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Pocket Flip App, Scam or Legit – [My Review]

PocketFlip app


PocketFlip appWelcome to my review of the PocketFlip app.

Pocket Flip is an app that will actually pay you to download apps… strange right? I know there are a lot of people suspicious of this place and that is why I decided to take some time to write this review. In it I will be going over how this place works, how you make money, how much you can realistically make and whether or not I consider this to be a scam.

Pocket Flip App Review

I’ll get straight to the point of this review here and tell you that PocketFlip is a legitimate app. It is not a scam and you really can make money with it. However, its nothing to get too excited about. While you can make money doing extremely simple tasks it is definitely nothing that is going to make you rich by any means.

Update: Read review in comment section below. Users have been messaging me saying they aren’t getting their points and that they will do everything to get out of having to award people points. Also the support seems to be absolutely atrocious.

How You Make Money

The main way to make money with this app is by downloading other apps, which is the same thing as AppKarma. Once you are inside the dashboard you will see a list of other apps that are available for download. Many of these apps are game apps like solitaire, jewel mania, and casino type apps, but there are other ones available too like Letgo for example.

These apps will have a number listed beside them that is the amount of coins you will receive for downloading them and completing the requirements. These requirements usually aren’t much and most of the time you just have to download and open the app for a certain amount of time. However sometimes you will be required to play a game an reach an achievement.

You can make money by taking surveys too, but these aren’t the main focus here. Also, there will be some more strange tasks you will see every so often, such as going to a local store and rating the presentation of a certain product.

Once you collect enough coins from completing tasks you will be able to redeem them for gift cards.

There is also a referral program where you can earn by referring other people to join Pocket Flip.

The Rewards

The best gift cards that PocketFlip offers in my opinion are the ones for Amazon.com, but this is a matter of opinion obviously. They also offer iTunes gift cards as well as ones for Stream, Xbox, and Playstation Network.

The gift cards start out at $5. And of course you are wondering how many points you will need to get one of these… well I’ll go over that next..

How Much Can You Make?

The answer is that you will not make much.

The main way to earn coins here is to download apps and by doing this you are looking to make generally around 100-300 coins every time you do this.

If you take a look at the gift cards that you can redeem these coins for you will see that they aren’t worth much. For example as I am writing this the Amazon gift cards are as follows…

  • $5 Amazon gift card = 4,400 coins
  • $10 gift card = 6,800 coins
  • $25 gift card – 16,500 coins

The amount of coins that these gift cards cost will vary but they will stay around these amounts.

So if you think about it you are going to have to download around 44 – 15 apps for a $5 gift card. And its not like you can just go download app after app all day long. The app offers are not unlimited.

The referral program can help you earn quite a bit but most people do not have the means to make mass amounts of referrals so this really isn’t going to help much.

Some Complaints Worth Mentioning

The first complaint is the obvious… you won’t make much money at all with this. This is an extremely easy opportunity to make money but it is best looked at as just a way to earn a little extra pocket change.

Also I wish they have more options available for rewards. It would be nice to see Paypal offered or even cash via check. But as of now they only offer gift cards.

Other than this I don’t really have any other complaints. Its a good app overall.

PocketFlip Conclusion – Legit

PocketFlip is a decent app but its not going to be worthwhile for many people out there. It all depends on what you are looking for. If you are just looking to earn extremely small amounts of money in your spare time then this could be something worth considering. But if you are looking to make money with this that is significant by any means, then this is probably not for you.

If you are looking for a better opportunity to make money online on your own schedule then I highly suggest checking out this program. Not only can you make money on your own time with this but you can make a lot. I actually make a living online with it.

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Questions, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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  1. You must not have done very much work on this app.

    For starters, they tend to deny points (especially on the larger point rewards) I have been using this app for a bit over a month now, and they constantly screw me out of points, especially those claiming to give 500+ points for completions. My current tally on points is a measly 14,040 points, but with all they ones they unjustly denied me, I should be well over 50,000 points. When contacting their support through their instant messenger with proof of completions, it takes them WEEKS to get back to me- and only get a generic “you must have done something wrong” answer, ignoring the photo evidence of completion and every every valid point i made. All too often, I compete a task, and moments later the task is removed, and I get no points. They dont do anything to fix the issues, except claim something stupid like “you must have switched networks while completing the task” yet I only complete tasks from my home, on my wifi, from my livingroom-3feet from my modem. I have been denied tens of thousands of points, never once got any sort of support from their customer support.

    You might say this is not a scam, but when you get screwed over and over again just trying to complete tasks and make a few extra bucks while around the house, then it sounds pretty scammy to me. On the surface it looks good, but once you get to using it, you will soon realize that they will literally do just about anything to not award points for tasks completed. If you dont want to consider this a scam, then at the very least it is a poor, immoral organization that is willing to screw over the people that compete the tasks so they can line their own pockets.

  2. So I’m not sure what you did wrong (not the article creator but the first comment) but I have earned well over 20, almost 30 dollars in 3 days. Most of the survey related tasks are illegitimate so I wouldn’t advise attempting them (if the company doesn’t pay PocketFlip for your task, how can pocket flip know to pay you). Instead do game related tasks and you should make extra pocket change like the author said. It’s not a get rich scheme by any means.

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