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12 of the Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs for Nice Commissions

If you are involved in the weight loss niche at all and want to make money promoting products, then finding the best weight loss affiliate programs out there is something that is probably near the top of your list of things to do.

The types of products that you promote can be the difference between success and failure.

Maybe you have an email list in the weight loss niche that you want to promote some weight loss e-books to, maybe you have a website where you want to promote weight loss supplements, maybe you have a large social media following that you can promote weight loss meals to… And so on.

Doing affiliate marketing myself since 2015, and doing this stuff full time, I'm well aware that the opportunities out there vary greatly. You don't want to promote a crappy product just for the money and you don't want to promote a good product if it means incredibly low commissions… You want to find a happy medium where you can make decent money and promote products that are not crap, which is what I'm going to help you with.

In this short post I'll be going over 12 weight loss affiliate programs that are some of the best out there in my opinion. Now of course one program might be great for one person but not so great for another, but this list of 12 includes good affiliate programs no matter what your angle is inside the weight loss niche.

But before I get into the last, I first want to go over some important details about the following affiliate programs and some terminology should know about before-hand.

Some Things to Know First..

If you are reading this you probably are well aware of what commissions are and how important they are when it comes to choosing an affiliate program.

When it comes to affiliate programs, commissions are simply the the amount of money you make when you help refer a sale, which usually come in the form of a percentage of the final sale price. These can vary an incredibly lot and in the list below you will see that I mentioned some programs that pay as much as 90%, while as others pay less than 10%.

Something else you will come across in my list is multiple-tiered affiliate programs, in particular 2-tiered programs. These programs not only pay you commissions for sales that you help generate, but they also pay you commissions for recruiting in other affiliates from the sales that they generate.

And lastly I want to talk about "cookies", which are small text files that basically track people you refer to seller's websites and give you credit for the sale. Of course it is always best to have cookies that last longer because this way the buyer can click on your affiliate link, visit the buyers website, leave, come back later and you will still get credit for the sale. Some cookies, like Amazon's for example, in the last 24 hours while other affiliate programs have cookies that last forever.

But anyways… Let's get into the list.

List: Some of the Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

And just to let you know before I start, this list is not in any particular order because, as I stated earlier, some affiliate programs may be better for some people than others due to promotional methods, audience, etc.

#1 - Intechra Health

Intechra Health

Intechra Health all in all is a pretty darn good affiliate program that has a handful of well-known and trusted weight loss products, such as FenFast 375, 3G-Burn and others.

Some things that you can look forward to as a member of this program include…

Good Manufacturing Practices certified (cGMP) facility located in the United States

  • A flat 40% commission rate on orders
  • You can earn 5% on 2nd tier commissions
  • Payouts via check or PayPal
  • Bi-weekly payments
  • 30 day cookies
  • Provided with affiliate banners
  • Get an affiliate manager to help you

This program is one that you can make some pretty decent money from if you are good. They pay high commissions, have second-tier commissions, 30 day cookies, and of course the products are pretty good… It is also worth noting that all of these products are manufactured in the United States in a Good Manufacturing Practices certified (cGMP) facility.

You have the option of either joining their affiliate program directly through them, or if you are already a member of the affiliate network ShareASale you can actually join through this network as well. The affiliate program is pretty much the same, just the commissions range from 30 to 50% instead of a flat 40%. You can sign up for ShareASale here if interested. 

#2 - MoreNiche


MoreNiche is another fairly popular weight loss affiliate program and for good reason. They pay out some pretty massive commissions, the cookies last forever, there are plenty of products available for you to promote, they offer good support, in the even have a private Facebook group so you can communicate with other people.

  • Up to 80% commissions
  • Provide room for increased earnings
  • Cookie lasts forever
  • Lots of support
  • Plenty of products to promote
  • Get access to private FB group
  • Don't need a website to join

I would actually consider this place more of an affiliate "network" because they run affiliate programs for many different companies, which is why you have access to promote such a wide variety of products. They have appetite suppressants, carb blockers, calorie burners, metabolism boosters and much more.

An example of some of the products you can promote are as follows…

But again, that is just an example. You can find up to 80% commissions on some products.

If you want a lot of options and don't want to have to go out there to join a bunch of different programs, this is definitely something worth looking into.

It it is also nice and helpful that they provide an affiliate training course that you can get access to which is particularly good if you are a beginner.

More information can be found at:

#3 - ClickBank

Clickbank is not strictly a weight loss affiliate program, but it is one heck of a good choice when it comes to weight loss offers that you could potentially promote. They have…

  • Tons of products
  • Usually have some pretty good sales pitches
  • High commissions; I've seen up to 90%
  • Lots of resources for promotion
  • Fast payments

If you are unfamiliar of what ClickBank is, basically it is a product marketplace where individuals or businesses put their products for sale and ClickBank handles the transactions, in a way similar to eBay. They started out as a strictly digital product marketplace, but have evolved to include physical products as well.

