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Beware of the Paid for Research Scam – PaidforResearch.com [Avoid!]

Paid for Research scam


Paid for Research claims that you can earn up to $100, you can complete cool surveys, save money and collect freebies, but unfortunately it’s claims are very misleading.

I know it can be tempting. I mean who doesn’t want to earn $100?

But I’m warning you that this place is pretty much a scam in my opinion. You do not want to join this website. And believe me, you will see why in this review.

Besides, earning up to $100 is necessarily a good thing. Just think about it… If it takes 100 hours to earn $100, that would be only one dollar an hour you are making, which would be horrible.

But anyways… You are not going to make $100 at this place and you will see why.

What Is Paid for Research?

In a nutshell, Paid for Research (paidforresearch.com) is a very scammy website that acts as if they are some sort of paid survey site, where you can make money taking surveys online, but really they just make money off of people by selling them on a bunch of scammy promotions, which is similar to Survey Monster and My Survey Jobs (avoid these places too!).

Right off the bat, when I first came to the site, things didn’t seem right. There are a bunch of red flags that I noticed that acted as warning signs, telling me to stay away.

Red Flags

First off, the website looks like an absolute dump. It is not very professional looking by any means and this was concerning at a first glance.

Also, I noticed that there are a lot of spelling errors on the website. Spelling errors all over the place, such as these on the FAQ page…spelling errors

And what is weird is that this site is supposedly only available for residents of the US, yet the creators seem to be from some foreign country. Well… maybe it isn’t that weird.

How It Works

What they lead you to believe is that you will be able to sign up, participate in online surveys and earn rewards such as cash or freebies…

how it worksSounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

And it would be awesome IF IT WERE ACTUALLY TRUE… Which it is NOT!

My [bad] Experience Here

So after the initial registration where I entered my name, email and some other personal information, I was then provided with this survey…


As you can see this “survey” wasn’t too much of a survey really and was basically just pushing me to join other paid survey websites, sign up for personal loans, get prepaid credit cards and so on. In fact, there was even a question that asked if I wanted to become a substance abuse counselor.

Are you joking?

And guess what? That was only page 1 out of 10 pages of this “survey”.

Page 2 was the same sort of deal… A bunch of very scammy promotions about every and anything…


There were 10 pages of this crap and I noticed that many of the questions got asked on multiple pages, just they might have been worded differently or something like that.

I saw just about every type of promotion possible. All sorts of things including…

  • Political promotions
  • Biz opps
  • Free trials
  • Supplements
  • Loans
  • Life insurance
  • Carpeting/flooring
  • Grilling equipment
  • Sleeping problems
  • And so much more


I noticed that there were quite a few scams being promoted in this “survey”, usually ones that present some sort of business opportunity such as that pictured below…


I sign up for this website thinking that I am going to be able to take surveys and make money doing so, and then move on only to be bombarded with probably well over 100 different scammy promotions.

What a joke…

But it’s not over yet… The worst is still yet to come…

After finally going through the 10 pages of ridiculous “questions”, most of them not really questions at all, I finally made it to the end and I was told that there was a “special offer” waiting for me where I could “make an extra $450+ taking paid surveys”.

Of course at this point I no longer trusted anything this place told me, but I was already done with the survey site decided to click the submit button and see what they had in store for me…


Did I make an extra $450 with this special offer?!!

Did I strike it rich?!

Was this the opportunity I had been waiting for all along??

NOPE… It was just another scam. I should’ve known better.

Well… Actually can’t be 100% positive that it was a scam because I never even got to see the darn thing. When I clicked on the submit button up popped a new webpage but unfortunately my browser blocked it, along with my antivirus software because… Well… You can see for yourself…

scam site

Nothing But a Waste of Time

So after wasting about 10 minutes of my precious time (it only took me about 10 minutes because I flew through those survey questions and just answered NO to just about everything) I ended up with nothing to show for it. Just a lot of frustration.

All this website does is promotes a bunch of crap to make money off of people who sign up, and as much money as possible. I’m also willing to bet that I will be receiving tons of spam emails since I gave them my email address upon registration. Luckily I gave them an email address that I don’t really care about.

You can make money with paid surveys online, but not from Paid for Research

In the ridiculously long “survey” that I took, there were lots of promotions for legitimate survey sites. If I wanted to, I could have signed up for the sites and could potentially make some money taking surveys online. HOWEVER, I certainly do not want Paid for Research to get credit for referring me and besides that, taking paid surveys are largely a waste of time.

You usually make much less than minimum wage after you factor in all of the time wasted on getting disqualified, etc, and of course they just don’t pay much to begin with.

Final Verdict – Avoid at All Costs

There is absolutely no reason I see for anyone to join Paid for Research. The only thing that will happen is you will waste your time and you might even get a virus or 2 on your computer if you’re lucky.

If you do want to take paid surveys online and make a bit of extra money then I would suggest reputable paid survey sites like Swagbucks. Although, like I just said, don’t expect to make much money. These opportunities are best to make a little bit of extra pocket change in your spare time.

If you are looking for a way to actually make good money online, I would highly suggest taking a look at this guide I put together that shows you exactly how I make a living working online and how others like yourself can get started.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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