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Rat Race Rebellion Review – Scam or Good Work at Home Opportunities?

Rat Race Rebellion Review


If you've been looking for work at home job opportunities than you may have come across a little website called Rat Race Rebellion, which claims to help people find opportunities like this.

BUT… Can you trust this place and what exactly do they provide? Who are the opportunities that they present best suited for? How much money can you make with these opportunities?

These are all very important questions… Especially the one about whether or not you can trust the service they provide. After all, in the online world scam work at home opportunities are extremely common. I think it was actually on the Rat Race Rebellion website itself that I read there are about 40 scams for every 1 legitimate work at home opportunity.

Now I have no idea if this statistic is actually true or not, but there is no doubt there are a heck of a lot of scams out there.

But anyways… Let's get onto the review. I will be going over what exactly Rat Race Rebellion is, what type of opportunities they list on their site, whether there are scams you have to be worried about and more.

Rat Race Rebellion Review

  • Website: ratracerebellion.com
  • Creators: Christine Durst and Michael Harren
  • Type: Work at home job opportunities
  • Legit?: Yes

The company is very old… I'm talking about super old in Internet years, having been around since 1999. It was started by Christine Durst and Michael Harren and has grown to be pretty popular over the years, so much so that it has even been featured on national television, such as on Good Morning America, TODAY, and others.

I also found out that the founders actually helped design the first virtual career training program for the US State Department and the Arms Forces, which is pretty darn impressive.

But of course this stuff probably doesn't matter too much to you all that much… You want to know how this website can help you out.

In a Nutshell... They Help You Find Work at Home Jobs..

Everyday the post new leads for different work at home job opportunities. These are up to date on their Newest Daily Jobs page.

In addition to this they also have a newsletter that you can sign up for at no charge you and keep updated via email.

You may also want to join their Facebook page where you can stay up-to-date. Christine is pretty active on their and they seem to have a nice little community with a lot of interaction among followers as well.

To date, as I am writing this, they state on the website that they have posted over 375,000 different job opportunities. So yes... They do provide a pretty active service of letting you know what different work at home jobs are out there.

What Type of WAH Opportunities Do They Provide?

It's important to know exactly what type of work at home opportunities they help you find.

Are these opportunities good for full-time work, part-time work, just earning a little bit of money on the side? How much money can you make and are all of the jobs virtual, where you can work from home on your computer?

Well... Let's first take a look at some examples of new job opportunities that they had recently posted…


  • WAH Concierges Needed  
    • Position to be a lifestyle concierge; will be handling calls from premium American Express Card members; starts at $15.50/hr
  • Work from Home Opportunity for Expedia, Orbitz, Hotwire, etc
    • Virtual positions open including account managers, analysts, virtual concierge, etc
  • Work from Home Jobs & Extra Cash
    • This article goes lists different opportunities to write for reputable websites, takes surveys for money, work online as an interpreter and more
  • Work from Home for United Nations
    • Expert positions, specialist, consultant, and other WAH opportunities  
  • Work from Home for Progressive
    • Customer service rep opportunity that starts out at $15-$20 per hour

As you can see there is some pretty broad coverage of different opportunities out there.

They present work at home opportunities where you can work for well-known companies and get paid hourly rates, but they also present work at home opportunities where you are basically a freelancer and work on your own time.

And those listed above are just a small example of different jobs you might find on this site. You can find jobs in a lot of different categories, including…

  • Customer service
  • Virtual call center
  • Writing
  • Concierge
  • Chat hosting
  • Tutoring
  • Driving (for Uber as an example)
  • Completing surveys
  • Proofreading
  • Transcription
  • And more

Based on what I see there isn't much that is off-limits here. There are a lot of job listings that are virtual, meaning you can work from your computer, yet there are others that are non-virtual.

That said, all of the jobs that they do list help you "escape from the rat race" so to speak. They provide some sort of freedom from the typical 9 to 5 work schedule where you have to commute to work day in and day out.

Full-time or Part Time Work?

They list many positions that are full-time and many that are part-time, and also positions that are freelance.

You will find opportunities for companies that everyone knows about, where you can do things like work as a call center representative, for their concierge team, for online chat support, etc.

You will find freelance positions where you are considered an "independent contractor" and where you will set your own schedule, although hours are not guaranteed.

And then you will find very low income earning opportunities, such as paid survey opportunities, where there really isn't much potential at all.

Who These Jobs Are Best For

As you can tell, since they provide a lot of different "escape the rat race" types of jobs, there are opportunities for many different types of people out there.

That said, it does seem that most of the opportunities listed on their site are for virtual positions working for reputable companies, which I think most people would like. Many of these positions offer full-time work and have set hours, which makes them good for people looking for a reliable and steady income. The ones that do actually hire people full-time also offer benefits.

They Provide Good Opportunities But You Still Have to Be Smart

While Rat Race Rebellion does provide a pretty good service and is trustworthy overall, you still have to be a bit careful when getting involved with the opportunities they present.

For example, take a look at the picture below from their Newest Daily Jobs page…

Now as you can see the first 2 listings are for work from home opportunities where you would be working for a legitimate company and getting paid a steady wage. HOWEVER, the 3rd opportunity that I circled where you can "get paid to take surveys" is completely different.

If you have ever taking paid surveys online then you know they are not very good money making opportunities. Sure, it seems that getting paid "up to $5 per survey" sounds pretty darn good, but the amount of surveys you will be able to complete are extremely limited on these types of sites. When you factor in all of the time that you waste getting disqualified from surveys and things like that, you usually end up making much less than minimum wage.

I'm familiar with the MySoapBox paid survey site and they are pretty much your typical run-of-the-mill type of survey site.... not a very good opportunity.

That said, I do see that Rat Race Rebellion states this opportunity is "not for core income", but many people that are unfamiliar with paid surveys might not understand exactly what that means.


There is absolutely no reason I see to call Rat Race Rebellion a scam. All in all, I think they provide a very good service and they even actually expose some of the online scams out there, which I also do here on my site.

But,as you can imagine, you should always do a little bit of research into the jobs they list before applying or getting involved with them. There could always be a scam that slips onto their list without them really knowing. 


Overall I like what I see with this site. I think they provide a good service and, while I don't know the statistics, I can imagine they help a good deal of people find jobs that help give them a little more freedom in their lives, which is what we all want right?

One thing that I like about the site is that Christine, in particular, is very active in the community. She is active on Facebook and even makes a lot of videos for their Youtube channel. You can tell that she is real and does just want to help people.

Just realize that not all of the positions they post may be worth it for you. It all depends on your particular situation and what exactly you are looking for. Some are virtual, some not. Some are full-time, some not. Some you can earn some pretty good money working your own schedule, some will pretty much be a waste of time in my opinion (like the paid surveys... I hate paid surveys).

Stay smart and look into things a little before getting involved.

Another Good Opportunity:

Something else I think you may be interested in is doing what I do... which is work for myself online. 

I've been making money online since 2015 and make over $6,000/mo consistently. However, this isn't an hourly wage job where you will start making immediate income, just to let you know. But it can be well worth the investment without a doubt, especially because it allows you to earn passive income.

But I'm not going to get too into detail here. You can take a look at this guide I put together that explains everything and shows how you can get started as well.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Take care and be sure to leave any comments or questions below 🙂

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