As a ClickBank affiliate you are able to promote any product listed on the site, and there are a lot of different weight loss products available… Programs, e-books, guides, etc. You can see some examples I screenshot here…

And one of the cool things is that, besides having tons of products to promote, you can also potentially find products that have recurring commissions due to being a subscription/membership type of product.

You can check this program out at

#4 - WeightWatchers

Weight Watchers

Important notes about this program include:

  • $10 base pay with potential to earn more
  • Trusted brand with a positive image
  • Good products that can benefit your audience

The Weight Watchers affiliate program ( might not look that attractive from the small $10 base pay that you get for referring each subscriber, but the one thing this place definitely does have is the trust factor.

Weight Watchers has been around for over 50 years and is a very well known diet company, and for good reason… They sell things actually work.

Weight Watchers is a subscription service that offers several different types of weight-loss memberships. They have apps that provide guidance with weight loss programs, personal coaching for customized diet plans to fit everyone's lifestyle, and even in-person meetings. But of course what you get all depends on the membership you choose.

One of the downsides I believe is that they do not offer recurring payments, although it is a subscription service, which is a bit strange and disappointing. Another downside is that you only get paid once a month, which isn't a big deal to me but I know a lot of people will have a problem with this.

#5 - MarketHealth

Market Health

And next on the list is Market Health, which is also more of an affiliate network as was MoreNiche listed above. With the Market Health affiliate program…

  • You get 50% commissions on all orders and re-orders 
  • Get an additional 5% commissions on tier 2 from other affiliates
  • Payment 2 times a month
  • You keep commissions for returned products!
  •  Lots of products
  • 30 day cookie life
  • No need for a website

They have all sorts of products… Products in weight loss, skincare, general health, supplements, and more.

When I first came across this website it was a bit strange and confusing to me. Apparently they sell over 200 different products in 100 different countries and it seems that they own all of these products. They own tons of different websites and basically set up a new website for each product or type of products.

They offers some pretty darn good commissions, decent cookie length, and don't even require a website which is nice. You also get some help from the design team which can help you out with promotional banners and such.

All that said, I will say that there are some questionable offers available so just research before promoting products from this program.

You can get more information here:

#6 - BizProfits


BizProfits has...

  • Plenty of different offers
  • Commissions of up to $75
  • Cookie lasts forever
  • Lots of help resources for promotion (landing pages, etc)

This place is another one that you can potentially make a good chunk of money with. They offer some pretty decent commissions, have cookies that last forever, and really go at it with their sales pitches with really effective landing pages and all.

In a way, they are a bit similar to Market Health mentioned above. They take the more in-your-face "salesy" approach when it comes to promotions in their are some "questionable" products here as well.

One of the cool things about this program is that some of the offers you can promote and make money with just for getting people to sign up for trials, which depending on your audience might work out well.

And by the way when I talk about their landing pages being effective and all, I'm talking about beautifully designed landing pages like this…

More info on the BizProfits affiliate program can be found here:

#7 - Mayo Clinic Diet

Mayo Clinic Diet

Found at :

  • Earn 75% on sales you bring in
  • Very trusted brand

The Mayo Clinic Diet is another possible good promotion if you are involved in the weight loss niche. Just about anyone who has ever done a little bit of research on weight loss knows about the Mayo Clinic. There are one of the most trusted sources of weight loss information out there and this happens to be there very and diet program.

Basically what this diet program consists of is semi-personalized meal plans with recipes, an app so that people can track their progress along with interactive tools, as well as semi-personalized workout plans.

Subscribers to the diet program are billed $65 on a quarterly basis and since you can earn up to 75% commissions per sale this means you will earn around $49 per subscriber if they stick around for a quarter. That said, I'm not sure what happens if they cancel early and how much you will make in such cases. 

I also was not able to find any information on how long their cookies last.

The Mayo Clinic Diet is nothing crazy and it doesn't promise crazy results… It would be good to promote to an audience that is not out there looking for some magic pill and is looking for a more natural and practical approach to weight loss.

#8 - Diet-to-Go


The Diet to Go affiliate program ( is one that I could think potentially be a very good performer for a lot of people out there involved in the niche. They call it their "media partner program", but it is really just an affiliate program.

  • $40 min per sale with potential for more
  • 45 day cookie length
  • Don't need a website to get accepted
  • Program manager to help you out

This program offers a minimum of $40 per sale with the potential for increased earnings, 45 day cookie length, and you can get accepted without having a website.

