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15 of the Best CPA Affiliate Programs for Increased Earnings

There or a heck of a lot of CPA affiliate offers out there, and in a way there are too much.… So many that it is hard to know what to choose. Should you choose this offer, that offer, this program, that program… It can be hard to decide.

But one thing is for sure… You want the best.

You want to choose the best CPA affiliate programs to earn as much money as possible. After all, I'm guessing this is the goal you had in mind.

This short post goes over 15 of the best programs that anyone should be able to find good offers on. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, what niche you are looking to promote offers in, what type of offers you are looking to promote… These are 15 of the best programs out there and there is some great opportunities with them.

However, before I get into the list I first want to you over what exactly CPA affiliate marketing is, because there does seem to be some confusion in the online world about this term.

What the heck is CPA affiliate marketing?

There is CPA, PPC, CPC, PPL, etc. when it comes to affiliate marketing or online marketing in general, and they can get quite confusing.

CPA stands for "cost per action" or even sometimes is referred to as "cost per acquisition". However, I like referring to it as cost per action because I think that makes more sense most of the time.

In a nutshell, CPA affiliate marketing is when you promote offers and get paid when the visitors you drive to the offer perform some sort of action. This action could be signing up for an email list, downloading an app, entering a sweepstakes contest, buying a product, etc.

A lot of people that get involved in affiliate marketing go after the high-ticket offers in order to potentially earn thousands of dollars from one sale, but these are not always the best choice. Sometimes it is better to just try to earn small amounts of money just for driving in a lead or something along these lines. Those small amounts can really add up.

If you are able to convert your traffic with high-paying offers, then go for it, but these will not always work out realistically. 

Different Types of CPA Affiliate Programs

There a lot of different types of CPA affiliate programs out there. Some only allow members to join from certain countries, some require you to have your own website, they vary on which payment methods they offer and so on.

In this list you will be able to find a variety of different programs, some of which don't require you to have a website, some of which provide an abundance of payment methods that anyone should be able to use, and some that are sure to be available in your country.

List of the Best CPA Affiliate Programs

#1 - MaxBounty

I'm listing MaxBounty number one because they are one of the most popular CPA affiliate programs out there and for good reason.

Based in Canada, this place claims to be the "best CPA network for affiliate marketing programs", and while I don't know how true the statement actually is, they are definitely one of the best as far as I see.

You can find all sorts of offers that pay out on a per-lead or per-sale basis. I have seen opportunities paying as much as $12 for just a lead and others that pay as much as $500 or more per sale… Just to give you an idea.

They have a large list of different offers you can promote in a variety of different categories, some of which include…

  • Biz opps
  • Tons of dating sites
  • Computer software
  • Loan services
  • Job sites 
  • And a heck of a lot more

The only complaint I have with their offers is that they do allow some "questionable" advertisers on their platform you are selling products that are pretty scammy in my opinion. So you just have to be careful with what you choose to promote.

One of the nice incentives to join this program, other than the fact that they have a lot to offer, is that they give out a $1000 bonus if you earn at least $1000 per month within your first three months of joining.

As far as payments go, you can get paid via check, PayPal, ACH, bitcoin, Intercash, eCheck, or wire transfer.


#2 - Panthera Network

Panthera Network, which is a division of Panthera Interactive LLC, is another really good program.

Their focus is on CPA/CPL, which a lot of people say interchangeably. What I mean by this, is that CPL, or cost per lead, could be described as a branch of CPA affiliate marketing.

But anyways… doing affiliate marketing myself and all, I have a lot of experience with this particular network and have been with them for a while now, receiving regular payments like this through PayPal…

But PayPal isn't the only payment method that they offer. You can also get paid via check, wire, or ACH.

You can find a lot of different offers to promote, and there is a lot of focus on paid survey offers, GPT offers, mobile offers, shopping, dating, travel, games, and more.

One thing that I like about this network is that the support is pretty good. You are assigned your own affiliate manager to help you out with things. And besides this, you also have a lot of resources at your disposal to hopefully make as much money as possible, such as a lot of banner advertisements to choose from.

People outside of the US are able to join the network, but they might not have all offers available to them.

Panthera Network

#3 - Shareasale

If you have ever looked into different CPA programs before, you have probably heard of Shareasale. Based in Chicago, they have been around since 2000 and are one of the largest out there.

This massive network has tons of CPA opportunities where you can get paid per-sale as well as per-lead, which are different types of offers that all affiliate marketers should be using simultaneously.

As you can imagine with a large network, there is a very large variety of products that you can choose to promote. You can promote for merchants in a bunch of different niches, including…

  • Home and garden
  • Fashion
  • Green products
  • Art
  • Health
  • Etc

This place also has a very good job of helping you out so that you can be effective with your promotions. There are banner ads and even video ads that you can use through this program with some offers that are out there, although not all.

