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The Bitcoin Focus Group Scam – Disgusting Scam

BITCOIN FOCUS GROUP David Kramer claims that his Bitcoin Focus Group is making people rich…. really rich. He claims that people with absolutely no experience with Bitcoin are becoming millionaires with it. But unfortunately all of this is more than likely a filthy lie. The bottom line is that you cannot trust this place at all and I absolutely do NOT recommend anyone buy into it.

In this short review I’ll be going over what I found out about this place that you will want to here…. and its not good. Is Bitcoin Focus Group a scam? The answer to that is more than likely. This place is full of lies and things that just plain don’t make any sense.

Bitcoin Focus Group Review

David Kramer is supposedly the guy that created Bitcoin Focus Group. He claims that he is selecting a limited number of participants for this group and he claims that it “can and will make you significant profits online”.

Of course when you hear bold claims like this you should be suspicious. With the many similar scams out there like Bitcoin Bonanza & Bit Bubble Tech, you need to be on your toes. And since you are reading my review right now I’m guessing that this is the case.

Opportunities like this that claim to be able to make you tons of easy money are usually scams. This is no different.

What I’m going to show you first are some of the lies that they throw in your face and then I’ll go over how they claim this place makes you money… which makes no sense at all…

A Few Lies to Start Off With

David Kramer is Fake

Whenever I look into a possible scam like this I always search the pictures that they show for people. Why? Well because when it comes to scams the real people behind them hide their faces so that no one knows who they are. What they often do is put up fake pictures instead.

After running a reverse Google image search on this “David Kramer” guy who claims to have created The Bitcoin Focus Group, I found that this is nothing more than a stock photo that anyone can purchase online and use as they wish.

Bitcoin Focus Group David Kramer

In addition to the fake image, I was also not able to find any information about David Kramer and his Bitcoin Focus Group outside of what is said in the promo video for this place.

The Testimonials Are Fake

Just like David Kramer, the testimonial videos they show you in the promo video are also completely fake. I knew these were fake the second I saw them because I have seen these same people in testimonial videos for other scam products I have reviewed.

The people in these videos are paid actors that are saying what they got paid to say. They didn’t actually try out The Bitcoin Focus Group and they didn’t actually make money from it. They did make money… but this was from making fake videos for it.

As you can see below, the one man that was in a testimonial video offers his services on Fiverr, which is where you can hire actors like this…

How Bitcoin Focus Group Makes You Money

Ok, so first “David Kramer” tells you that this focus group makes money by testing out new methods like trading and investment strategies, trading softwares, and so on. Then he tells you that “Johnson and Rutger” is starting a new focus group that is lasting 90 days.

I did a little research on this and “Johnson and Rutger” doesn’t exist as I was expecting.

He goes on to tell you that people in this focus group make money by investing in ICO’s and using trading algorithms. Then he tells you that the Bitcoin Focus Group is an auto trading software that makes trades automatically for you.

Doesn’t Makes Sense?

The reason this is all confusing is because none of it makes any sense. They are just throwing around some terms and trying to make it sound like the next big thing.

The guy talks about ICO’s and things like this and then he tells you that this whole thing is some trading bot…. which has nothing to do with ICO’s.. this makes no sense.

On top of this, at the beginning of the promo video he tells you that this Bitcoin Focus Group is going to make people rich from Bitcoin. But ICO’s have nothing to do with Bitcoin…

I don’t know what to make of all of this. Things just aren’t fitting together and none of it makes sense.

Major Scam Warning Sign

Ok so the software is free right? Ya, that’s what they all say.

The problem is that you will first have to make an initial investment for the trading software to make trades for you and to supposedly make you money. For this investment they will direct you to an unregulated broker.

The fact that they direct you to a broker is a major scam sign. With cryptocurrency trading you do not need a broker. I actively trade in the cryptocurrency market and this is absolutely unnecessary and isn’t making sense to me. You should be able to integrate the bot directly to an exchange itself.

The fact that a broker is involved is another one of the common scam signs that I went over in my post  10 Ways to Spot a Cryptocurrency Scam.

Whats more than likely going to happen is you are going to sign up to use this software, deposit your money and never see that money again. The software might make you think that you are making tons of money but when it comes time to cash out you will not be able to.

Conclusion on Bitcoin Focus Group – Scam

So when I first look into opportunities like this that appear very shady, I go in with the mindset that it is more than likely a scam and that I have to be proven otherwise. In other words, I’m looking for signs that its legitimate to prove me wrong. Unfortunately there is nothing that proves this place to be legitimate. Everything I see about it just further proves that it is in fact a filthy scam that is preying upon those looking to make money online.

You can try out this opportunity if you wish but I certainly don’t recommend it… not even close.

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If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I’ll try to get back to you soon ?

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