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MyChargeBack.com, Scam or Legit Service That Will Get Your Money Back? – [Review]

MyChargeBack.com scam


MyChargeBack.com scamMyChargeBack.com is a service I’ve seen advertised a lot recently online so I decided to check them out. What they do is help scam victims get their money back in the form of chargebacks. In particular they work with cases of binary options trading scams, forex trading scams and things of this nature. But is MyChargeBack.com a scam itself? This is something that I have seen some people asking about that I will address.

There are a lot of people promoting MyChargeBack.com and making money doing so. I am not promoting it and will be giving an unbiased review of what I think about it all. In this review I’ll be going over what exactly they provide, what the process is like, the cost, customer reviews, whether or not they are a scam and more.

MyChargeBack.com Review

MyChargeBack.com is a fund recovery service that is based in New York, US. They specialize in recovering funds from people who have been involved in scams and do so by getting chargebacks.

This service is relatively new, having been started in 2016, but might be worth using if you have been scammed. There are plenty of automated trading scams out there that promise large amounts of money on autopilot that never deliver. Usually they will lure people in by telling them that they can easily make thousands of dollars per day on autopilot and that the trading software is based on some “secret” new algorithm or something along these lines. I review scams like this all the time. Scams like the Semantic Investment App, Free Ad Cash System, Bitcoin Focus Group, Profit Wizard Pro, and many more.

What Is a Chargeback?

A chargeback is a cancellation and refund of a past payment. It is where you get your money back for either an unauthorized payment of a payment for goods/services that were not as they were supposed to be.

Visa/Mastercard allow users to dispute charges on their card. This chargeback process is for consumer protection and helps people get their money back from scams/frauds.

It is possible to file a request for a chargeback with your bank but this can be very difficult to win. It depends on the nature of charge that you want back. While some chargebacks should be relatively easy to win others can be much more difficult and more complicated, which is why some people would want to hire places like MyChargeBack.com to get their chargeback to go through for them.

Who MyChargeBack.com Is For

MyChargeBack.com is mainly for people who have been scammed online. In particular they handle binary options trading scams as well as forex trading scams and Diamond investment scams. So if you have been victimized by a scam that falls into one of these categories then this service might be worth looking into.

These cases are on the more difficult side because you paid for a system (usually an automated trading system) and you did receive it. However, it didn’t work as advertised. Since you did receive something rather than nothing at all its harder to win. You then have to be able to prove that what you did receive was a scam.

Also, its important to know that they can only get you chargebacks if you paid for the product/service with a credit/debit card. If you paid with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, which is becoming a more popular method of payment with scams out there, there is no way for you to get your money back. There is no chargeback process that you can go through.

What They Do

Well of course they attempt to get you your money back but how do they do this?

Basically what happens is you will have to provide them with all the information you can. You will not just get to sit back and do nothing. They will put together a case to argue that you really were a scam victim and you will be the one that has to give them screenshots, documents, emails, and anything that related to the scam.

They will do the work of putting it all together in the best way possible to get that chargeback that you want.

The Cost

The amount they will end up charging is a fee based on the amount of money that they can potentially recover, which is the amount of money that you lost.

Their lowest priced service is $72 and is a self directed service. Basically what this means is that you pretty much do all the work but use their platform which helps put all the information together to build a case. This is for people who have lost less than $5,000. from a scam.

If you lost more than $5,000 from a scam then you can get VIP treatment. They don’t give you any upfront cost with this because this service is tailored to each individual case.

Real Reviews from Customers

Upon scouring the internet looking for real reviews my efforts have come up short big time. It seems that the majority of the reviews out there are fake.

One thing that I find comical is that there are many sites out there that promote MyChargeBack as well as binary options/forex automated trading scams. They sucker people into buying scam systems and make money doing so. Then they turn around and make money helping scam victims get their lost funds back. Its crazy.

I’ve found other reviews on sites like bbb.org, where they have an A- rating, but these seem fake to me. The reviews just don’t seem genuine. They seem more like something you would see in a promotion for MyChargeBack. And since I know that this is something that does happen on sites like this where anyone can write reviews, I’m hesitant to believe they are legitimate.MyChargeBack reviews

Do these sound real or fake to you? There are others on there but these are 2 good examples that really sound like they are fake reviews put there to help promote the company, probably by people who work for MyChargeBack or have been paid to do so.

Conclusion on MyChargeBack.com – Should You Use Their Services?

All in all I think MyChargeBack.com is something worth trying if you have lost a lot of money. They do not seem to be a scam, although I have never actually tried their services. I know there are known scam site that are promoting MyChargeBack.com but this is because they have an affiliate program where you can get paid to do so. There is nothing wrong with promoting MyChargeBack, the problem is how these scam sites promote scam trading softwares in the first place.

But anyway… use the MyChargeBack services if you wish to and I wish you the best. Hopefully you can get your money back.

Leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂 

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I hope you found this article helpful! I'm Kyle, the creator of this site, which is probably pretty obvious after seeing the name. Like most, I've had my fair share of difficulties and a pretty bumpy road while trying to find success online, which is why I put togetherthis guide so that others can get started right the first time around.

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  1. Kyle: I actually HAVE used their services and it was the best decision I ever made. MyChargeBack is super professional. They know chargeback rules and regulations better than the banks. All the people there I dealt with there are polite and spend as much time as they had to in order to win me back my money. I highly recommend them.