And as far as payment goes, they offer direct deposit.


#4 - Commission Junction

Commission Junction, often referred to as just CJ, is another veteran in the affiliate program network industry. It is another that is easily one of the biggest out there and has been around forever… Since 1998 when it was founded in California.

As you can imagine with a large network, there trusted by many popular brands, some of which include Lowes, Overstock, and Office Depot.

The platform that you get to work with as a member is easy to use. You can go in, navigate around, find relevant things you can promote, grab links and be promoting them in no time… Of course assuming that you are already approved to promote the products.

One of the downsides (or what some people consider a downside) is that you will need a website to get accepted here. And no, they are going to accept you if you just threw up some crappy website yesterday.

One of the cool things about CJ is that some of their advertisers use what is called "cookieless tracking", which means that they do not use cookie tracking codes and are more privacy friendly, which is a good thing since there has been a large crack down on Internet privacy recently by governments.

As far as I know, you can only be a member if you are in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden or Spain. For some reason it doesn't seem that they offer membership to Canadians, Australians or others.

CJ Affiliate

#5 - Clickbooth

Clickbooth definitely deserves to make the list, and maybe I should've put a higher up, but like I said… It is hard to rank these. If you look up reviews for this place on Google you will surely find lots.

They have tons of offers and a variety of different types, including cost per-lead, cost per-engagement, cost per-click, and cost per-install.

The reason you will find so many good reviews about this place is because they do a lot for their affiliates. They provide different tolls to make things easier, such as the rotator, which allows you to implement a code and run different offers through that one link, as well as the "multilevel offer priority" that allows you to prioritize offers so that you have backups in case one of them hits the cap, or limit.

Payments or available via check, PayPal, wire transfer and ACH.


#6 - Rakuten Marketing (aka LinkShare)

LinkShare is what the Rakuten Marketing company calls their affiliate program, so you may hear these two terms getting the runaround interchangeably.

With this network there are plenty of offers to choose from and lots of different ages you can promote in, including

  • Fashion
  • Financial services
  • Travel
  • Electronics
  • And more

They offer very good support and even have a live phone support number, which is always a nice thing to see. In addition, they hold training webinars regularly to keep you up-to-date and help you get things rolling.

And have you ever heard of "multi-touch commissioning"? Well… This place offers it and this is when you can get paid for sales that you help influence in the beginning or the end, which makes perfect sense and I don't get why people haven't been implementing this type of commissioning long ago.


#7 - CPA Lead

CPA Lead is another potential good choice for anyone looking to make a little extra money with CPA offers. They have been around since 2006 and offer a display ad service as well as a fair amount of affiliate products you can promote.

What I mean by the display ad service is that, like Google AdSense and many others, they will display relevant ads to visitors that come to your site. And then of course they have the normal affiliate offer things we can get paid to promote on a per-lead basis.

Also, if you are a mobile app developer this is a place you might want to look into further. They work with app developers to help monetize apps via ads  and promotions.

Payments are available with Payoneer, wire transfers, ACH, Check, PP, and even bitcoin… Yes even bitcoin if this would be of interest to you.

CPA Lead

#8 - PeerFly

PeerFly was founded in 2009 and is based out of Florida. They are relatively small in size when it comes to staffing, but you can actually look at this as a good thing since you don't have to deal with layers upon layers of people to try to get to where you are going.

And don't let the small staff for you… They have well over 1000 different advertising campaigns and plenty of offers that you can promote in just about any vertical out there.

What I also like about this place is that they try to make things a little bit more fun for their affiliates. Rather than just paying you when you deserve to be paid, they also do fun things like hold contests to increase participation and allow for fun competition, and they also have a rewards program for affiliates that put in the work.

Like that mentioned above, you can also get paid with bitcoin here, in addition to the options of payouts coming in from PayPal, check, Payoneer, and more. The methods that are available to you will vary depending on where you live.


#9 - Toro Advertising

And coming in at number nine, which doesn't mean much by the way because these are hard to rank in order, is Toro Advertising. This place claims to be one of the years top 20 CPA networks, but I'm not sure how much truth there is to this claim, although it is believable.

They provide a range of different affiliate offers ranging from surveys, to free gift card sweepstakes, to healthcare offers, biz opp offers, health and fitness products, dating site offers and more.

One thing that a lot of people reading this are going to like about Toro is that they do not require you to have a website in order to be a member to get approved. Yes, you may find it more difficult to be approved if you don't have a website, but it is not a requirement.

For receiving your payouts they have all the different options that anyone should need, including PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfers, ePayments and Skrill, which no one else on this list as as an option as of yet

TORO Advertising

#10 - ClickDealer

Next up is ClickDealer, not to be confused with the ClicksDealer scam that has been going around on the Internet and that I have exposed on this very website.

