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Bitcoin Frontiers – Massive Scam or Easy Money? [Review]

Welcome to my Bitcoin Frontiers review!

Wondering if this place is just another scam opportunity or if you can really make money with it? Then you are in the right place.

I recently came across this program being promoted by some top-level online marketers, such as Michael Mansell and Mack Mills. There is a good chance one of these guys introduced you to it as well. There are a lot of people that are starting to promote this and it may lead you to think that you need to jump on this opportunity immediately.

But is it actually a good opportunity?

Well... While you definitely can make money, it probably isn't as good as it is promoted as being, as I will get into here in a bit.

But first let's talk little bit about the one video presentation floating around out there on the web that you may or may not have seen… The one that looks like this…

Bitcoin Frontiers Video

When I first came across this video presentation I was thinking, well it sure seems like another scam. With all the bitcoin related scams out there, like the Bitcoin Hack system and Bitcoin Profit, it's hard not to be suspicious.

The video starts out showing a bunch of news clips about how great bitcoin is, but these are somewhat misleading to say the least. Yes, they are real news clips, but of course for the purposes of this presentation they only put in the good news, and leave out all of the bad news.

You are told that you should not wait any longer,  and they reference some report from analysts that predict bitcoin is going to reach over $23,000 in 2019… BUT WHO CARES… It's not like we haven't seen tons of reports like this predicting Bitcoin's price going to the moon that have never materialized.

It's kind of hard to trust a statement like this when they don't even tell you the source of the report. Also, a lot of the top-level marketers that are promoting this are saying that "all indications" are showing that bitcoin is about to go up in price. But again, this is hard to believe… Especially when the people saying this are going to be making money if you join through them.

But anyways… Let's get on to the actual review of what exactly Bitcoin Frontiers is, what it provides, and whether or not it is a good opportunity for you to get involved in.

Bitcoin Frontiers Review

  • Website:
  • Cost to Join: $350 minimum


Bitcoin Frontiers is an educational platform that teaches people the basics of bitcoin and more importantly teaches people how to monetize it. It was created by 2 guys named Clay and Franco that have been involved in online marketing for quite some time and I believe it was just released in late February 2019.

Yes there is basic educational material provided on bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, but without a doubt one of the main focuses of this program is to provide people with a way to make money by selling the program to other people, which is how Michael Mansell, Mack Mills and the other top level online marketers are making tons of money with it.

One of the more luring and lucrative aspects of this program is that you get 100% commissions when you resell it to other people, which go directly into your bitcoin wallet. But there is a heck of a lot more to it than that, and I'll go over everything soon.

Let's first go over the 2 different product levels…

The Products

There are 2 different product levels, Bitcoin Adventurer and Crypto Mastery. In order to buy these products you will have to pay with bitcoin, so obviously I first going to need to have a bitcoin wallet and some bitcoin on hand. If you don't already, I would suggest Coinbase just because it is the easiest and one of the most trusted places out there to do this.

1. Bitcoin Adventurer

Bitcoin Adventurer is the educational side of this all.

If you join this program, which costs $350 total, you will get access to different educational lessons such as…

  • Intro to Bitcoin
  • The Blockchain Explained
  • What is Cryptocurrency
  • Types of Cryptocurrency
  • How to Start Investing and Trading Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
  • CoinMama (a cryptocurrency exchange)
  • Cointelegraph and Coindesk (cryptocurrency news websites)
  • Bitpay (can get your bitcoin wallet here and offer ways for businesses to accept BTC)

The education provided is pretty basic really. They cover the basics of bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency in general; they talk about how you can start investing and trading cryptocurrency, and there is education provided on using different cryptocurrency exchanges.

This place is not going to provide any sort of advanced education from what I can tell. It is not like you're going to learn how to become some expert cryptocurrency trader or anything like that. However, this whole thing is pretty new and they likely will be adding more educational content in the future.

Commissions: As I mentioned above, getting into this program will cost $350 worth of bitcoin. However, the person who referred you only gets paid $250. This is because there is a $100 membership fee which everyone will have to pay on a yearly basis. This is how Bitcoin Frontiers makes their money.

So if you recruit other people into this program you will get $250 commissions and they will also pay the $100 membership fee to Bitcoin Frontiers themselves.

2. Crypto Mastery

Crypto Mastery is their mastermind level program, which costs $1000. If you join this program you will simply pay $1000 more. You will not have to pay another membership fee because you already paid it when you joined the lower level Bitcoin Adventurer program, which you do have to join first.

This is where you get access to more top-level information and from what I can tell the focus of this program is on making money through Bitcoin Frontiers by promoting it. When you get other people to buy into this level, this is where you make your big commissions. However, I'm not completely sure but you likely have to first purchase this level yourself before you can earn commissions from others upgrading to it.

