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Swagbucks vs Inbox Dollars – Which Will Make You More Money?

Swagbucks vs Inbox Dollars


Swagbucks vs Inbox Dollars… Which of these rewards sites are better and which should you choose? It is an important question before you dedicate a bunch of time trying to make money on either of the sites. Of course you don’t want to waste your time on one of them when you could be making more on the other.

But which is the better choice? The answer is not so simple… Is complicated because they are both pretty good when it comes to GPT (Get Paid To) types of rewards sites like this.

But anyways… In this short comparison review I hope to give you a better idea of which you should choose. There are differences and I’ll be bringing to your attention some of the more important ones that I think you should know about.

Does Swagbucks offer more rewards? Does Inbox Dollars pay more for surveys? Can you make more money playing games at Swagbucks? Lets take a look…

Swagbucks vs Inbox Dollars: Overview

Both Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars are very popular rewards sites. In fact, I would say they are two of the most popular ones I have ever come across and that is probably why so many people are wondering which is better and which they should choose.

The answer is complicated because they are so darn similar. They both offer lots of ways to earn money and they are both legit and well trusted.

If you are at all unfamiliar with either of these two programs, here’s a brief overview of each…


Swagbucks is not your typical paid survey site or GPT site… They are so popular because they are one of the most successful and best ones available. That is why you might have seen advertisements for them on TV and high-level websites.

But what do they offer? Well… You can earn in a variety of different ways, including…

  • Paid surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Shopping online
  • Searching the web
  • Signing up for offers & discounts
  • Referral program

Of course you can get paid for taking surveys, this seems to be the staple of any GPT rewards site like this, but you can also get paid for a variety of other things ranging from getting cash back the online shopping, searching the web, and even playing games.

This program also has some very nice features that make earning a little bit easier on members. Things like the “Swagbutton”, which is a browser extension you can download, allows you to easily earn SB one searching the web without actually having to go to the Swagbucks website and also alerts you when there are cashback offers available on websites that you go to.

With Swagbucks you get paid in… Well… Swagbucks or SB for short. Then, you can later redeem these SB’s four real rewards of real value, such as gift cards, cash payments, or you can even donate to charity.

Inbox Dollars:

Inbox Dollars is another GPT rewards site that is right up there with Swagbucks… It is very popular and highly successful.

Like Swagbucks, it offers a lot of different ways to earn money. You have your paid surveys of course, watching videos and playing games, getting cash back from online shopping, searching the web, and so on. However, you also have additional ways to earn that Swagbucks does not offer, such as reading emails and listening to the radio. Apparently Swagbucks used to reward members for listening to the radio but it appears they did away with this.

Anyways, below are the different ways you can earn at Inbox Dollars…

  • Paid surveys
  • Reading emails
  • Watch videos
  • Playing games
  • Online shopping
  • Searching the web
  • Listening to radio
  • Product sampling
  • Referral program

One of the upsides, or what some people consider an upside, to this rewards site is that there is no point system. Instead of getting points in later redeeming them for things of real value, you just get rewarded with real money up front… Well real money in your account that is, but you still will have to cash out after reaching a certain point.

Which Will Earn You More Money?

There are so many different ways to earn on both of the sites and the potential to earn with each offer very so much that I cannot give you a clear-cut answer on which rewards program you can earn more money with. However, the paid surveys part of these programs is one of the more popular ways to earn… So let’s go over this… Which you can earn more with taking paid surveys.

With Swagbucks you will find a lot of surveys that vary greatly in their payouts. In the screenshot I took below, you can see that there is a survey that pays 140 SB and is 30 minutes in length, and then there is another survey that pays 40 SB and is 14 minutes in length… A lot of variation here.

And, since one SB equals about $0.01, this means you can earn as much as $1.00 for 20 minutes of your time or as low as $0.40 for 14 minutes of your time…

That said, this is just a small sample and you will find surveys that pay up to $2.00 and maybe even a bit higher at times.


At Inbox Dollars you can see below that there is the ability to earn as low as $0.50 for a 19 minute survey or as much as $2.00 4019 minute survey, again… A lot of variation here…

Based on the screenshots shown above in the different surveys offered by both of these programs, it would appear that Inbox Dollars pays more for your time. HOWEVER, this isn’t necessarily true and one of the main points I want to make here is that you will find a lot of different surveys that vary a lot in length and payouts.

In my opinion there isn’t really any difference between how much you can make taking paid surveys at Swagbucks or at Inbox Dollars.

Cashing Out

When it comes to cashing out in the rewards that you are able to choose from, I would definitely say that Swagbucks wins in this regard.

Inbox Dollars:

At Inbox Dollars you’re going to need a minimum of $30 in order to cash out. And… If you do cash out with just over a $30 minimum you will be charged a $3 fee. In order to get this fee waived you will need $40 to cash out.

That said, one of the cool things about this place is that you can get real checks sent in the mail. The downside is that, while you can get different forms of E-payments, there is no option to cash out via PayPal and I know this is going to be a big bummer for a lot of people out there.


At Swagbucks you only need a minimum of  $3 worth of SB (300 SB in total) in order to redeem those points for things of real value.

You can see a screenshot of some of the rewards available below and see that you only need 300 SB for a $3 Amazon gift card…

But with just $3 in rewards you will only be able to get a gift card, and not regular old money. In order to get regular old money you will need to get enough for a Visa prepaid card or PayPal. You can get a Visa prepaid card at $10 and can cash out via PayPal when you have $25.

There are just a lot more options when it comes to cashing out at Swagbucks and you are able to cash out much earlier.


As stated in the beginning, but the sites are legitimate and have fairly good reputations, however… Of course there are always going to be complaints.

Most of the complaints I came across were your typical complaints that you will come across for any rewards sites of this type. I’m talking about people complaining about being disqualified from surveys and wasting a bunch of time, not earning that much money and it taking forever to be able to cash out, and of course there being horrible support if you encounter a problem.

There really aren’t all that serious of complaints worth mentioning though. I did come across a few people calling both of these programs scams, but I know for a fact that neither are and that both do pay as they are supposed to.

As far as ratings go, I always like to take a look on the website SurveyPolice to get an idea of what other users think about them. This is a site where anyone can go and leave their own independent review, so it is good if you want to see tons of reviews from real users, although there are always some fake reviews thrown in there.

The overall rating for Inbox Dollars is around a 3/5 and for Swagbucks it is a 2.5/5, which really isn’t that much of a difference…

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

While Inbox Dollars did get the better overall rating from users, there really isn’t much of a difference in this rating and you can’t always take these ratings to be completely accurate, due to the ability for people to easily leave fake reviews and distort the overall ratings.

In my opinion there really isn’t too much difference between these two rewards sites. It is not like one is going to make you rich while the other isn’t. They’re both legitimate, but with neither are you going to make very much money at all. That is just the reality of these types of programs.

However, they can be nice for some people who have a little bit of spare time, maybe on lunch break or maybe throughout the day at work, you would rather earn a bit of extra money rather than wasting time doing nothing.

Overall I would probably recommend Swagbucks over Inbox Dollars due to the fact that they offer a lot more cash out options and you don’t have to wait nearly as long to be able to cash out. Additionally, Swagbucks is currently offering a $10 sign-up bonus for new users right now.

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If you have any questions or comments please leave them below 🙂

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