Easy Money Scams

Beware of the Scam!

The website appears to present a legitimate work from home opportunity from Amazon, but is this the real deal? Is this opportunity really as amazing as it seems to be or is this just a bunch of BS… Another stupid scam that is going to waste your time and money?

Unfortunately… As you are probably already suspicious of… is indeed a scam. The real company of Amazon has nothing to do with this and I'm guessing it is being promoted by bunch of unethical online marketers just looking to make a quick buck without any care in the world of who they are hurting in the process.

In this quick review I'll be exposing this place for the scam that it is.

The (Alleged) Opportunity

So in a nutshell… They tell you that Amazon is opening up a new work from home opportunity in your area and they make it seem like it is the greatest thing to ever come your way.

Of course we all know of Amazon… They are the biggest e-commerce store in the world. We also know that it is possible to make money with Amazon online, such as through affiliate marketing and selling products on the platform itself, so this opportunity is pretty believable at first sight.

They then make it more believable by showing screenshots of bank statements and telling you a story of this family man named Chris J Peters who supposedly making around $14,000 a month.

However, as I said, Amazon has nothing to do with this scam and it is all a complete lie.

It's all a lie!

Every little detail about this is a lie.

First off, I know it seems really convincing because the website tells you that there are openings specifically in your area. However, this site is just using a location tracker see where people are accessing the website from and customizing it specifically for them, all automatically.

The entire story about this Chris J Peters guy is also completely made up. In fact, the picture they show of the guy is a fake. As you can see below, it is nothing more than a stock photo that can be bought on Shutterstock…

fake pictures

This guy is not making $14,000 a month with this new work at home opportunity from Amazon… Because the "new" work at home opportunity does not exist.

You can research this and you will not find any information about a new work at home opportunity from Amazon on any legitimate news source. 

What's Really Going On Here..

The is actually a single one page site that is being copied all over the place on the Internet. It is one of many identical sites that are promoting the same Amazon work at home opportunity.

If you look around the site, you will see that it is just some crappy fake news website. It is a single page and there is nowhere else you can go, except for to click on the many links that will direct you to the real scam they are trying to lure you into. I know that it seems like a real news website at first, but appearances aren't always what they seem.

I have actually reviewed this same scam under different names. As went by "Amazon Cash Websites" as well as "real profits online" in the past. It is constantly changing and evolving because it needs to… The old websites are probably getting blocked and shut down so the scammers are creating new websites as fast as the old ones are getting closed.

The unfortunate thing about this is that scams like this will never be able to be stopped completely. It is very simple for the scammers behind this to create duplicate websites on different domain names, so this scam will just keep on changing.

The Scam They Are Trying to Sucker You Into

Last I checked this fake news site was directing people to a scam called Money Sucking Websites, which I have actually reviewed on my site here in the past. But who knows, it could have changed since then. It would be very easy for them to start directing people to another scam with the same fake Amazon work at home opportunities being used to lure people in.

Basically the Money Sucking Websites system that is (or was) being promoted was presented as some incredible automated system that you could pretty much just plug into and start cranking in the cash… But really it was a bunch of over-hyped and allows the training for making money online that would just be a waste of time and lead you down the wrong path.

So anyways… In conclusion… This place is a massive scam that you should definitely avoid!

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