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Ad Copy Pros Review – Can You Really Make $25 to $500 Per Day Copying & Pasting Ads Like This?

Ad Copy Pros claims that anyone can make $25 – $500 per day pretty easily by copying and pasting ads with their system. But is this really true or is there a catch to it? Is there something that they aren’t telling you? Is Ad Copy Pros a scam somehow that is going to just be a discouraging experience?

In this review I’ll be going over the truth of this all. And the truth is taht yes… there is something that they don’t tell you, something that is very important to know that I will be going over.

Ad Copy Pros Review

Ad Copy Pros is a system that you can make money with by reselling the system. Basically what you do is buy into the system by purchasing a product package and then copy & paste pre-made ads to try to get others to buy in. This is how you make money. You buy in then you get others to buy in and the cycle continues.

When you buy in you get the same sales funnel that was used on you when you were about to buy in or when you did buy in. You will be able to refer people to this video and make money when people join…Ad Copy Pros

They tell you that there is no experience needed and that all you have to do is post ads on various social media sites which seems very easy to do… however this is the part I have a major problem with because it is NOT going to work out for everyone and I’ll go over more on why soon.

How You Get Paid

There are 2 product packages that you can choose to buy, both of which you get to keep 100% of the sales from. These include…

  • ACP1 = $25
  • ACP2 = $125

The catch is that you only get to keep the sales of packages you already own. So if you buy in at the $25 level and refer someone else that buys both the $25 level and the $125 level, you will only get to keep the $25 and not the $125 because you did not buy that package yourself.

So you can potentially earn up to $125 per referral but for this to work you would have to own both packages and refer someone else in that bought both packages.

They also have a “reverse 1 up” system in place, as does BTC 1 Up that I reviewed recently, where you pass up your second sale to your sponsor. With your first sale that you make you will keep the money, but the second sales gets passed up to the person who recruited you in, whom you won’t even know. The same thing will then happen for you. All of your referrals’ second sales will get passed up to you. So what this means is that the more you recruit people in the more you have to gain from this reverse 1 up compensation plan.

How Does Ad Copy Pros Make Money

You may be wondering how this can all work if you get to keep 100% of the profits. Well what happens is when you first buy in you have to pay a $10 licensing fee. This is a one time fee that you only pay when you buy in. So what this means is that you will need at least $35 to buy in, which is $25 + $10.

Is This Really As Easy As It Seems? = No

The simple truth is that this is nowhere near as easy as they make you believe it is and I don’t see many people making money with it. They tell you that pretty much all you will be doing is posting ads on social media sites and of course they are going to tell you how to do this, so there is a bit of training provided, however it is not nearly enough.

Online marketing is not something you just go out and do one day and be successful with. You can’t just go posting some ads on your social media and expect them to go viral or anything. There is a lot more to it than this. I’ve been in the business since 2015 and if it were this easy I would have been doing this a long time ago.

The only way you are going to be able to make good money doing what they tell you is if you have a massive social media following somehow, which most people do not.

Just A Big Money Making Scheme

This place is nothing more than a big money making scheme. You buy in and then you get others to buy in. Basically all you get provided with when you buy in is a bit of training and a referral link you can use to refer others to buy in. There is nothing more to it than this.

On top of the fact that its not going to be nearly as easy as the video presentation leads you to believe it will be, the who system isn’t one I’d recommend getting involved with. I see systems like this all the time and they never last. The only ones that last and stay around for years are ones that provide real value. This one is not about value… its all about making money.

Conclusion on Ad Copy Pros – Good Opportunity or Not?

Like I said, you really aren’t going to be able to make much without having a massive social media following. They don’t provide the training and tools necessary to really be able to make money online. The average person might be able to make a bit of money doing this but is it sustainable? Absolutely not. Will it be much? No.

Overall this system is very simple and there is not much to it…. which is the problem because it won’t work out good. You can try it for yourself if you want to, I mean it only costs $35 to get started but don’t expect much of you do and I don’t recommend it.

If you are looking to make money online and are looking for a well-rounded quality program that provides all the tools and training to make a sustainable income online then I suggest taking a look at this program. I’ve been a member since 2015 making money with it so I can personally show you that it works.

Also, please leave any comments or questions below and I’ll get back to you soon 🙂

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