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Postal Job Source Scam – This Place Will NOT Get You a Postal Service Job!

Postal Jobs Source scam


Postal Jobs Source scam

Postal Job Source claims to offer a service to help people get jobs working for the post office but unfortunately this is not true. This place really is nothing more than a scam that is going to steal your money and in this review I’ll be showing you how they do this.

This type of scam is somewhat hard to spot. It comes across as being legitimate because they don’t make any really ridiculous claims of being able to make you rich or anything along those lines. All they do is claim to offer a service to help you get a legitimate job working at the post office. Sounds like something that could be true right? I agree with that, it does sound like something that could potentially be the real deal but, like I said, this is a scam.

Postal Job Source Review

The website that I came across this Postal Job Source was postaljobssourcewcs.com. However I came across another review of this place and it seems that they have multiple websites that all point to the same exact scam so if you came across this on a different site it is still the same thing.

As I said, all the service claims to do is help get you a job. They tell you that you will be able to start out making $14.92 to $33.10/hour, new experiences needing, there is paid training, and the job security is great. In the thing about all of these claims is that they are true for Postal Service workers which makes this scam so convincing.


Years ago I actually tried getting a job at the Postal Service as a delivery driver so I know a good bit about the jobs they offer. They are good jobs, some of them pay pretty decent in the job security does seem to be good.

HOWEVER… This place is a scam so if you do really want to work for the post office then apply directly to their website and not through this site.

How They Scam You

So you might be wondering, “well how does this place scam you?” Well they do so by making you pay for some registration package. They tell you that the U.S. Postal Service requires you to take an exam that will determine whether or not you get employed, so you need to pass this to get a job. And this registration package that they provide to you will give you everything you need to study to be able to pass this exam.

Here’s a screenshot I took from their website and what they tell you:

The registration package cost $48 and what I found pretty funny is that it somehow has a 200% moneyback guarantee. What the heck? How is this possible at all? How can they possibly make a guarantee like this? It makes absolutely no sense from a business standpoint. If this were true anyone could make $48 for free by buying the package, failing the U.S. Postal Service exam, and then getting a 200% money back refund.

This is just silly and is a major red flag of a scam.

A Look At The Company Behind It

Okay, so it’s always important to look into the company behind job opportunities like this to check out they are legitimate or not. On Postal Job Source’s website they tell you that they are not the Postal Service. They tell you that they are a private employment service that simply helps you get hired by the Postal Service…

So then what is this company that is behind all of this? Well if you go to the Contact Us page of their site you will see there address listed.

So what I did was searched for first address the posted to  find out more about this business. I found that the business name is “Labor Services”, which I remember them saying they were a division of somewhere on the Postal Job Source site.

On the Better Business Bureau’s website there isn’t much going on with this business. It has supposedly been in business for 22 years but only has three customer complaints and a zero reviews. What’s funny though is that one of the complaints is about being scammed by a fake mail processing job that required the person to purchase a package of study material just as the scam we are going over here does…

And also one of the other complaints that was posted for this business came from someone claiming they purchased some study material package for a fake mall clerk job.

Yep… Its a Scam Alert

When doing my research into this I came across an article written by the Federal Trade Commission warning consumers about these exact types of scams. You can read the article if you want to here but I’ll summarize it for you: Basically what it tells you is that this Postal Job Source website is a scam. Of course it doesn’t tell you this directly but it warns you about these places to a T.

What the article says is that there are scam artists out there that trick people into purchasing study materials to get a high score on the postal exam when they likely are completely worthless. They also tell you that a high score on the exam does not ensure you will get a job and that there is no good way to actually study for the exam anyhow.

Here is a small screenshot of part of the article:

Conclusion on Postal Job Source – Scam

Scams are getting trickier and trickier these days. The “get-rich-quick” type of scams are easy to spot. They make ridiculous claims about getting rich overnight with automated systems and fairytale type things like that. But this Postal Job Source scam is much more sneaky and much more legitimate seeming.

If you did get scammed by this place I wouldn’t feel too down on yourself. This is one sneaky little son of a gun and I’m sure there are a lot of people being scammed by it.

If you did end up getting scammed you could always try to get your money back via a chargeback if you used a debit/credit card like MasterCard or Visa. MyChargeBack is one service that I know that helps with this. And of course if you still want to apply for a Postal Service job then go directly through the Postal Service or make darn sure that the third party service you are using is legitimate.

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