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Is Auto Lotto Processor a Scam? – A Few Things to Know

Auto Lotto ProcessorThe Auto Lotto Processor claims to be able to generate you lottery numbers that have high probabilities of winning…. but is this really true? Or is Auto Lotto Processor a scam that is just going to rip you off and leave you disappointed at the end of the day?

In this review I’ll be going over a few important things that you should know about this place. If you are thinking about buying into this you are definitely going to want to read this first…

Auto Lotto Processor Review

Auto Lotto Processor ( is a lottery number picking formula that was developed by Richard Lustig.

What it is supposed to do is pick numbers for you that have a better chance of winning than just any random numbers. He claims it works with any lottery game in the USA and there have been lots of people that have been successful with it.

Is Richard Legit?

Richard Lustig is the guy that is supposedly behind this software and yes he actually is who he claims to be. This guy really did win 7 lotto grand prizes and as far as I know has won more than anyone else around.

He claims to have such a high win percentage from a formula that he developed for picking his numbers. And of course this Auto Lotto Processor software that is being sold gives you this secret formula.

A Look at Past Products

Richard has come out with products that sell his “secret” formula in the past, one of them being Lottery Winner University.

This new Auto Lotto Processor is basically the same darn thing just with a fancy new name. It’s basically a rehashed version. And actually this makes you wonder why he would relaunch a virtually identical product…. my guess is from all the bad stigma that is now associated with the older products that are getting a bad rap. I see this kind of thing often in the online marketing world…  people often re-brand their products with a name change, change a bit with the product but not much and sell it as if its some new great thing.

I haven’t actually bought into this product to see for sure if this is what is going on here, and I sure as heck don’t plan on it, but this is what seems to be going on just from the other reviews I have looked into and other information I’ve found.

If you are wondering why I’m saying that I would never buy into it then just keep reading and you will see why…

Update: Richard released a newer system called Lotto Annihilator that I recently reviewed here. It is also NOT recommended.

What Experts Say About This

I found a very good article at Business Insider that totally discredits Richard’s secret formula. In the article the reporter interviewed a statistics professor which reviewed Lustig’s method to winning. To sum it all up the professor said that this makes no sense and will not statistically increase chances of winning in any way.

When the reporter told Lustig about what the statistics professor said he became enraged and very defensive of his method. But anyways… the takeaway here is that it doesn’t work.

Why It Doesn’t Work

In the real lotteries out there the drawings are completely random. The numbers are chosen in a way where there cannot be any methods applied that can increase chances of winning. It is impossible to increase your chances by picking a number if they are chosen at random like this.

Of course you can join a lottery pool but then this kind of defeats the purpose in a way because if you were to win the winnings would be split up. And besides… this isn’t the method of increasing your odds that Mr Richard is teaching anyhow.

I know that the statistics professor disproved Lustig’s method but honestly it doesn’t even take someone with a degree in statistics to figure this out. It just cannot work…. period.

I have no idea how this guy won 7 grand prizes. Maybe he really believes it was from his secret method but in reality it wasn’t.

Conclusion on Auto Lotto Processor – Scam?

I wouldn’t really call this a scam because I do believe that Richard believes in this product. However.. .the bottom line is that it just doesn’t work. So while its not a scam its also not something I would recommend buying into.

It has been disproved by a statistics professor, doesn’t make any sense, and there are also a good number of complaints from people that have bought into it and are disappointed.

I’m not going to tell you what to do here. The choice of buying into this is up to you but I’ll tell you that I sure as heck am not buying into it.

And if you do buy into it and it does not work as it says you are somewhat in luck because this is sold on the ClickBank marketplace. They are a trustworthy digital product marketplace that has a good return policy. I mean I still wouldn’t suggest buying into this but if you do at least its not the end of the world.

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