This place is relatively new compared to many of the other networks that I have listed thus far. It was founded back in 2011.

Like Peerfly that I mentioned above, ClickDealer as a loyalty program for affiliates who stick around for a while and prove their loyalty. This is nice because you can get loyalty points which you can later exchange for prizes. It is kind of like an added bonus and it makes things a little bit more fun. These points can later be exchanged for all sorts of prizes… Personal care products, fashion accessories, travel packages, and of course gift cards.

In addition to the loyalty program they also have contests where you can win bonuses Ian they have meet ups in exotic locations for the most loyal fans who have made a lot of money through their network.

Payouts are available through Payoneer, wire transfer, PayPal, Paxum, WebMoney, ePayments, ACH, and eCheck... Which is plenty to choose from.


#11 - CrowMobi

If you are in the business of mobile advertising and mobile promotions, then CrowMobi might be for you. As the name Crow'Mobi' suggests, this place is all about mobile ads. Its specific focus is on monetizing mobile traffic, which we all know is a big deal nowadays and is just going to continue to grow in importance as more and more people surf the web on their cell phones, tablets, etc.

They have offers available for many different geographic areas which is good for people who live in countries that are often excluded from affiliate programs in affiliate networks.

You confined offers in categories like business, finance, travel, games, health, entertainment, shopping and more. And to help you get on the right track so that you can hopefully make tons of money, you your own affiliate manager just like some of the other reputable and good affiliate networks that I mentioned above.


#12 - MaxWeb

MaxWeb is a "performance marketing affiliate network" that I have personal experience with and have been paid from on numerous occasions.

The reason I work with this place is because they have a lot of offers that payout pretty darn well and are proven to convert well. Offers such as health related supplements, e-books relating to weight loss, fitness products, and health problems, dating offers, insurance and financial offers, and more.

As for as I know they only pay per sale and you will earn just for driving in leads or anything like that.

One think I will say however is that you have to be a little bit careful with which offers you promote. A lot of them are somewhat "scammy" the end, although they may convert well, they will leave your traffic with a bad taste in their mouth and they distrust for future products you might promote.

You have the ability to choose how often you want to get paid and payments are made via check, ACH, wire transfer, Payoneer, and SEPA. But of course depending on what country you are in these options may differ.


#13 - Aragon Advertising

This place was founded in 2012 and is based in New York.

They have pay per- lead offers and even have pay per-call offers available, but I'm guessing that most people reading this probably aren't going to be interested in the pay per-call ones.

This affiliate network actually has a lot of offers that are exclusive, owned and direct offers from Aragon themselves. What this means is that you can get faster offer approvals and payouts with these.

Support appears to be good and they will help you create campaigns specific to different offers you may want to promote to boost earnings.

Aragon Advertising

#14 - Rulead

The name sounds a bit strange, but Rulead gives a hint to what this network is all about… Which is helping generate leads for different advertisers.

This CPA network is registered in Gibraltar, which may be concerning to some people, but the reason I am including on the list is because hopefully some of my readers will be able to benefit from it due to the extensive amount of international offers that are available here. And if you are concerned, it may be comforting to know that they are actually partnered with Peerfly.

But anyways… Reulead has a lot of pay per-lead type of offers and also has a fair amount you can get paid per-sale or per- app download/install.

If you are in a country with lots of other available affiliate programs to choose from, such as the US, UK, etc., then this might not be your first choice but were people in more excluded areas it is worth looking into.



#15 - adcombo

And lastly is adcombo, which is not the highest paying you not the best affiliate network, but is one that I am including because it has something to offer that a lot of affiliate networks do not.

This place specifically targets "tier-2" geographic areas, meaning South Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Most big affiliate networks out there that you find will actually exclude such areas, but this place specifically targets them.

While you may not be able to make as much money per "action" that you are able to generate, the upside is that advertising to these areas has a lot less professional competition, so there is definitely still opportunity.

Offers that are available include health products, and all games, biz opps, in a lot more... More than a thousand in total.

You are able to get paid with PayPal, Paxum, wire transfer, Webmoney, Payoneer, and others.


What to Know Before Doing CPA

I hope this list of some of the best CPA affiliate programs out there helped you out some. I know can be a tough decision to make which to join. Sometimes you just have to join a bunch and test out the waters to see which is best for you.

And as a tip… Before going out and doing CPA offers make sure you know this…

DON'T spam. It can be tempting, especially if you are a newbie, to go out and spam a bunch of offers to your traffic, but this is not the approach you want to take. Not only will this lead to incredibly low conversion rates and an audience that starts to trust you less and less, but you also will likely get kicked out of affiliate networks for having such low conversion rates.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I have experience with it. No, I didn't get kicked out of many affiliate networks but early on in my online marketing career I did screw a few things up and lose trust a lot of my audience.

But anyways… Please leave any questions or comments down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

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