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Can You Make Good Money Taking Surveys at Quest Mindshare? – [Honest Review]

Quest Mindshare


Quest MindshareHave you ever heard about sharing your opinion in exchange for cash? Well that is what Quest Mindshare claims to offer. The truth is that there are about 100 other sites out there that will also reward you for your opinions in the same way. So the question isn’t whether or not this place is legitimate… it is whether or not this place is any good compared to the others. You can take paid surveys at many different sites, but should you take surveys at Quest Mindshare?

If you are considering joining but are hesitant then I suggest reading over my review here. Some people like this place but its definitely not for everyone. In this review I’ll be going over a few important things to know that will help you make your own decision on this.

Quest Mindshare Surveys Review

Quest Mindshare (QM) is an online survey site (like PaidViewPoint, MyPoints, MySurvey, etc) that conducts market research for businesses all over. Businesses are looking to get to know their customer base better so that they can improve products/services so they pay Quest Mindshare to conduct surveys, which are given to normal people like you and I. And of course there is a paid incentive to participate.

There is not point system at this place which is nice to see. Many sites have confusing point systems where you first earn points and then have to redeem your points for real rewards. At QM you get paid in cash and don’t have to deal with this nonsense. Each survey pays cash that you can later cash out via Paypal or choose to put towards an Amazon gift card.

They claim to pay as much as $90 for music surveys…. but I’ll get more into this in a minute… its not as great as it may sound.

The Signup Process

Of course I think its a good idea to hold of on signing up until you read over the rest of this, but I’m just going to cover the process of signing up so you know what its like.

Its like any other surveys site pretty much. You start out by entering your email, name, etc. and then you are sent a confirmation email that you have to click. After that you will have to fill out your profile information. This will include demographic info like your marital status, education level, income level, etc.

Make sure to fill this all out accurately because it will be used to match you with surveys that are appropriate to you.

And after that is all complete you are ready to start taking surveys.

The Surveys

They tell you that the average survey time is 10 minutes long, but these can range anywhere from 5-30 minutes generally.

These surveys can be on must about anything. You might be giving your opinion on a product, on politics…. anything. You never really know what to expect.

One of the good thing about the surveys here at QM is that they pay pretty darn well compared to most other sites. I have seen 10 minutes surveys offer $5 payouts more than once.

And they also offer surveys, as they said, that pay as much as $90. These are different though. I received an invite to one of these before. It was 2 hours long and paid $40 and what you had to do was listen to a bunch of music clips and rate them. It was $20/hr for 2 hours just to sit and listen which isn’t bad, but these aren’t all that common.


Not Qualifying

You won’t qualify for every survey you are offered. Before actually starting the survey you will have to take a short qualification survey and this will either screen you out of let you continue. Many people complain about getting screened out of most surveys, which I know can be frustrating.

Deducted Money

One thing that gets a lot of complaints is deductions. At QM they will actually deduct some of the payout if they feel you were dishonest. I don’t know how they determine this but many people have complained about it happening when it shouldn’t. On QM’s behalf I will say that this dishonestly on these sites is a major problem and its good that they are dealing with it.

Can’t Reach Cash Out Threshold

Some people complain about getting close to the minimum cash out threshold and then suddenly not receiving any surveys, which makes it hard to cash out. I have seen this complaint before but I don’t know how true it is.

Final Words & Is It Worth Your Time?

Quest Mindshare is a pretty good survey site. The best thing about this place is the potential pay that you can make. The music surveys are the big earners here. Unfortunately many of the seasoned long-time members here claim that the site is going downhill and offering less of these opportunities than before.

I would say sign up if you wish to but don’t count on those high paying surveys. This is best seen as an extra income opportunity because you likely won’t get all that many surveys to participate in, unlike bigger survey sites like Swagbucks.

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Questions, concerns? Leave them below in the comment section and I’ll get back to you soon ?

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