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Automated Income Sites Scam – Do Yourself a Favor and AVOID!

Automated Income Sites Scam

Automated Income Sites (aka AIS) is said to be a super easy way to make $1000 per day online. But it sounds a bit too easy does it not? Is it possible that Automated Income Sites is a scam system that isn’t going to work out? Or is this the real deal and do you need to jump on this opportunity right away?

Well… It is a good thing you took the time to do a little bit of extra research because you’re going to be glad that you did not buy into this. In this review I’ll be going over why this system is nothing more than a scam. It lures you in by talking about all the money that you can make online in then pushes you into purchasing something that is completely unnecessary.

Automated Income Sites Review

When you land on the website the guy starts off talking about how $1000 days or simple thanks to automation. He claims that all you have to do is leverage their system, which is automated, and you can “lazily” start making $1000 per day.

Soonafter he says that they are a bunch of testimonials from people who are supposedly customers and have been making tons of money each day with this system. However, these testimonials seem fake into good to be true. They just don’t seem realistic to me and I have reviewed so many scams with testimonials from paid actors that it is hard for me to trust them anymore.

The guy behind this whole system is supposedly named “Mark Harrison”, who was once a struggling 9-5-er… Of course until he discovered the system.

He claims that all you need is 30 minutes per day because his team of experts have Artie done pretty much everything for you. However… You have to act right now if you want to get in because there are limited spots open.

Sounding like a scam? While to me it does right off the bat. Literally just about everything he says sounds like your typical “get-rich-quick” scheme. I reviewed scams here on a weekly basis and this reminds me very much of some others like My Home Success Plan or Income Quickies.

Signs That This Is a Scam

#1 – Super Easy

When someone tells you that they have some super easy way to make money online, for example while Mark claims that this is the “easiest way to make $1000 per day online”, you should probably avoid it or proceed with extreme caution.

He says that his team has done all the hard work and the automated system will do everything for you, but then why is he giving this away… And why is he supposedly giving it away for free?

One of the realities I have come to know, having been working online since 2015, is that there is no “super easy” way to make money online.

#2 – Only Requires 30 Minutes Per Day

And this goes right along with her being super easy. Of course it only requires 30 minutes of your time per day, well at least that is what Mark tells you.

Believe me… If this were true I would be all over it. Who wouldn’t want to make $1000 with only 30 minutes of work? That is absolutely insane.

#3 – Only 100 People Can Join

its a race!… Or at least that is what he told you. He claims that he can only accept 100 people in that you need to get in now if you want to secure your spot. This is likely just a marketing tactic called “false scarcity” and isn’t true.

I see scam programs tell people things like this all the time. The point is to get you to buy in as fast as humanly possible so that you do not give a second thought or take the time to do some extra research and come across reviews like mine.

#4 – It’s Free!… Not Really

He tells you that he is giving you this “automated income site” for free, but of course there is a catch. In order to get everything up and running it is not free and you will have to pay $97. This is how the scammers behind this make money.

#5 – Doesn’t Tell You Anything About How You Will Make Money

You may be wondering… Well how is the system going to make me money? In this is a good question. Throughout the entire video presentation Mark does not tell you anything about how the sites will actually be making you money. Does this have to do with e-commerce, affiliate marketing,?? We have no idea.

This is definitely a major red flag and a big sign of a scam. Often scams will lure you and talking about the super easy big money that you can make with their system but will actually tell you any real information about how it works… And that is because they don’t want to tell you that is a scam.

How It Really Works

So we are told that Mark is going to give us one of his automated income sites but don’t know what the heck the site is going to do to make you money.

Mark goes on to tell you that sites that are hosted in the cloud “crush it” compared to those that are not. He claims that when you host a site in the cloud there is a massive difference in performance… And of course this is where he gets you.

Soon after he starts talking about hosting your website you will see a button appear below the video that says $97…

This is because Mark is recommending that you buy hosting from a place he calls “Host For Free”.

He tells you that you’re getting a bargain by paying $97 for a year subscription but what he doesn’t tell you is that this really is not a bargain at all and that you can get hosting for much cheaper from popular/trusted hosting providers such as GoDaddy and Host Gator.

It also makes absolutely no sense when he tells you that sites that are hosted in the cloud perform so much better. I have no idea what he is talking about here and I don’t even thinking is what he is talking about. This just doesn’t make any sense and he never goes on to explain himself. It is likely just made up to try to sucker people into this hosting plan.


Okay…. So the system is super easy and his team has done pretty much everything for you, only requires 30 minutes per day, it is free but costs $97, and there is no mention of how on earth  you will be making $1000 per day.

Sounds great! Where do I buy in?

But seriously… This place is definitely a scam… A very scammy scam.

Now you may be wondering how it can be such when Mark shows you a bunch of screenshots of PayPal accounts with thousands of dollars in them from the system. What you should know is that things like this can be easily faked. If I really wanted to, right now I could Photoshop my PayPal account to show any income amount that I wanted.

The Reality Of Making Money Online

Everyone is looking for a super easy way to make money online but the cold hard reality is that these opportunities don’t exist. There are lots of different ways that you can legitimately make money online, and a lot of it, but all of them require work in one way or another.

It is true that working online has its benefits. Many of the processes can be automated which saves you tons of time, but you will never be able to escape the work. If you want to make money you have to work for it. That is the bottom line.

What I Recommend

If you want to take my advice then I would suggest taking a look at the Wealthy Affiliate training program. This is actually the same training program that I got started with back in 2015 and I am now making a living working online, which is proof that it works.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training program that teaches people how to make money online via affiliate marketing, which is when you promote products online and earn commissions doing so. This is a nice method for beginners because all you have to do is pick products that are already selling and promote them, there is no need to sell your own products.

But anyways… There’s a lot to the program and it is more than just training, they also provide the tools needed for this type of online business. You can click the button below to read my review if you’re interested in this…

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, or concerns below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂 Let me know what you think about my review. Was it helpful?

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