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AdFlippers Review – Scam Opportunity or Easy Money Online? is supposedly a website that uses the same money making method that Facebook and Google use to make boatloads of money. The spokesperson says that it is the easiest money you’ve ever dreamed about, but is it really?

Or is AdFlippers a scam that you will just end up losing money with?

Unfortunately the the latter seems to be the truth–which is that AdFlippers is a scam.

What you shouldn’t expect is to make money within minutes like you are led to believe. Instead, what you should expect is to lose at least $250 (minimum investment), and you will see why I’m saying this in this quick review…

AdFlippers Review

AdFlippers is a website that supposedly automates the process of flipping ads and makes it super easy for anyone to make money online.

As far as we are told, all you have to do is sign up, choose which ads you want to use for your campaign and that’s it–then supposedly money just flows into your account. 

However, I’m sure that I’m not the only person who was suspicious after landing on the website. After all, you are reading my review right now and this probably means that you have that gut feeling that this is more than likely a scam as well.

If you have ever been in my website before then you know I routinely expose online scams. And, this particular opportunity is riddled with common red flags that I often see with other scams.

Lots of Red-Flags

Let’s start out from the beginning. There are probably various ways to be lured into the website, but the way it happen for me was after coming across a website that had an article about how some former teacher is now earning $40,000 a month. The website appeared to be some sort of News website at first glance, but the truth is that it is a complete fake. It might look professional and all, and it may look like there is a lot going on, but really there is nothing to it. It is a one-page fake News website set up for the sole purpose of luring people into online scams like this.

When I was on the website I tried clicking around on the different menu tabs and they all directed me to the online scam being promoted here.

fake news website

Another big red flag is that the images of the “top earners” are also completely fake. If you watched the video presentation for AdFlippers then this section would have been located below the video…fake images

After doing a simple reverse Google image search I was able to find that “Sherri Myers” (the first person listed) is more then likely completely made up. Her photo is used on various websites online (shown below), and although I was not able to find the source of this image, it is more than likely a stock photo that anyone can purchase and use as they wish online, or a free online photo. One thing is for sure–this is definitely NOT “Sherri Myers”.


And next up we have this part of the webite…


Here what we are told here is that…

  • There are 286 people viewing the page at the time of my review
  • This opportunity has been featured on CNN Money and BBC News
  • and that there are only 4 spots left

HOWEVER, more than likely none of this is true. 

I know for sure that this opportunity definitely has not been featured on CNN Money nor has it been on BBC News, because you can easily go to either of these websites and search for “AdFlippers”, which will bring up no relevant information–and I also know that there were definitely not “4 spots left” because when I was on the website at one point it was telling me there was only “1 spot left”, and then for some unexplained reason the number went up to “3 spots left”, and then up to 4, which makes absolutely no sense.

And judging by the fact that both of these claims are complete lies, I would also guess that the number of people that it tells you are on the website is also a lie–and is something I often see with scams online.

The last red flag that I want to go over is this warning sign that was at the top of the website, which claimed that “due to extremely high media demand, we will close registration as of Wednesday, June 5 – 2019”


Now it is probably already past June 5th at the time you are reading this and you probably get the same warning when you go to the website, which simply tells you that registration is closing on whatever day it is that you are visiting the website. This is known as false scarcity and is yet another very scammy marketing tactic to try to get people to buy in to scam programs as soon as possible.

How This System Supposedly Makes You Money

It’s all about ad flipping, which the guy claims is like digital real estate. He claims that all you have to do is choose advertisements you like and then watch them generate money–day in and day out like clockwork.

Sounds simple enough, yet it also sounds like a big fat scam.

What isn’t made all that clear in the video presentation is that you will have to make a minimum deposit of $250 in order to get started. What you will supposedly be doing is investing money in ads, and if these ads perform well then you make money from your investment.

But how can you possibly be guaranteed to make money by simply choosing ads?

I mean, it makes some sense if you choose good ads that run good profit, but what if you don’t? I’ve Been involved in online marketing and advertising since 2015 and I know that there is definitely such thing as a “bad” ad, which turns out to be a dud that just ends up losing you money (if you are doing paid advertising). So what if you choose an ad that doesn’t perform well?

This all sounds very scammy because I know very well that there is never a guarantee you will make money with any sort of program / system online.

Besides that–no reputable company is going to allow their ads to be bought and sold (“flipped”) on some website like this.

Similar to Old Scams

And yet another major red flag is the fact that this whole “ad flipping” opportunity seems to be one of the common online scam promotions nowadays.

There has been link posting, bitcoin trading, marijuana stock trading, etc… and now “ad flipping” is a common scam that many different systems are based around, such as Daily Banner Profits and Free Ad Cash System, both of which are scams and both of which I have exposed in the past.

Conclusion – Scam or Not?

The truth is that I have not joined this system and tried it out for myself, but what I can say is that I’m about 99% sure that it is a scam–and this is coming from someone who, as I said, exposes scams on a regular basis.

When I’m very suspicious of a system / program like this, when doing my review I look around for any reason that it might be legitimate, but unfortunately here everything I see just makes it look more and more like a scam.

As mentioned, if you do join this opportunity you will have to invest a minimum of $250–and if you do make this investment you will likely never see that money again, nor any profits from it. There are so many scams like this out there that work the same way and lots of people that fall victims to these nasty websites.

Join if you want to, but I certainly am not going to be recommending it to any of my readers. If you are looking for a legitimate and proven way to make money online, then I highly suggest taking a look at how I make a living working online–in which I get over exactly what I do, how it all works and how others can get started doing the same.

Alternatively you could also look at my top picks for making money from home.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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