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My Traffic Business – Scam or Easy Way To Make Money Online? [Exposed]


my traffic business scam

People claim to be making over $10,000 per month with My Traffic Business and it is advertised as being a $397 per day system, but is it really as good as it is claimed to be? Or is My Traffic Business a scam that you need to avoid at all costs?

With the multitude of online scams these days it is no wonder why you are doing the extra research and looking into this system more. You can never be too careful and when something seems a little bit too good to be true, which My Traffic Business does, it is always best to take some time and really think about it further before buying in or not. You will be glad you did take the extra time. In this review you will see that this is absolutely NOT something that you want to buy into.

My Traffic Business Review

The video presentation for this system starts off with a bunch of video clips of people talking about all the money they have been making with the system. One woman claims to have made over $12,000 in her first month and says that it was super simple.

Whenever you hear of a “turn-key system” like this you always want to proceed with caution. I review “make money online” program/systems all the time and more often than not, the ones that claim to be turn-key and super easy turn out to be nasty bloodsucking scams.

But anyways… It seems to be a unanimous opinion amongst the people who have supposedly use the system that is very simple in that anyone can do it.

Uuuh ohhh…. wait a second… yep… Nevermind… All the testimials are all fake! I had a feeling this is going to be the case but now I am sure. How do I know that all these testimonials are fake? Well because I recognize the one guy in the testimonial video.

This guy claims that James is the real deal, unlike many other gurus out there and says that this system works for anybody. But guess what? He is actually a paid actor that anyone can hire on the freelance marketplace Fiverr. He is simply saying what he is getting paid to say. Below you can see a screenshot of him from the video presentation along with his profile on Fiverr…

There are also multiple other people claiming that this is the most amazing system ever, but literally every single one is a paid actor/actress. None of them have actually tried the system and all of them are just saying what they are getting paid to say.

So this is a major red flag right off the bat. Who would want to buy into a system that pays people to make fake testimonials? It reminds me of other known scams I’ve exposed such as Kindle Sniper & 5 Minute Profit Sites. Why can’t they just get real users to review the system for them? If the system really were as good as they say then this should be very easy to do, when you think?

Besides this red flag there are many others. Below I will go over some of the obvious red flags that popped out to me and really lead me to believe that this is nothing more than a scam lips this

Red Flags That This Is a Scam

#1 – Fake Testimonials 

Obviously the fake testimonials that I just went over.

#2 – No Information Given On How You Will Make Money

Throughout the entire video presentation they don’t actually tell you anything about how the system works. James, who is supposedly the creator of the system, just goes on and on about how amazing it is and how it is going to change your life forever. You are told about how it is super easy, requires little work, and can make you tons of money, but are never actually told about how it is going to do this.

This is a massive red flag and although it does not prove it to be a scam, it certainly is a warning sign. Whenever you have to buy into something before knowing what it even is, is more than likely a scam or just not worth the money.

#3 – Ridiculous Income Claims

Always proceed with caution when some system or program online is claimed to be able to make you tons of easy money. My Traffic Business really goes all out on the income claims. James says that he literally guarantees you will make at least $10,000 in 30 days.

And how will you do this? Well who knows… As I just went over he literally tells you nothing about how the system works.

#4 – “So Simple”

This system is claimed to be super simple you and they say that it can work easily for anybody, but guess what? Systems like this don’t exist.

I have been making money online since 2015 and one of the reality is that I have come to is that there is no “super easy” way to make money online. There are many different legitimate ways that you can make money online, and good money, but nothing is super easy. Everything takes real working real dedication to be successful with.

I’m not saying that you can’t make money online easily, but if it is easy money that you are making then you either aren’t making much of it, or it isn’t sustainable.

#5 – No Verifiable Information About James

And of course there is absolutely no verifiable information about this James guy. He says his name is James and if you look at the income screenshots that he shows in the video presentation you can see his last name is Wendell, but there is no way for me to verify that he is who he says he is.

The real people behind the system could have just made up a name for the creator just as a way to promote the system without using their real names, and actually this is what I am guessing is going on here. I see this all the time when scams are promoted under fake names because of course the owners do not want to be known because they know the system they are selling is a scam and they know people are going to be upset.

“James” goes on and on about his past life in the video presentation, the life before he struck it rich online, but everything that is said is very vague and there is nothing I can look up online to prove or disprove the information given.

But James Shows Income Proof!!???

Now you might be wondering how this can be a scam if James shows all the income proof in the video presentation. He shows screenshots of his bank accounts, such as this one where he has supposedly made over $2 million in just two years…

Well the truth is that screenshots like this can be easily faked. In the online world is very difficult to tell what is real and what’s fake these days. I could easily Photoshop an image like this to show any earnings that I want it to show.

Now I am definitely not saying that every screenshot out there is fake. There are people that show real income proofs, and in fact I actually show how much I make online in my post on how I make a living online, but this is just something to be aware of… They can be faked very easily.

What Is More Than Likely Going To Happen

I have not actually purchased the system because I do not want to waste $47 on something I am 99% sure is going to be a scam, but here is my prediction as to what is going to happen if you do purchase this.

So the initial price is $47, but if you think this is all then you are in for a rude awakening. This is likely just the beginning of many up sells. What I’m guessing is going to happen is you will be pushed into buying a series of up sells they get more and more expensive as you go and you will pretty much have to buy into them if you want any chance of making money with the system. I see this all the time when reviewing online scams so this is not a far-fetched prediction by any means.

Final Thoughts – Scam

There it is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the system is a scam. When I start to review systems or programs that I am suspicious of, like this one, I go in with the mindset that they have to prove me wrong. I go in thinking that it is more than likely a scam and I am looking for reasons to be proven otherwise.

Unfortunately there was absolutely nothing that I saw which would prove this is legitimate. Everything I looked into just proves that it is further a scam. Fake testimonials, no information given about how it actually works, ridiculous income claims, etc.… Everything I see points to it being a scam.

You can absolutely buy into this and test it out if you would like to, but I certainly am not going to recommend that by any means.

My Suggestion

If you are a beginner looking for a legitimate way to make money online then I would suggest taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. This is the training program I got started with back in 2015 and I’m actually still a member there to this day. I also make a living working online now, which goes to show that it does actually work.

Wealthy Affiliate provides both the training and the tools necessary for making money online, which is nice and very convenient for beginners. But anyway… I’m not going to go into detail here. If you want to learn more you can read my review by clicking the button below…

Also, please leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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