At this level it is also where you get access to a private Facebook group where you can communicate with other members.

Commissions: When you join at this level your sponsor, a.k.a. the person that recruited you in, will get a $1000 commission worth of bitcoin… And the same goes for you when you recruit other people in and they buy into this level.

Compensation Plan

In total you will be able to earn $1250 from every person who joins Bitcoin Frontiers. That said, in a way you will be able to earn more than that because you will also earn money from people they recruit in.

This place has what is called a "pass up" compensation plan.

In a nutshell how it works is like this: when you make your first sale at $250 and $1000, they go directly to you. You get to keep that money. However, your 2nd sale gets passed up to your sponsor. Then the 3rd sale goes to you again and the 4th sale gets passed up to your sponsor again. Then, after that every 5th sale will get past up and that is how it works for the rest of the sales.

  • You keep your first sale
  • Second sale gets passed up
  • You keep your third sale
  • Fourth sale gets passed up
  • Then you keep all sales except for every fifth sale, which gets passed up

They call the sales "powerline sales".

Now I've scene quite a bit of "pass up" compensation plans in my day, but I don't think I've ever seen one exactly like this. Usually they will be set up so that everyone has to pass up at least one sale, but this one is unique because you pass up quite a bit, and continually pass up every 5th sale to infinity.

Bad or good?

Well, that just depends on how you look at it. Sure, early you might be thinking that this is going to suck because you have to give other people your hard-earned sales, but you have to remember that the people you recruit in are going to be passing up sales to you as well.

Here's a video you can watch that explains it all pretty well if you want more clarification on this… (This is not my video and is intended for educational purposes only)

Problems With This

No Refunds

There is no ability to get refunds when it comes to bitcoin.

The upside is that no one controls bitcoin and that is decentralized, but this is also kind of a downside in a way, because there is no one that has the power to give you your bitcoin back after sending it to someone. No one can force chargebacks or anything like that.

It's something that you should be aware of, whether you consider it a "problem" or not.

The Education Isn't Worth The Price In My Opinion

So as mentioned above, the Bitcoin Adventurer program is the educational side of this whole thing. However, is it really worth the money? It costs $350 total just to get in, which includes the membership fee.

But is it really worth $350?

In my honest opinion I do not think so. There is so much free information out there that you can find on YouTube or just Google that provides much more in-depth education than what I see here.

Because it is expensive and overpriced, this is going to make it more difficult to sell to other people if you are looking to make money with the compensation plan.

That said, it is still early on in the likely will be adding more educational content in the future, or at least I would hope.

HOWEVER... the reason I think that this product is priced so high is so that members are able to earn big commissions. You can earn large $250 commissions when people buy into this lower product level and this makes the opportunity more luring.

How to Market This Program and Make Money

When you join you will get access to their "$25,000 marketing system" for free. Now I have no idea if it is actually worth $25,000, but they say it is and it definitely does have some good value to it.

You will get access to this as soon as you buy into the Bitcoin Adventurer level. You do not have to purchase the more expensive Crypto Mastery for access.

Basically what you get with this marketing system is access to a bunch of different professionally set up lead pages and sales pages that you can use to funnel people in, you get access to pre-written email swipes, link tracking and more.

They also provide you with some training on how to set up your autoresponder, creating a campaign and getting traffic to these lead pages and sales pages.

Scam or Not?

The answer to this question is going to largely depend on what your opinion of a scam is.

Yes, they do provide some value with the educational content that is included here... but is it overpriced? In my opinion without a doubt.

But there is a reason it is overpriced. And the reason is to make this more of a lucrative opportunity for people who want to make money promoting it. You can earn large $250 and $1000 commissions from it.

So is it a scam?

Well, it is legal in the eyes of the law, but like I said, the answer to this question really depends on who you are asking.

Conclusion - Good Opportunity or Not?

There is no doubt that you can make big money with programs like this by promoting them. After all, this is what a lot of the big online marketers do for a living and you can see how rich they are. A lot of them go from one program to the next, always promoting something new.

The reason for this is because with programs like this you have to get in early if you want to make good money. You want to get in before everyone else gets in.

The problem is that it's hard to say when it's too late. You never know how popular one of these programs is going to be. It still could be a good opportunity a year later but it also could be a dud just a month later.

This isn't the type of program I am particularly fond of but I'm trying to give an unbiased and thorough review so that you really know what you are looking at here.

If you want to make money online with something that I actually do recommend then I suggest taking a look at how I went from $0 to over $6,000 a month, which is beginner friendly as you will see.

Comments or questions? Leave them below and I'll get back to you soon 🙂

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