds of run winning on any of $50 up ones. But they go not enough on that I assume it add revenue that they actual have small cash on the scratchers. It’s definitely random and no one is getting rich, but I downloaded this like 4 nights ago while medicated and amused and kept the app & thought it was cool they constantly refresh the tickets. Anyway considering spend about 15 minutes on this app 3-5x a day, and have been been able to cash out with $12.75 PayPal and have enough tokens from lottery for a couple gift cards I would definitely not call this A SCAM but get rich it is not. Download and try just if you like lucktastic or enjoy games in general or even have a lotto habit, this is perfect for you. You can take the $10 minimal cashout from the free app scratching hundreds of tickets a day… If you’re a bored mom you’ll enjoy, and let me tell you if you got a drug habit, you can download this and instead of scratching your cold stay self, you could be scratching these and winning you that days bag ??

  11. I’m starting to believe this is a scam. I haven’t made any real money in almost a week of playing every day. I’m not going to sit here and continue to put it down. I’ll let everyone draw their own conclusions. All I know is that as soon as I made it to $9, I didn’t get any more real money dollars. I guess they know that as soon as you make it to $10, they have to actually pay you through PayPal. One more day of not winning and I’m done with this.

  12. Hey Kyle,

    I’m having the exact same problem as most others. I have earned $7 exactly in real money and have been stuck at that amount for months now. I was trying to give he app the benefit of the doubt but now it seems pointless. Any pointers on other ways of cashing out online?

  13. Yes got a dm saying I won a million dollars and follow steps to claim. Riddled with misspellings. So thought I would play along. After going thru their verifications they said check will be delivered Fedex courier. They then notify you that you need to pay $290 upfront for insurance, fees, and courier charge. This will be refunded to you when courier arrives with prizes. Yeah Right

    Warning!!! Very convincing but screams scam!!!

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