  2. Hi Kyle and Reilly,
    I am thinking of using My charge backs service. Do you know how long the process took? And did u get all or part of the funds back? Please help me out as i want yo make sure that they themselves are not a scam.

  3. Hi Devayani,
    Yes, I received all my money back. When I signed up the people at MCB told me that the process usually takes between 2 and 4 months. They needed I think 10 days to review my case and prepare my requests for the banks. I used two different credit cards from two different banks. That made my case a little difficult I think. When you submit your request to a bank the other party (the scammer) has 45 days to respond. So that’s a month and 1/2, which plus the 10 days makes almost 2 months. My scammer never responded so one of my banks approved my chargeback right then and there. But MCB warned me that some banks are more stubborn than others, and sure enough, the other bank dragged its feet for a month or so and didn’t want to process my request. MCB called them repeatedly with me and we had to go up the food chain to speak with a supervisor who finally agreed to open up a dispute. So we waited 45 days after that for the scammer, who didn’t respond that time either, and then the second bank paid me. So the first payment was made in just under two months and the second a month or so later. Good luck.

  4. Be very careful with these fake binary options brokers, they are the best at taking your money but also making sure you never see it again, luckily for me I was able to have mine recovered by Geminihacks.com can’t thank you guys enough good luck.

  5. Hi, I have been scammed by xtraderfx for 10.000 GBP. I have been speaking to MyChargeBack with a view to recovering my money, but I an suspicious that they are also a scam. I have been asked for something like 850 dollars up front, but their way of speaking and trying to get this money from me is very similar to the evil people from xtraderfx, any thoughts?

    1. It is hard to say Jenifer, but I do think you should do more research into it all. Sometimes I wonder if it is just another scam as well.

  6. Hi,

    I have read your review of MyCharback.com. I consider to use them to refund money from a scam binary option company. It is much more money then $5000 so I think I am entitled for a VIP treatment.

    They say I have to pay an upfront payment of $5000 before I can sign a contract with them. According to your review it is none upfront amount to pay.

    Do you have an advise for me. How can I control that I am dealing with the original Mycashback.com. Do you have a URL adress to recommend for me?



    1. Same for me Steinar.. I contacted MBC and they agreed to take my case for an upfront fee of £5500 plus 20% of he recovered funds. Having been scammed out of 48,000 EURO Im scared of throwing good money after bad

  7. I have been scammed big time & are looking into Mychargeback there are so many fake profiles of recovery experts including hackers i do not know what to believe anymore
    any help here from anyone.

  8. reading these reviews has made my decision once bitten never again
    Jenifer your right they sound like the scammers.
    goodbye to my life saving

  9. Seems to me MCB charge different fee’s to different parties They want 1500USD to start and 29% of the top.. They also said I could get a spotters fee if I found more victims ..of scammers.. for them to try and help..Some reviews show them at 77% success..How do you know?? Caoital Invest Solution,Cobalt Capital, Geoteck capital, silver horn mining are all scams

  10. Hello
    I have contacted MyChargeBack as I have been scammed by Tradeu2.
    I spoke to someone called Joshua.
    Is this company legit or another scam. He wants me to pay upfront
    for their service.
    Any advice

  11. Any more experiences with this company?
    I had to pay 1250 USD upfront as well. And 1250 later. So 2500 in total and 25% from the refund.
    I have been scammed already for 60.000 USD.
    I do not know what to do now anymore. Perhaps better to hire a legitimate lawyer? OK, also expensive but at least I know they are honest (not fake).

    1. I remember when this happened to me. I lost a good amount of money the first time I blew my account (not willing to say the amount). I was absolutely devasted and depressed about it that I couldn’t feel anything emotionally at the time that it happened. I came to the conclusion that I had to give up signal services and analysis from other traders in order to be consistently profitable when trading. Here were the steps that I took to eventually recover from my loss
      It’s a good idea to try to recover lost money. If you’re chasing your losses
      There can be many reasons for the loss.
      * Do not learn well
      * Make a mistake
      * Your greed
      * NOT a good strategy
      * Trading psychology
      * Money management
      * etc
      well i contacted cyberspace101 for help and the did a perfect job by getting my money back.

    2. i dont trust ayone that asks for an upfrint payment, why dont you try e-assetsretrieval.org, they do not ask for a fee till after recovering every of your funds, at least you wont be paying till you get your money back.

  12. I see all different upfront fees. today a guy named Abe Ruben, offered 1000$ upfront and 20% on the recovered money. I found out, although his phone nr is UK, he actually called from Israel.. which scares me, as the scam was from Binaire option company named Metainvesting and I tracked them down also to be in israel and Ukraine.

  13. I am open to share my experience and to enlighten everyone on how i was able to recover my money from a scam broker .

  14. I am trading MT4 Pepperstone. My statements is not same to the one the broker send me and some of the trades I don’t have them on my statements.pls help

  15. If you have been scammed by one of the fraudulent brokers on the internet. You can start an investigation into the company for possible recovery of your funds. I have tried this company and have encouraged my friends to do as well and we were able to recover our funds in less than six weeks. The name of the recovery firm is CYBERING,NET ( Can be easily google searched ) You can also send a mail on ( enquiries AT cybering , net )

    Cybering is one of such organization, we working at the forefront of global intelligence we have both the methodology and resource to recover what it rightfully yours.

    Our operatives can track down assets relative to investment fraud through to deciphering complex international corporate structures that may be subject to money laundering activities. We have the ability to carry out cross border intelligence gathering and produce a cost benefit analysis by defining which investigative steps are likely to succeed.

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