What type of diet program is this? Well… It is all about meal plans. They offer a selection of appropriately portioned healthy meals to help people reach their weight loss goals. These meals are shipped directly to the people and come ready to be heated and eaten.

They offer all sorts of good and healthy meals and even have certain categories of meal plans such as those for people with diabetes or "prediabetes", a keto diet plan, vegetarian, and their normal meal plan.

Customers are able to personalize their plans based on what types of food they like and overall it seems like this diet plan gets a lot of really good reviews… People like it.

Simple and effective… Nothing more than good food served in portions to help people lose weight. This would be a good promotion for a no BS audience.

#9 - eMeals


The eMeals affiliate program ( is run by Commission Junction and offers 30% commissions as well as 45 day cookie length…

  • Pretty decent 30% commissions
  • 45 day cookie length

This diet plan is pretty similar to that mentioned previously. They plan the meals for you and you can even have other people do the shopping, so that all you have to do is cook the meal. Yes, this will require some cooking so if you are promoting to an audience that is looking for little to no work, this might not work best.

The the way this service works is they have just one subscription and members are able to choose meals from a large variety under the categories of: quick and healthy, low-carb, paleo, clean eating, and budget friendly.

I was looking through some of these meals myself and they look pretty darn good. I personally don't like spending too much money on food and could really use the budget friendly meal plan… My home meals are just too bland and boring, just all around bad.

good budget-friendly meal plans that actually taste good - I personally don't like spending much on food and I could really use this - my home meals are bland and boring, very dull and just all around bad

When you refer a subscriber they start out with a 14 day trial and then you will earn commissions after that trial period runs out if they decide to stick around. The amount you make depends on which subscription plan they go for, the 12 month one or the three-month one…

  • $5/mo for 12 months
  • $10/mo for 3 months

But as you can see, and neither of these are very big money makers.

#10 - GNC


You no I couldn't leave out the GNC affiliate program, which can be found at:

This program is another one that is powered by Commission Junction and although it is definitely on the low-paying side, it can be effective for some people.

  • 5% commissions
  • 7 day cookie length
  • Nice looking text and banner ads at your disposal

With GNC you don't get high commissions. In fact, you get very low commissions… only 5% which in my opinion is pretty darn bad. You don't get a very long cookie length… Only 7 days… So what do you get?

Well, you get a heck of a lot of products at your disposal to promote and you get the trust that comes with such a well-known store. Everyone knows about GNC and you are going to have the problem with people not buying because of lack of trust.

This place has been around since 1997 and not only do people trust what they are buying, but they also are more willing to buy because if they want to return a product they can simply walk into a physical GNC store.

#11 - Vitamin World

Vitamin World

Vitamin World is similar to GNC… The affiliate program is not all that lucrative, although they do offer higher commissions and longer cookie length than GNC, but the trust factor is high.

  • Commissions of 8-12%
  • 45 day cookies

According to them, average sales range from $65-$125, which means that average commissions should range from $5.2 to $15, so that really is an all too bad I guess.

And of course you have a ton of different good weight loss products you can potentially promote. You have your popular Hydroxycut lineup as well as many organic mixtures… Different types of weight loss products that you can promote two different micro niches inside the bigger niche.

Affiliate program:

#12 - Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe

And then there is Vitamin Shoppe, which is yet another one that is comparable to GNC and Vitamin World mentioned above. This affiliate program is also run through Commission Junction and offers 9% commissions with 7 day cookies…

  • 9% commissions
  • 7 day cookies

It's a similar type of deal here. Vitamin Shoppe is a fairly well known name and sells a lot of different products. You can choose from cleansers, to teas, to keto weight loss products, to natural products, and even weight loss protein bars.

I personally would use an affiliate program like this for promoting products I can't find any better affiliate program for.

More info at:

Promoting Weight Loss Products Like a Pro

When it comes to promoting products as an affiliate there are many different paths you can take. There are people that stick strictly to email marketing, there are those that only promote on social media, there are those that have their own website, and so on.

Personally I think that the most effective route to take is having your own website because with a website you have potential to bring in traffic in a variety of different ways and you can grow a social media following and email list with your website. Being able to get free traffic from search engines like Google can be incredibly effective and this is probably the main reason why I would say website is necessary.

As mentioned in the beginning, I have been affiliate marketing since 2015 and do this stuff for a living. And yes… I do have my own websites where I do my promotions.

If creating your own niche website and affiliate marketing like a pro is something you think you would be interested in, I would highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training program. This is the same training program I started out with back in 2015.

Anyways… I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss promotions and I hope you found this list helpful. There is a heck of a lot of opportunity out there, you just need to know the right approach to take 🙂

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