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Bitcoin Hack Review – Another Ridiculous Scam [BitcoinHack.Net Exposed]

Bitcoin Hack (BitcoinHack.Net) is supposedly some new trading system that was created by the real developer bitcoin which can make you thousands of dollars per day. But is this really true or is it just another scam? Unfortunately… It is the latter. Bitcoin Hack it is not the real deal and is definitely not something anyone should be getting involved with. The only thing that will come from getting involved with this scam is a massive loss of money.

In this review I’ll be exposing the Bitcoin Hack scam to the world so that hopefully less people will get scammed by it. I’ll be going over what they tell you, how it supposedly works, the lies that you are told, how they actually scam you out of your money and more.

If you are possibly thinking about buying into this trading system then you are definitely going to want to reconsider and read over my review here. This scam is comparable to some other scams I’ve reviewed recently like Bitcoin Profit and CryptoRobo.

Bitcoin Hack Review

When you land on the website for Bitcoin Hack there is a video presentation that was supposedly created by the real developer of bitcoin, who claims that Satoshi Nakamoto is just to the public thinks created bitcoin, but really you have been lied to all this time.

There are two separate videos, there is the first video presentation and then another one plays after you enter your email address for more information. In the second video he tells you that himself along with Satoshi were developers on the bitcoin project, but Satoshi betrayed him by presenting all of the work as his own, acting as if he had single-handedly developed bitcoin.

We never did find out the “real” developers name, because he says he needs to keep it a secret. This is unfortunate because I am unable to verify or look into him any further, but I guess no one really knows anything about Satoshi Nakamoto either.

The guy claims that the bitcoin code has been developed to make future price fluctuations, which the thought of sounds absolutely ridiculous. If the price of bitcoin drops… That was supposedly because the code told it to drop at that time. If it goes up… That is supposedly because the code told it to do such. He claims that the price is 100% predictable based on the code, but of course most people don’t know this.

The purpose of him creating this new trading system is to get money back into the hands of the people. He is upset with the direction that bitcoin is taking and decided to step in and do something.

Sound too good to be true?

Ya… I think we can all agree on that. And as you will see, after I go over how this trading system supposedly works, it is definitely too good to be true. Much about this system I go over in my 10 Ways to Spot a Cryptocurrency Scam post.

How Bitcoin Hack Works

Well of course there is virtually no information told about how it actually works. He says that he just develop some new trading system that hacks into the bitcoin code and brings you profits. It is all based off of how the code leads to the price fluctuations, so it is completely predictable if you actually know the code.

He says that it exploits something to do with bitcoin wallet addresses and gives everyone an equal daily payout, who is able to tap into the system.

But of course it is all a bunch of BS and you will see why…

Oh The Lies… It Breaks My Heart

#1 – This Guy Claims to Have “Inserted Every Single Bit of Information Into The Code”

So this entire trading system is supposedly based off of this guy knowing the bitcoin code inside and out, since he was the guy who created it. He claims to have inserted every bit of information into the code, but this is a complete lie…

While this may sound like a plausible statement, it is easily disproven and anyone who has been following bitcoin for some time probably knows this is not true.

The truth is that the bitcoin code is far from what it originally was. So even if this guy were the real developer in the beginning, the code would have underwent massive changes over the years. Why? Well… Because bitcoin has had a lot of problems that have needed to be fixed, and still need to be fixed. The development team, which consists of hundreds of people, is constantly working on updating the code and making bitcoin more efficient.

For example, there were changes made with the block size, there were new layers of code thrown on top of the main layer, such as the lightning network which made extremely fast transactions possible, and so on. There have been many changes made to the code, or additions to the code, and this is continuing to happen.

#2 – “Every Price Spike and Plung Has Been encoded By Me for Centuries to Come”

Another one of the massive lies he tells is how all of the price fluctuations have actually been encoded by him…

This is how this trading system supposedly works… Of course he knows what the price is going to do so he can make profitable trades. It doesn’t matter if the price drops or rises… If you know the outcome you can make tons of money.

However, this is a complete lie. The price fluctuations are not determined by Bitcoin’s code, they are determined by the market… The people buying and selling bitcoin. There is absolutely no way to predict with 100% accuracy where the price is going to end up. You have no idea if the sellers are going to sell more than the buyers, dropping the price, or if the buyers are going to be piling into the markets and driving the price up. We have no idea if another country, such as China has, will enact harmful laws against bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which will drive the price down.

There are so many variables at play here many of which have absolutely nothing to do with the code and how well bitcoin actually works.

#3 – Everyone Involved In Blockchain Is Involved to Get Rich

He also claims that everyone that is involved in different blockchain projects is just trying to get rich. He claims that all the other projects out there, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, DogeCoin, etc.… Are just trying to get rich. Just as he tells you with bitcoin, it is also possible to encode future price fluctuations with any other coin.

While it may be true that many people involved in the different blockchain projects are just trying to get rich, it definitely is not true that you can encode future price fluctuations. The entire video presentation is based on a lie that is completely untrue.

How They Will Scam You

I haven’t actually tested out the system for myself and went through the process, so I cannot show you exactly how you get scammed step-by-step, but I have reviewed enough of these ridiculous trading scams to know how it works.

Of course the system is free to use… Because this guy is just so generous and it just so happens that he picked you to be one of the limited number of people to use this incredible system. However, of course you’re going to have to deposit money to get started trading. AND… This is what they scam you.

Once you deposit that money good luck getting it back. You will likely never see it again.

What happens is the scammers behind this Bitcoin Hack scam will refer you to some broker (usually unregulated) and they will receive commissions based on the deposits that people make. So the Bitcoin Hack scam and the broker working together to scam people out of their hard-earned money.

If you have already deposited money with this system and are trying to get it back, there are services such as MyChargeBack that work to help recover scam victim’s money, but there still a good chance that you will never see that money again.

Final Thoughts – Scam of the Year

While I already said that I have not actually tested out the system and have not been scammed by it myself, there is no doubt in my mind that this is one massive scam.

I know it sounds convincing and you may want to believe that everyone has been lying to you, and that you really can get rich this easily off bitcoin, but unfortunately the only person lying to you here is the guy in the video presentation who claims to have invented bitcoin.

There are so many lies throughout the video presentation that it is insane. If you still are thinking about getting involved with this, I strongly recommend you do some more research on your own and maybe talk to anyone you know that has a fair amount of knowledge on bitcoin in blockchain technologies.

Anyways… I hope you enjoyed my review and found it helpful. Please like and share my post here to help spread the truth so that others can avoid this scam as well.

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